Top 12 recent series that are too cool and not known, to see absolutely

Each year a slew of new series arrives on the market and it is quite normal that several pass under our radar. In a way it makes sense considering that there are on average 200 series coming out per week just on netflix and that 96% of these are deprogrammed so quickly because money is needed to produce the next season of Stranger Things. Today we decided to talk about series a bit less mainstream or quite simply those that you may have missed in recent months by inattention.

1. Severance

Produced by Apple this impeccably cast and atmospheric series transports you to the labyrinthine offices of a very strange society. Employees agree to fragment their memory to have two lives, one private and one professional. So they leave their desks every night with no memory of what they just worked on, and it’s really quite intriguing.

2. We own this city

Twenty years is the time that separates the series TheWire and the miniseries We own this city, both written and produced by David Simon and George Pelecanos. It’s set in Baltimore, once again, and it tells the true story of dirty cops who felt above the law.

3. The underground railroad

This mini-series passed far too discreetly and adapted from the eponymous novel tells the true story of African Americans who tried to escape slavery in the United States through paths set up by people ready to to help. A historical period rarely approached for a quality mini-series.


Real cardboard in the United States this UFO of the universe DC still remains relatively unknown in France since it is still not broadcast by a platform. For those who saw the last Suicide Squad know that we find the character Peacemaker there after the events of the film when he finds himself trapped in a completely stupid story. It’s funny, really funny, violent, gory and quite quirky. Good James Gunn.

5. Righteous Gemstones

If you really want to laugh, we can only recommend this series which focuses on three televangelist brothers and sisters who live the life of a castle thanks to donations and embezzle without scruple the money of the faithful. The casting is impeccable, with a special mention for John Goodman and Danny McBride.

6. Reservation Dogs

Produced and written by Taika Waititi, this series focuses on four teenage descendants of Native Americans who live in a remote corner of Oklahoma and dream of going to live in California while doing all kinds of mischief. We find the atmosphere of the director and it’s rather funny and cool.

7. The Dropout

The true story of a businesswoman who sold a revolutionary medicine project that could help patients perform blood self-tests. Except that the case is clearly gone in balls and that it turned into a nightmare. It’s worth a look just for Amanda Seyfried’s performance.

8. Outer Range

At the time of writing these lines, the first season is not over yet but quite frankly it’s already cool to start it. Outer Range tells the story of a family that tries to fight for its land and faces the mysterious disappearance of one of its members. A mix of family drama, western and supernatural that is fucking original.

9. Midnight Sermons

It went partly unnoticed on netflixthe latest creation by Mike Flanagan (Haunting of Hill House and Bly Manor) is quite nice though. It’s well filmed and well acted, it’s about the arrival of an enigmatic priest on a small remote island in the United States and it’s a mini-series. Well it doesn’t come up to par Hill House which was really great but it looks like they say.

10. Invincible

This very gory and violent superhero cartoon adapted from Robert Kirkman’s comics (walking dead) tells the story of the son of a kind of Superman who discovers his powers. Without spoiler we can say that the story very quickly takes an unexpected turn at the end of the first episode with a scene that will mark you.


A little romantic comedy set against a backdrop of digital eternal life, Upload is about a deceased guy who finds himself virtually sent to a “digital paradise”. A little love story, mysteries and a comic tone that works quite well, you can watch it while you eat, like Pernaut’s diary in the good old days.

12. Made for Love

A woman married to a tech mogul lives in a heavenly home but is perpetually watched by him through an implant that even transmits her thoughts to him. So she tries to escape and get back to a normal life. It doesn’t look like it but it’s mainly a comedy series and it’s not bad at all.

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