Top 12 prod secrets of shopping queens, but it’s not okay Clarisse, you stole a…

Behind the scenes of TV shows, it’s a bit like gossip that you can tell your friends without fearing the consequences (because bitcher is bad!). Go admit, you too felt too cool when you told your friends that among the cheating on Koh-Lanta, candidates had stolen food from the staff coolers when the advice was filmed. Yes, it’s this kind of little production secrets that our soul feeds on. So for your greatest pleasure, here are the little facts about Shopping Queens. By the trouble of hiding you, we know that you are watching when you come home from work. Band of secretive.

1. The show is quite scripted

Of course, we are not at the level of a film or a reality show like the Marseillais, the dialogues are not written. But several former participants testified by saying that their words were not natural. Yes, because when the candidates have to comment on the shopping of one of them, they are interviewed by a member of the film crew who can ask them questions like “But don’t you think her dress looks like an empty garbage bag?” Do you think she can really go out like that on the street without being judged? ».

What the candidates must answer by repeating the sentence “I think yes/no, this dress (doesn’t) look (not) like a garbage bag […] ». Many of the participants therefore said that the wickedness could be pushed to make the viewer react and that it was easy to fall into the trap with fatigue and if one is impressionable enough.

2. Shoots can be very long

Filming takes place over a real week, from Monday to Friday. When the candidates are not out shopping, they start their day around 10 a.m. and finish between 8 p.m. and 11 p.m., depending on when the one who shopped is ready for her parade. And when they are out, their day starts around 8 a.m. with a medical examination and filming of plans to launch the start of the day before doing their first shop around 10 a.m. On Fridays, it happens that the shooting ends even later because of the announcement of the results. Ah well it’s work huh.

3. Candidates are not paid

Despite the long hours imposed on the candidates for a week and the preliminary filming at the candidates for the portraits, they do not receive any remuneration for their participation. The production considers that the participants are rewarded by leaving with the outfits they have purchased (for a sum of more or less €400). At that price, you better choose clothes that you can wear.

4. Shows can air up to a year after filming

Yes, it happens that shows shot in March are only released in October or even later. Which is a bit of a shame because fashion is already, in general, no longer the same at the time of the broadcast (ah well yes, trends go quickly, eh, you have to follow a little).

5. When candidates judge the shopping of one of their competitors, they do not see the videos

It’s one of the slightly amazing things about this top: when the candidates judge the outfits of the one who’s shopping, they absolutely don’t see the same videos as us. The journalist who interviews them tells them about the candidate’s shopping and shows them photos (more or less of good quality, like imagine they are taken with an iPhone 2) before asking them what they think. This technique facilitates the criticism of the candidates since they do not see the true color or the true cut of the clothes. Malinnnn.

6. Candidates have a lot of obligations in choosing and trying on their clothes

Don’t think that participants can do their little shopping in peace or gilou as if they were at the local mall. Nay. Already, they have a list of five imposed shops (sometimes not necessarily adapted to them) and must necessarily try on six outfits, even if they have found the right one on the first try. These fittings are necessary for the suspense of the show. The same goes for accessories that they have to try on in pairs. Candidates are also reportedly not allowed to reuse clothes to see if they would match better with others. It’s stricter than 6th grade music lessons, I tell you.

7. Overall, the candidates all have a predefined role

A bit like in all reality TV, the candidates are given a personality “tag” that they will keep throughout the show (even if it is not the reality). This image and the facial expressions that come out of it (sentences, gestures) are drawn from the details spotted during the castings, which the production will accentuate to the maximum. Which explains why we have girls who will call themselves “the Christina Cordula of Bensançon” throughout the show: because the production people will, at each interview, ask her if she feels like one. And I can tell you that it seems quite tiring to repeat it 346 times a day.

8. The shops are generally not in the same neighborhood (so pay your misery to go back there)

We sometimes see candidates decide at the last moment to return to the previous store to buy the rare pearl they had seen. But the shops have better be close when you embark on such a move because you should know that some shops can be located in opposite suburbs of Paris, sometimes more than 45 minutes by van. It is therefore necessary to calculate your shot well if you want to set foot there again.

9. Even when they have 5 minutes of shopping left, candidates cannot necessarily use this time to buy something

Each time the participants try on an outfit, an accessory or a pair of shoes, they lose time on their stopwatch because the film crew must make cutaways of the garment, of the candidate who is trying on, ask her questions on what she thinks of her outfit, whether the other candidates will like it, etc. This process can take up to 10/15 minutes per garment, which is why some girls stop trying on other clothes when they have 10 minutes left on the clock: because they won’t have time to try on and pay with all these constraints.

10. When styling, makeup is gaffed

When the participants do their make-up, their make-up is covered with black bands so that the marks do not appear on the screen. But suddenly, it becomes very difficult to spot your own makeup which is also mixed with other products. You better know the shade of your lipstick.

11. During the parade, there is a person who dances to create an atmosphere for the candidate who parades

Before the parade of the candidate who returns from her shopping, the production team asks her what music she wants to parade. To help her get into the mood, someone is also dancing at the end of the podium, to make her feel comfortable during the 8-minute parade (well yes, because the music is restarted a second time for filming, they actually get these cameramen drunk). M’enfin, it must still be difficult to see as a scene.

12. Some contestants haven’t seen much of Cristina Cordula

At the time when the candidates did not have privileged moments of advice with the rest of fashion, they saw Cristina Cordula only a few minutes on Friday evening, at the time of the debrief and the announcement of the results. A bit disappointing when you learn later that in fact, Cristina said behind your back that you had a D body type. Otherwise, we would have spoken to her about it.

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