Top 12 problems when you go on vacation with friends and their children

Your friends in life have children. Not you. But are your friends’ children friends? Your little friends at the compote? Not always. Explanations.

1. Waking up at dawn

No, I don’t want to fully enjoy my day because your graft woke me up at 5:30 in the morning. Especially when we waited all day for the royal dodo like the messiah.

How to circumvent? Go back to bed. Take a nap. Have an aperitif.

2. Lunch at 11:30 a.m.

According to a program clearly defined in the preamble, 11:30 a.m. is supposed to be the time range for your alarm clock. Not the one where we contemplate a chiard chewing Alaska pollock.

How to circumvent? Eat a bite. Start preparing lunch (futu pour foutu). Have an aperitif.

Top 12 problems when you go on vacation with friends and their children

3. Afternoon tea at 4:00 p.m.

If your plan had gone off without a hitch, at 4 p.m. you sit down to lunch.

How to circumvent? Snack on a choco Prince because it’s sweetly regressive. Have an aperitif

4. The little nights

Vacation I forget everything. Especially waking up. But who let a rabid cougar into the house? Is it Corentin, your youngest? But shut your mouth Corentin.

How to circumvent? Choose the room farthest from the kids’ dormitory. Have an aperitif.

5. Bad words

Ah, their so chaste ears. You who had planned to talk like a docker during the fifteen days of rental: it’s niqu… missed. And wed… Wednesday.

How to circumvent? Invent swear words. Speak in slang. Have an aperitif.

6. Make life on your side

Enough is enough. You know what? I slip away before goumer on this nocturnal terror. It will allow you to take a breath of fresh air.

How to circumvent? Go for a run or a jog. Scream into your pillow. Have an aperitif.

Top 12 problems when you go on vacation with friends and their children

7. Sports activities

Hike. Windsurfing. Jogging. From the pedalo. It’s fucked. The child will quickly become a burden because he is “tired” – after 120 meters of walking.

How to circumvent? Replace sport with aperitif.

8. The siesta

Normally at 1:30 p.m., I finish the morning aperitif. No madam, I will speak no less loudly. Why ? Because I’m completely drunk.

How to circumvent? Also take a nap (re-foutu for re-foutu). Have an aperitif.

9. Educational Differences

Only works if you have kids too. “Do you let them watch TV? “. Yes, I’m on vacation you stupid.

How to circumvent? Let go. To counterbalance it. Have an aperitif.

10. Board Games

Small horses or Blanc Manger Coco? Let them win or cheat like a bastard? Good bah, little horses (certified the most endless game for the thirtieth consecutive year).

How to circumvent? Offer other games like these board games for children. And don’t forget to have an aperitif.

Top 12 problems when you go on vacation with friends and their children

11. Be the nanny

Because, you can feel it: your friends are on the verge of cracking/separation/aneurysm. Problem: how to be benevolent with a child who prevents you from enjoying your aperitif…holidays. Resilience we tell you. How to circumvent? Time flies so quickly when you have an aperitif. Nope ?

12. Getting angry

Because, yes, if your buddies’ kids are “difficult” (a polite word for “purge”), you will inevitably end up having a squash. How to circumvent? Propose the aperitif of reconciliation because you still love your friends even if they have become the slaves of a band of tyrants in short pants

If it is recorded that we do not leave baby in a corner, it also works with friends. As grappling with grapes they have become since they decided to repopulate this bloodless planet, they are still your friends.

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