Top 12 photos of friends who completely abuse, beautiful swellings

Have you ever realized that you have fake friends? And when I say fake friends, I’m not talking about fake friends in English, but about friends who actually turned out to be big assholes? Well in this top, there are some examples of people who realized that their “friends” abused phew with exaggerated (even completely rude) requests and were not worth the trouble of continuing to give them Warning. It’s sad, but it’s better to get rid of these toxic people as soon as possible.

1. Not a real friend

” _ Hi ! Sorry to text you out of the blue, how are you? Can I ask you a favor ??

_ Hey man, yeah it’s been a long time since we spoke! Everything is fine here thank you, how are you? And of course, what’s new?

_ Well, it’s a bit random, but I’m a little in debt and I know that you have more money at the moment, so I was wondering if you could give me some??

_ Hmmm I can lend you some money if you can pay me back, I’m not rolling in gold at the moment lol

_ do I have to pay you back?? Come on man I thought we were friends?

_ Is this a joke?

_ Nope. I thought we were friends. Apparently not. »

2. What kind of parasite is that?

” _ Hi

_ What’s new ?

_ Do you use Netflix or Hulu or something like that?

_ Hulu, why?


_ Can I use your account please? You would be my best friend!!!

_ Just do a free trial

_ I have no more email

_ Gmail is free, everyone knows that

_ I don’t want to create a new email account, can you let me use your account?

_ No, just go do yours, I don’t want to give out my password

_ Why not ? You can change it

_ Because it’s mine… Plus it’s only $7 a month, why don’t you want to pay yours?

_ I have bills and other shit like that

_ You spend $10 a day on cigarettes and you can’t afford a Hulu subscription at $7 a month?

_ Why do you have to be such an asshole with me? I didn’t ask you for a fuckin’ lecture asshole! »

3. Friends who don’t really support you in your professional projects

“Why should I pay for something you could give me for free out of the goodness of your heart?” Why does everything have to revolve around money?

_ Bah already because I have products to pay. And I put a lot of work into it. And if you support me, then you will pay me.

_ It seems rather that you are the problem. »

4. The nerve of the girl

Context: Her friend is participating in a beauty contest where you have to vote to elect the winner. Each vote costs $1, and she asks him to vote 1600 times.

“_ If it’s less than $1600, it will be a waste of money.

_ Mdr you want me to vote 1600 times?

_ Yes lol you are a lawyer from New York, and I have been your friend for 8 years. […] »

5. This friend you want to help out but who is being difficult

“_ Hey man. Do you need food?

_ Yes for the next month my life. November.

_ Cans and rice would that help you?

_ Not really…

_ OK “

6. This good friend who clearly doesn’t respect you.

“_ Hey girl!!! I miss you 🙁 I wanted to ask you if you could paint me a pair of Air Force with butterflies on them? I really like your work and I wanted to know if you could do them for me!

_ Hey, it’s been a while! Yeah I can do that for you, it’ll be $100, you just gotta give me the shoes.

_ Oh wait… do you want me to pay?

_ Yes, it’s my job, I don’t do it for free, why would I do it?

_ Well I didn’t think you would make me pay because we are very good friends, I guess I didn’t expect that from you. I just wanted to support the company, but whatever, $100 is too much for the work you’re doing anyway. I mean honestly. Your shit ain’t even that good for charging that much, you should do it for $20 to be honest.

_ Girl what??? it takes me almost 20 hours to finish a pair of shoes, not to mention that they are all hand painted and I work very hard to come up with my own ideas. You said you really like my work and then every time I said I was going to charge you, all of a sudden that’s not good enough? You tell me you want to support my business, but how do you support my business if I paint your shoes for free? That’s not being “friends”, not to mention that it’s the first time we’ve spoken in a year. I know the value of my art and if you don’t like it, I’m sorry, but it’s not free. Stop texting me. »

7. You ask a friend to go have a coffee and you realize that he’s seriously tripped

“What are you talking to me about? I don’t have coffee like that with guys. Unless I get paid. I am struggling financially. Can you help me ? I do other things for a living. I can sit down for coffee if you can give me $300.

“Wow, that’s the craziest thing anyone’s ever said to me. The answer is no.

_ Cool. »

8. Well, we’re not going to his birthday

“It will soon be 21 years since my humble and fabulous beginnings, and I know you are all wondering what to give a queen like me. Don’t worry because I will enlighten you.

#1 All monetary funds are and will be acceptable. Send me a message with the *money* emoji to get my bank details.

#2 When it comes to cosmetics, clothing, and shoes, gift cards are a more acceptable option. Unless you know my shade or size, don’t take a chance.

#3 Branded jewelry, accessories and perfumes are welcome.


DON’T BUY me chocolates even if they are expensive. You will be considered an enemy of my weight loss progress.

For all my friends who live outside my country, deliveries take 2-3 weeks, so you have time. Message me with the *envelope* emoji for address details. Peace and love to you all and I hope to receive my gifts on the 28th.”

9. Your friend who asks you to send him your clothes just like that

“_ Can you send me this dress? I want to wear it on Friday. Wow… no response

_ I’m really speechless

_ Girl bye. »

10. This old friend from college who asks to plagiarize you

“_ Hey, do you have a 5 page double-spaced doc on a specific country for geo? ? You could at least reply instead of ignoring me lol

_ I choose to ignore all this because if I don’t, I will say things that will end this friendship already well underway. Good luck with your homework.

“Dude, you’ve been seriously selfish lately. »

11. This guy who hasn’t spoken to you in months and wants to come over to your house with his friends for a night out.

“_ Hey brother

_ Are you okay man?

_ Yeah, yeah, do you still have your pool table?

_ Yeah, why?

_ Basically I have some of my friends who want to play pool around 9 p.m., can we come to your house? We’re like 6.

_ I don’t think man, my parents are there, I don’t want them to be disturbed.

_ Come on man, your pool table is in your garage, they can go upstairs.

_ Yeah, no, I don’t think so.

_ Oh come on meeeec I saw that you had invited Matt, Dan and Draco last week.

_ It’s MY friends, I don’t know yours, we haven’t spoken for months and you suddenly ask me to come and play at my house. And I know how you are, you always screw up more.

_ But shit man, me and my friends we want to play a little and drink a few beers, why are you acting like a little girl? Whoah? Answer!!! Lol ok if you don’t answer I’ll come anyway.

_ Try a little to see. »

12. Who else would lend their headphones?

“Hey man, can I borrow your air pods for today?

_ Hey Jamie! I’m sorry I can not. I use them to listen to music when I work.

_ Come on man please just one day

“Sorry man, I can’t. Why do you need it anyway?

“Wow, you’re selfish. Why can’t you be nice? I asked you just one little thing and you tell me no.

_ I already told you, I can’t give you my air pods, they’re mine and I don’t have to give them to you.

_ Kiss my ass. I block you.

_ This is exactly what I wanted in fact. »

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