Top 12 people who should have proofread before handing in their homework

It has happened to all of us while writing an assignment to freak out because we’re lazy, because we don’t want to, because we have nothing more to say. In short. If we write our homework on the computer, we are sometimes tempted to express our suffering and our distress. Except that it also happens that we balance this duty as it is, having forgotten to transfer our comments. As a result, it hurts her.

1. A conclusion that says a lot

I sent a novel with this ending: “The fucking end”.

2. A beautiful admission of failure

I didn’t have the chance to catch myself doing it. That’s the headline I sent: “lol RIP my chances of going to college”.

3. When you’re lazy

What’s your favorite homework submission error? I’ll start by saying that I once sent an assignment by mistake with the title “I’ll find out later, fuck his race”.

4. Cry from the Heart

I accidentally sent in my final assignment without changing the name of the mdr file… “Last fucking assignment”.

5. “What is daring?”

I accidentally sent in an important assignment for my Critical Theory course with the title “I hate critical theory”. I was 17.

6. The Bad Joke

FAILURE: “God my penis is tiny”

Prof: “Make sure you proofread your assignment before sending it. Looks like someone played a bad joke on you”.

Top 12 people who should have proofread before handing in
Picture credits: Bored Panda

7. Ok, let’s sit down then

“I accidentally submitted my assignment, which counts for 35% of my final grade, with this intro because I was tired and forgot to delete it, I’m going to fucking cry. »

“Fasten your seatbelts you motherfuckers, because in eight little pages, I’m going to explain to you something I learned two hours before. So sit back, shut your mouths, and enjoy the experience of my caffeine-fueled, self-loathing 4 a.m. writing extravaganza. »

8. Poor Carl

“I sent in my graduation paper that was about a specific person and called him ‘Charles’ instead of ‘Carl’ throughout my writing. More than 20 pages. »

9. Can we read it?

“I’m going to cry, I accidentally sent my Obi Wan fanfiction instead of my homework”

10. A duty that makes you travel

“Without doing it on purpose, I sent a photo of the Dominican Republic to my teacher instead of my English homework”

11. Very Explicit

“I accidentally sent my CV titled ‘Ctun CV’…”

12. A Very Compelling Quote

“Damn Quote Reference”

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