Top 12 people who love flying a little too much, the planet thanks you

You probably don’t think taking a short flight in a plane has a huge impact on the environment, but it does since a flight of just two hours represents several months of a person’s carbon footprint. does not use this means of transport and has a “normal” energy consumption. So inevitably it’s a bit controversial when you realize that celebrities use private jets to make tiny journeys as if they were electric scooters, which we suggest you see right away.

1. Jean Castex, addicted to jet travel

Jean Castex went to vote by private jet in the first round of the 2022 presidential elections, a flight between Paris and Perpignan to stay less than two hours there and leave immediately, all for a bill of nearly 10,000 euros at the expense of the State (so we pay). But the problem is not new, as Mediapart revealed a few months ago, since Castex would mainly use this means of transport for journeys of less than 3 hours by train. So when you’re the person who asks others to show “ecological sobriety” you look pretty stupid.

2. COP26 and the private jet ball

COP26 will not be remembered for its usefulness in relation to the climate, since it served no purpose. On the other hand, the event was a ballet of private jets from all over Europe (more than 300) starting with that of Ursula von der Leyen, President of the European Commission. When the event supposed to improve our relationship with the climate pollutes more than it helps, we are off to a bad start, you will agree. It’s one of the scariest things about flying, pollution.

Top 12 people who love flying a little too much, the planet thanks you
Picture credits: Etienne Ansotte, © European Union, 2021

3. Manuel Valls who was going to see a football match in a private jet

Castex was not the only prime minister to abuse jet flights because Manuel Valls also did so in 2015 to fly from Poitiers to Berlin just to watch the Champions League final with his two children. The whole thing had cost the state 14,000 euros so that this person could move his ass over there and see the match. Indecent. Good after indecency and Manuel Valls it’s not a novelty either.

Top 12 people who love flying a little too much, the planet thanks you
Photo credits (CC BY-SA 3.0): Kommunikation BMW Stiftung Photographer: Lorenz Böck

4. The French football team makes Paris-Lille in a private jet

Paris Lille by train is barely an hour, but the blues didn’t care and preferred to do it by private jet. Less than 300km which could also have been traveled by bus for an almost equal duration (counting the recording of the flight). But no, you might as well pay more than 45,000 bales and pollute like never before, that’s life when you’re on top of everything.

Top 12 people who love flying a little too much, the planet thanks you
Picture credits: FFF (French Football Federation)

5. Mandela’s funeral and the three state jets

Then French President Francois Hollande was due to attend the funeral and former President Nicolas Sarkozy wanted to attend as well. It could have been done smartly if they had gotten on the same jet, but no. This was impossible for them, so three jets were used and we paid a sum ranging from 240,000 to 360,000 euros. Yeah when I say “we have” it’s us with our taxes, it wasn’t impersonal as a formulation.

6. François Fillon who almost lived on airplanes

When he was on tour with his group “UMP” François Fillon spent his life half on stage and half in private jets. It had amounted to nearly 300,000 euros in two months in 2010 just for trips in France, which made the other members jealous of him and told him all the time “give back the plane”. It was even his nickname for a while.

7. Kylian Mbappé and Paris-Strasbourg by plane

It’s as much a thing for a wealthy sportsman as it is for a politician, the private jet if you think about it. For part of the population who should set an example, it’s a bit of a shame, Paris-Strasbourg can be done by train very quickly, it costs less and it pollutes less. But hey, it’s boring, we have to meet our fans…

8. Christian Estrosi and the defense of the coral reef of New Caledonia

Christian is a nature lover, that’s why when we asked him to give a speech to defend the addition of the coral reef of New Caledonia to the UNESCO heritage, he immediately accepted. At the time, Secretary of State for Overseas, he traveled to Washington to give a speech, but he decided to do so by jet rather than by airliner. Suddenly, it’s stupid it pollutes more and above all it cost 138,000 euros. Want the funniest? Later, Estrosi was one of the first to point the finger at Manuel Valls for the history of the private jet soccer game. They really have a short memory of these policies.

Top 12 people who love flying a little too much, the planet thanks you
Photo credits (CC BY 2.0): Joao Pedro Correia –

9. Leonardo and his round trip around the globe to receive an award for his climate commitment

Attention, it’s funny: the actor Leonardo DiCaprio had left Cannes to New York to receive a prize rewarding his commitment to the climate before returning to Cannes a few hours later to participate in another event. All that in a private jet, that’s 13,000 kilometres, 7,000 tonnes of CO2 to receive a price related to the climate… Everyone laughs. We really have to learn from these Hollywood stars.

10. François Hollande and the vote in Tulles

Do not believe that Castex was the first to fly to vote, the former President of the Republic François Hollande had also done so in 2014 to vote in the municipal elections of Tulles. A Paris-Tulles at nearly 10,000 balls for a nice carbon footprint, all that to put his envelope in the ballot box at home and not in Paris.

Top 12 people who love flying a little too much, the planet thanks you
Photo credits (CC BY 3.0): English: This photo has been taken by Matthieu Riegler (User:Kyro) and released under the licenses stated below. You are free to use it for any purpose as long as you credit me as author, Wikimedia Commons as site and follow the terms of the licenses. Could you be kind enough to leave me a message on this page to inform me about your use of this picture.

11. Maitre Gims canceled his visit to a festival because he was not given a private jet

While he was to perform at a festival in the Gard, the singer finally refused to come when the organizers refused to pay for a private jet. They had already agreed to accommodate him in a five-star hotel, but the price of a private jet represented the total annual budget for the activities of the leisure center in question, which was complex for them. But the singer didn’t want to hear anything and simply said no, assuring his fans that it wasn’t just for that.

12. Prince Harry and jet travel as he asks to fight for the climate

Just like Leonardo DiCaprio, Prince Harry was a little pissed off when he was put in the face of his trip to Nice by private jet to spend a vacation with his friend Elton John. The problem is that he was so much all the time saying watch out for the weather, but also so much all the time getting on planes that people started saying to him “say so you don’t give a damn about us? which may be true.

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