Top 12 people who have to roll over in their graves the most

You know the expression “turning in his grave”, it is often used to say that something that happens should not please a deceased person. A user had fun asking on AskReddit which personalities were betrayed the most on a daily basis. We give you the best answers here.

1.Arthur Conan Doyle

Why ? : He couldn’t sacking his character Sherlock Holmes. He even said: “If in 100 years I am known only for being the inventor of Sherlock Holmes, my life will have been a failure”.

And in fact? : Well he is mainly known for that. So he’s going to spend a shitty eternity.

2.Karl Marx

Why ? : The gus was not a big fan of capitalism.

And in fact : We don’t know if you noticed but it was rather this ideology that won the war. There is even a Gucci store in a Karl Marx street in Russia and a Mc Donald right next to the Museum of Communism in Prague. Clearly his grave must look like a hamster wheel.

3. Jesus

Why ? : Basically the guy advocated peace.

And in fact : There’s a hell of a bunch of boloss who killed in his name. It must not make him extremely happy. They say Jesus but all the known prophets must take a lot. Honestly, sorry guys.

4.George Orwell

Why ? : He described in 1984 the excesses of a society where all citizens are watched.

And in fact : be careful, we are not going to get into the conspiratorial delirium of people who talk about “Nazitarian pass” when we are in a pandemic situation. That being said, when it comes to monitoring, we can say that we’re pretty much on top. Right guys? (I’m talking to people from the DGSE who oversee the writing of my tops).

5. Kurt Cobain

Why ? : He defended the punk ethic more than anything in the world and shit copiously on commercial music and the excesses of the star system.

And in fact : There are so many reasons for Kurt Cobain to turn in his grave that we even made a whole top.

6. Che Guevara

Why ? : He was leader of the Cuban revolution.

And in fact : He is now only known for having his head on t-shirts and bad tattoos. In addition, Cuba has officially become capitalist again. The balls, the glands.

7. JRR Tolkien

Why ? : He wrote the Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit.

And in fact : He’s probably flattered that his books have become so popular, but if he saw that a book as short as Bilbo was adapted into a trilogy of 3 hour films, he would probably say “stop messing around guys”.

8. Colouche

Why ?: France’s favorite humorist, he had helped create the restos du cœur to help people who are starving in France.

And in fact : The restaurants still exist, which in itself is a defeat. Moreover, now when we think of restaurants we think more of Mimi Mathy who makes a duet with Zaz by taking over Florent Pagny than of Michel.

9. Most Classical Composers

Why ? : They created the most complex and beautiful music ever.

And in fact : These musics are mainly used in elevators, answering machines and advertisements for insurance companies.

10. Most Classical French Singers

Why ? : Brel, Brassens, Piaf, Barbara have written timeless classics and helped make song a major art.

And in fact :: Their songs are massacred every year at the music festival and regularly in compilations by people who don’t always know how to sing.

11. Louis Pasteur

Why ? : the guy developed the vaccine against rabies, so vaccine question we can say that he is rather on the job (even from his grave).

And in fact : the antivax think that we live in a dictatorship……..

12. Michael Drucker

Why ? : The guy left a lasting mark on the history of French television.

And in fact : He’s not even dead.

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