Top 12 people who didn’t catch anything during the heat wave, yeah it’s a little hot but it’s…

I’m not going to give you a list of all the records we’ve broken this year in terms of climate change and heat, but when you see the photos of the heat wave and the photos of the fires, there’s cause for concern. . Finally, when you have a heart, because some people don’t seem to have understood the concept of the end of the world by destruction of the planet (or they don’t really give a fuck, which is also highly probable). Someone explain to them the concept of a heat wave please, that they stop playing dumb.

1. The media that show photos of people enjoying life in the water or on the terrace

What better way to illustrate an ecological disaster that is causing thousands of deaths, especially in the poorest countries, than by showing people having fun on the terrace or in aquatic activities? You’ll take back a bit of fires and drought before going back to jet skiing, right??

2. The rich who gathered in the boat after the fire at the Dune du Pilat

Wait, let me explain this original concept to you: rich people have gathered with their big boat which consumes a lot of fuel in homage to the Dune du Pilat, which has gone up in smoke because of the fires, caused by the climate change which comes in particular of our overconsumption of fossil fuels such as said fuels. And they think that’s normal? Ah bravo, no but frankly bravo, sacred feat.

3. People who find the water “too hot” in the Mediterranean

Let’s hope they find the flames of hell in which they will burn at the right temperature. Yeah yeah, the planet is burning and I can’t cool off properly during my vacation in Monaco, boo ooh ooh.

4. The organization of the Tour de France which refreshes the roads with water

You will tell me, it’s not as if the French groundwater already lacked enough water. I think we can afford to use big trucks that consume a lot of fuel to disperse water that will evaporate in thirty seconds on French roads for a bike race. Besides, it’s not that dangerous to make major physical efforts when it’s so hot that you need to cool off the fucking road, is it? IF ?

5. People who ski indoors

Frankly, I give up, do as you want, die all, I don’t give a fuck anymore, you looked for it.

6. Articles on how to dress well when it’s a little too hot

Because you know, style is important, even when you’re on the brink of dehydration. Frankly, the homeless in France don’t make too much effort in terms of clothing, don’t they know that linen is super practical when it’s hot? Bring them more hot items from women’s magazines, that’s the whole wardrobe that needs to be redone there.

Heatwave: after 55, what are the best dresses to wear when it’s very hot?

Posted by Here on Tuesday, July 19, 2022

7. Items that urge everyone to break up where it’s a little cooler

Wait, genius idea: what if we all drive or fly to destinations still little affected by the heat wave to pile up there and do mass tourism that will really screw up the local environment? Better yet, what if we all invested in building houses there so as not to get bored for the next few years rather than trying to preserve the planet from its disruption? Oh my brain is on fire today, arrest me!

No heat stroke worthwhile in the Cotentin! There are many reasons to take some fresh air in the city of Cherbourg and its peninsula, with its original landscapes of the ends of the world. Panorama.

Posted by Le Figaro Voyage on Thursday, July 14, 2022

8. Karine Le Marchand who promotes “ecological” swimming pools

Tip for my confident richous who want to play it green #couragelaplanète: make a pool with little depth, it uses a little less water hehe. The water tables say thank you! And now the gauchos, what are you going to do?

9. The Minister of Ecological Transition Christophe Béchu who thinks that by putting thermometers on the trees, everything will be fine

Clearly, this is what the guy said to himself: “Hey, what if to fight against the heat wave which generates devastating and deadly fires, I invested all the money in small panels in ‘Attention, tree which flames well hehe ‘. I could also install a weather station in each forest that would imitate the cry of a marmot as soon as the temperature exceeds 35°C! Oh, you really are a genius my Tof! “.

10. The government that leaves dozens of cars running with their engines and air conditioning on in the courtyard of the Élysée

Do as I say, but not as I do: a mood.

The scene seems unrealistic: a dozen cars in the courtyard of the Elysée, ignition and air conditioning on at the very moment when the government calls on the French to make “small everyday gestures”.

Posted by L’Obs on Friday, July 29, 2022

11. Olivier Véran who encourages the French to cut off the wifi and unplug the sockets before going on vacation to fight against overconsumption of energy

Wouldn’t he be kidding us a little bit? Like a little bit???

Olivier Véran, the government spokesperson, asked the French to multiply “small daily gestures” in order to save energy.

Posted by Ouest France on Wednesday, July 20, 2022

12. Yves Saint-Laurent who organizes a small parade in the middle of the Moroccan desert, tranquillou

So the guys flew hundreds of people to a desert area to install a giant 500 m3 swimming pool, some misters, 6 km of concrete roads and a giant light ring. All normal. But don’t worry, greenhouse gas emissions will be offset by donations to preserve the forests, even though they’re not such big assholes, they have a conscience all the same.

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