Top 12 passions of boring people, you are boring Bernard

We all have more or less interesting passions, I myself have stupid passions, I don’t hide it. But if we do a little overview we can quickly realize that some passions are a bit more boring than others and that if you come across someone who tells you that he collects musical saws in full date you know directly that you are not going to go any further. It’s going to hurt some people, but we’re going to have to make a little list of the passions of very boring people.

1. Photography

Probably one of the worst passions since on the one hand everyone can take pictures of things and on the other hand these people throw their “works” at you in the face in the evening or on insta by working on artistic blurs or bad framing to make it “arty” when they just photographed a wet sidewalk or the hand of a passer-by who hadn’t asked for anything.

2. Collectors

If there are a lot of unusual collections in the world, there are above all a lot of boring collections. Have you ever spent five minutes with someone who wanted to show you their collection of coins, stamps or pieces of beef jerky? It is an experience that I would describe as “near death” as these people suck your vitality to feed on it and leave you empty of any form of soul, dozing on a sofa.

3. Bodybuilding

Ok super Enzo, you’ve been taking your prot’ for three weeks and your arms have become as wide as a thigh have distorted your tribal tattoo but apart from the number of bench presses you can do in 5 minutes you don’t have much thing to say. It’s good to sculpt your body, but not at the expense of your mind.

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4. Oenology

So that’s really the worst, it comes to talk to you about grape varieties for 40 minutes wondering if you can smell the taste of almonds, maple bark and roast chicken in a disgusting wine that you have not even the right to swallow and it charges you the tasting 130 balls. Might as well drink a good can of 8.6, it’s less talked about.

5. Cryptocurrencies

They come to hold your leg on their investments in a currency which will supposedly be a hit when in two days its value will have fallen below that of the gravel which is in the courtyard of my building and they will make an inspiring video on their networks to tell that this failure is the greatest lesson of their lives.

6. Cars

We could have talked directly about the tuning, but not only finally. No because car enthusiasts are just as pissed off, they paw each other on timing belts and don’t laugh at your puns with car names because to them “it’s not a joke actually, Cars are serious”.

Top 12 passions of boring people you are boring Bernard

7. Tennis

Sorry, but if it’s to watch people covered in sweat do the same movement for endless minutes, screaming with completely overplayed effort, I’d rather watch porn. And the people who talk about it manage to be even more boring than the sport itself, which is a great feat.

8. Travel

Everyone loves to travel Sandrine, there’s no need to show off your badly framed holiday photos and talk about that great restaurant you went to in Indonesia where you’ll never set foot. Having a passion for travel is like being passionate about music: it’s just the case for everyone, it just hides a cruel lack of originality and a hidden fear of French windows.

9. Politics

Ultimately everyone can be interested in politics, I’m not saying the opposite, but if someone tells you that it’s REALLY their passion, you can immediately be almost certain that it’s a big badger (and I say that with all due respect for the badgers who don’t care about politics). No argument to support my point but I am 100% sure of what I say, it has always been verified.

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10. Contemporary art

That we love contemporary art does not pose a problem for me, it is so vast that it would be stupid to put everything in a box, but those who pride themselves in saying that it is their passion are probably the most dispensable human beings on this planet and deserve to have scabies in their foundation they are so boring.

11. Reality TV

Yeah I don’t give a fuck I’ll get mad at colleagues and judge badly but people who spend their evenings watching a bunch of assholes who live in Dubai get their heads around because one of them stole the other guy or bought the same shirt makes me want to hug them very very tight. Very very very strong.

12. Video games

Gnagnagna you can’t understand how much Zelda it’s too good and Joel from The Last of us it’s the best character and the twist of Star Wars: KOTOR he was amazing and Portal 2 It’s so funny… Yeah, I know I piss everyone off with my video games every day, so I had to beat myself up in this top.

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