Top 12 of the weirdest tips for having comfortable shoes, for fun…

It’s not easy to always find shoes that fit (in life and in the sandals department). Even once you think you have found the rare pearl, you are sometimes extremely disappointed because the shoe is ultimately not up to the level of comfort expected of it. But life is too short to be disappointed and we don’t like to see you like that. We have therefore brought together all our experts to find solutions for you to provide maximum comfort for your poti feet. That’ll give you one more reason not to take off your shoes in people’s homes.

1. Put a small bandage on the insole when starting from the heels

If your feet don’t sweat easily, this small bandage trick will prevent you from slipping three meters lower in your shoe, which often happens when you’re in heel. Stick it on the heel and presto, the good life at the right height in your shoe.

2. Stick a piece of sanitary napkin inside the shoe

Whether it’s on the back that rubs against your foot or on the entire sole that hurts your foot, putting a sanitary napkin in these strategic places will be of great use to you. Tested and approved, this technique will relieve pain and you will be able to put your shoe on quietly until it forms well to your little toe. Long live the rules!

3. Use a peeled potato to enlarge your shoes

If your shoes are too small or still new, don’t hesitate to peel a good potato and shove it all night in your shoe, even if it means cutting the tip so that it fits perfectly. Thanks to the water content of the potato, your shoe should expand a little. Good on the other hand, remember to remove the little bits that remain the next day.

4. Put a coat of clear varnish where your flip-flop rubs

The downside of flip-flops (which are the most practical shoes on earth) is that they can become seriously hurtful (physically, because in general, they are rather nice in their words) as soon as they are in plastic. To avoid blisters and chafing, putting a coat of transparent varnish seems to be the ideal solution to no longer suffer martyrdom. You tell me the news.

5. Use tea bags to remove bad odors

Your shoes may be like little clouds, but if you smell the smell three kilometers away, you won’t want to put them on anymore. To remedy this, place new tea bags in each of your shoes and let the magic happen. Black tea or green tea, it’s up to you.

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6. Widen your shoes with socks

Shoes say socks, I think so, so if your pumps are too small, use this trick to make them bigger: roll up lots of pairs of socks together and place them inside your shoe until you can’t add any more. Leave it on all night and repeat the operation several times until your shoes are the right size. You’re welcome.

7. Use a microfiber cloth as an insole to make your shoes warmer

Let’s say it’s winter, you haven’t had time to buy boots yet, but you still want warm feet. Well know that by putting a microfiber cloth inside your shoes (cut to the shape of your sole of course, otherwise it makes no sense), you make your shoe more resistant to winter. Be careful, this trick does not work with Birkenstocks.

8. Cover your flip flops with fabric

If you were a little stubborn buying your flip flops and forgot that the plastic hurts your feet, use a fabric to cover the straps. With this, your feet will only be better off.

9. In case of wet shoes, use newspaper

You spent the day under the water and despite the waterproofing of your shoes, you feel that your feet are bathed in humidity? Do not panic, you just have to put half a ton of newspaper in your pumps to absorb all the water there would be as well as the nasty perspiration.

10. Tape your 3rd and 4th toe together to stop heel pain

If you yourself know that wearing heels is a torture technique you frequently use, know that you can limit the breakage by taping your third and fourth toe together. It works even if you still have sneakers with heels like in 2012, promise.

11. Use sandpaper to increase adhesion

New shoes often tend to stick badly at first, which is not practical when walking on 90° slopes. To avoid breaking your margoulette, rub your soles with sandpaper. After that, you will be like on crampons in the middle of the snow.

12. Enlarge your shoes with your freezer

Come on, we push the small steaks, popsicles and peas to make room for your shoes. To do this, you just need to fill a freezer bag with water and put it in your pumps before placing everything in the freezer. The next day, your shoes will be tailor-made DIRECT! It’s phew, isn’t it?