Top 12 of the ugliest universities in France, those that should be shaved

It’s easy to find excuses not to go to class, especially when you’re studying in a very disgusting, ugly and falling apart university. It really doesn’t make you want to motivate yourself to get up in the morning and be on time for class. You have been referenced some of the ugliest colleges in France, so you might have a reason not to go by showing this top as an excuse. But don’t forget, the important thing is not outer beauty, but inner beauty.

1. Upec in Créteil

Yeah, admit that there, like that, seen from the outside, it’s not Hogwarts either. There is nothing to defend seen from the outside, when were the plans validated? Kudos to the students.

Our decoration advice : Repaint everything in a slightly warmer color to start with, right?

2. Lyon II University

Seen from the front, the blue/yellow hued entrance can be quite charming. Nah I’m kidding, it looks like the entrance to a cinema that only shows films about the industrial revolution. I don’t go there personally. Mainly because I wouldn’t be taken elsewhere.

Our decoration advice : Install a cart that sells hot dogs in front, so that it draws the eye to something else.

Top 12 of the ugliest universities in France those that
Picture credits: Sebleuf

3. Shuman Campus of Aix-Marseille University

It seems that the building was so old, the photos were automatically taken in black and white (to check, I read it in the comments on a forum), it’s true that it doesn’t make you want to. And fortunately the building was renovated because the students were losing their sight.

Our decoration advice : None since it has been renovated, and that’s cool.

4. New Sorbonne Paris III Campus Censier

Yes, not all the buildings of the Sorbonne look like that. But look at the entrance to this one, frankly I can’t imagine people who come to Paris to study after seeing the photos of the Sorbonne on the internet and who discover that their return to school is in there. It’s sad.

Our decoration advice : Let graffiti artists repaint it. Even if it’s tags with cocks it will be better I think.

5. University of Letters of Caen

I know you’re wondering, and yes, there is a sign at the entrance that reads “Sauron studied here.” He was quite a good student by the way. Obviously it would have been renovated since, but we leave it here, to remember.

Our decoration advice : Oh. There it is tough. Maybe repainting with the colors of the Tetris game can give it a bit of a pop-culture style.

6. Beaulieu Campus, Rennes I

The building would have risen from the ground just like that, for no apparent reason, forming on its own from a mixture of old debris and children’s tears. Nan in real life this building is depressing too.

Our decoration advice : A large tarp to cover the whole building. Like you pretend it’s under construction but in fact you’re just hiding the thing.

7. Faculty of Letters of Le Mans

Basically the building was to be completely made of rillettes, but a dispute broke out between the butcher and the architect, nipping this beautiful project in the bud. So instead they did that, and it’s okay. Long live the rillettes anyway. HAPPILY for 4 years it has been renovated, so it’s a thing of the past.

Our decoration advice : Destroy ? I mean rebuilding it couldn’t be worse so well, maybe we should think about it.

8. University of Paris VIII

Built on an ancient Indian scimitar, this gloomy building has been the scene of several tragedies throughout its history. It is even said that Christophe Hondelatte records his program “Hondelatte tells” there.

Our decoration advice : Stickers with smileys. Everywhere. Like you really don’t give a damn.

9. Belle-Beille Campus, Angers

The Angevin sweetness they say. Well the softness it looks like a big cinder block received in the face when you arrive here for your first day of class.

Our decoration advice : Do you see the projections on historic buildings that they do in certain cities? Well do that. By projecting anything, like photos of another building for example.

10. Faculty of Letters and Human Sciences, Angers

According to the legend, it was on seeing this building that Victor Hugo would have had the idea to write wretched. It’s scary, really, and everyone gets such bad grades that it’s ugly.

Our decoration advice : Why don’t you do a Fnac instead? Or a vacant lot? It’s beautiful a vacant lot.

Top 12 of the ugliest universities in France those that

11. Jean-Jaures University, Toulouse

The pink city they call it. Well, sorry, but it’s not all rosy there, it looks like there are some parts missing in the building, like when my nephew makes things with his LEGOs. Who builds bridges like this? It looks like nothing.

Our decoration advice : No but there’s nothing to do, study outside friends, it will be better.

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12. Campus of Saint-Etienne

The Faculty of Pebbles of Saint-Étienne really sucks, and it’s time to do it again. Well Ok just kidding it’s not a real college photo. And there’s no faculty of pebbles either. We still have the right to laugh a little, which you can be first degree sometimes…

Our decoration advice : Install a blacksmith and a stable to stick to the theme.

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