Top 12 of the most incredible comebacks during a match

“A football match is played for 90 minutes”. This refrain, you have heard it many times in the mouth of pseudo football experts. Until the day when… the improbable happened, and the reversal of the situation was such that you still have chills…

1. AC Milan – Liverpool (2005)

It is for many the greatest match in the history of football. While AC Milan led 3 goals to nothing at the break, Liverpool snatched an unexpected 3-3 and triumphed on penalties. A legendary match both in terms of what was at stake (a Champions League final) and the slew of stars present on the field: Gerrard, Kakà, Maldini, Shevchenko, Crespo, Carragher and even… Djibril Cissé, author of a winning penalty. Istanbul is not about to relive an evening like this…

2. Bayern Munich-Manchester United (1999)

Winner of the Championship and the Cup, Sir Alex’s Manchester United can sign a historic hat-trick if they win against Bayern in the European Cup. Except that the task is more difficult than expected: the English are fined by serene and cushy Germans, who lead 1-0 until stoppage time. Ferguson knocks down his very last cards, brings in Sheringam and Solskjaer, and… savors from his bench the two goals planted in quick succession by his tandem of substitutes. The Fergie Time was born.

3. Chile – Colombia (2013)

If Falcao will not go (barring a miracle) to the World Cup, Colombia is highly indebted to him for his qualification. Laminated by Chile last October, the team trailed 3-0 just thirty minutes after kick-off. But she can count on a Monegasque in top form, who offers himself a double and thus confirms his status as a national hero. Colombia goes back to 3 everywhere, and sees the doors of Brazil open wide. Thanks WHO ?

4. Germany – Sweden (2012)

Who said Mannschaft was unbeatable? When you eat a 4-0 on the lawn of the Germans, chances are that you will be a little discouraged for the rest of the meeting. When you are a team of 11 Vikings and you have a certain Zlatan in your ranks, there is also a chance that you will have a burst of pride. The Swedes manage to plant 4 sumptuous goals, including a jewel of Ibrahimovic, and pick up the score like that, neither seen nor known.

5. OM – Montpellier (1998)

A scent of summer blows over the Canebière on this beautiful evening in August 1998. The Marseillais and their world champions are certainly expecting to eat the people of Montpellier for this third day. Stupor at the Vélodrome: the Olympians are trailing 4-0 at the break, and coach Courbis is not far from hitting the stroke. The rest is well known: Dugarry enters, splashes the meeting with his whole class, and the Marseillais exult on the victorious goal of Laurent Blanc in stoppage time, which concludes this meeting with a river score of 5-4 for the Marseilles. Admit that this OM was still more exciting, right?

6. Reading-Arsenal (2012)

As usual, Tonton Wenger rotates his squad to play the League Cup. Surely a little too much: the Baby-Gunners are eaten raw by Reading and accuse a severe 4-0 after 36 minutes. Fortunately for the Londoners, they have former Ligue 1 bosses in their ranks: Giroud, Koscielny and even Chamakh twice ensured them a crazy 5-7 victory after extra time. Well, when it’s Chelsea opposite, there’s no one.

7. Charlton-Huddersfield (1957)

Well ok, it was a time when attackers planted an average of 17 goals per game and where goalkeepers only held this function part-time. Nevertheless, it was a very fine spectacle that was delivered to English spectators for this Christmas 1957. Charlton then received the modest team from Huddersfield, for what should only be a formality. The locals became disillusioned very quickly: after 27 minutes of play, they were down 5-1, completely out on their lawn. After a good rant from the coach at half-time, they will still manage to redeem themselves with their audience and take the lead at 6-5. For a final score of 7-6. Without even needing a tie-break.

8. Newcastle-Arsenal (2011)

In the race for the title, Arsenal play big in Newcastle. At half-time, the Londoners are reassured: they lead 4-0 and feel their wings growing (Robin Van Persie even scores a goal from a cross from Bacary Sagna, proof that it is indeed from another era that he is). Only, as so often, the mind of the Gunners will play tricks on them. What had to happen happened: after seeing his team come back to 3-4, Check Tioté places a sumptuous recovery and puts the two teams tied. Bye-bye the title of champion (once again)

9. Barca – Atletico (1997)

Before becoming the bitter and solemnly tactical matches of today, Barca v Atletico were much crazier encounters. For this quarter-final of the King’s Cup, Madrid comes to pick an apathetic Barça cold, and leads 3-0 after 30 minutes. Camp Nou is sulking and urging Figo, Ronaldo or other Guardiola to move their buttocks. Message well received: the Portuguese will equalize and the Brazilian will go from his hat-trick to end up with a final score of 5-4 for the Blaugranas. Los Blancos will get their revenge, in two games this time, in the quarter-finals of the Champions League this year

10. La Coruna – PSG (2000)

In Freudian language, this is called a trauma. In 2001, the Parisians challenged an amorphous Deportivo la Corogne team. It smells good of the three points for the Parisians, who are considering easy qualification for the next round. This was to underestimate the pride of the Galicians. During the last half hour, the latter passed 4 to their opponents, and put French football back in its rightful place: well behind the European leaders. Paris was (not) magic (yet).

11. France – Switzerland (2021)

The memory is still very present in our memories: this incredible comeback of the Swiss against the blues in the round of 16 of Euro 2021.

While the French team was leading 3-1 until the 75th minute and the outcome of the match seemed set, Seferovic and Gavranovic scored two goals in the space of 10 minutes and managed to lead their team on penalties. goals which was already unexpected. And that’s where the drama happens, Mbappé misses his peno and the Swiss are qualified. Hard blow.

12. And we can obviously talk about all the comebacks that PSG has already had

Against Manchester City, against Barça, against Real, in short, we talk about it to all our tops and it gets boring, but when it comes to turning things around in the Champions League, it must be said that the Parisians are very strong.

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