Top 12 of the great forgotten of the 90s, it’s the nostalgia minute

In the 90s we had Larusso who repeated to us “You will forget me”, and in the end we didn’t forget her at all. It’s part of our memories of the 90s along with a whole bunch of other stuff we talk about all the time, like POGs, Spice Girls, tapes or Polly Pockets. It’s always the same ones who are entitled to eternal glory while there are plenty of forgotten greats of the 90s who also deserve a little light. We turn on the projectors, let’s go.


Before when you wanted to create a stylish text, you used WordArt. Thanks to this, in techno class, you could write “I love you” with rotated letters, shadows, outlines and degraded colors to catch the chosen one of your heart.

2. Clippy the Microsoft Office paper clip

He was standing there at the side of your screen staring at you with his big sickly eyes and when you really needed him he never really knew how to answer your questions. But it was a moving paperclip and that was enough to be too cool. Do you remember his French name?

3. Cocholume, the pig that we light

This invention has never worked when we all need in our lives a jack that we light to finish the games of petanque at sunset. Life is sometimes unfair, but she was just plain cruel to the Cocholume.

4. S-Club 7

The Spice Girls and the 2 Be 3 reaped all the glory of the boybands and girlbands of the 90s, and we never talk about S Club 7, the English group which had its own series on France 2. My favorite was Tina and once I went out with her, it was in a dream but it still counts.

5. Surfboard pendants

99% of people who wear this have never touched a surfboard in their life.

6. Ironing beads

You made a design with the beads, you ironed it, and you had a work of art. It’s that simple. It’s typically the kind of thing that could come back into fashion but in the meantime everyone has forgotten the poor little pearls.

7. Brazilian bracelets

Had to make a wish when you attached one to your wrist, and the wish came true when the bracelet broke. Personally, I had wished that Séverine Ferrer would fall in love with me and that never happened. A big scam this thing.

8. Salamander henna tattoos

We weren’t afraid of bad taste at the time, and we were able to come back from vacation proud to have a salamander already half erased on our shoulder. Today if you go to college with that, we steal your snack to put you in your place.

9. The JoJo’s

Nothing to do with the manga. The Jojo’s were little plastic figurines with funny heads that were used to play knucklebones. There were rare ones, like the translucent ones, and you could trade at recess to make a nice collection. Know that now it resells quite expensive this bullshit.

10. Butterfly barrettes

It’s hard to get more stylish. It’s useless to buy super expensive jewels from Cartier, Bvlgari or Tiffany & Co, the real class is the plastic butterfly barrettes.

11. The rings that changed color depending on the temperature

Well, before we said that it changed color depending on your mood, but in the end the thing always remained green/blue and you didn’t know if you were both sad and happy or if it was the ring that was a bit rotten.

12. Toe rings

Because in the 90s it was not enough for us to wear rings on our fingers. Sorry foot phobics, you won’t like the following photo.

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