Top 12 of the biggest chronological errors in films and series

The viewer is a complicated little being. He is ready to swallow many things; he is ready to swallow the existence of planets outside the solar system where complicated characters live, he is ready to swallow the existence of forces that surpass man and allow objects to be moved from a distance, he is ready to swallow the existence of a parallel world in which wizards and magicians act in secret, but it is NOT ready to swallow a random timeline where people end up in the same place when one has just had adventures that must have lasted 25 years and the other barely had time to swallow his breakfast.

1. All of GOT Season 7

Season 7, episode 3: Cersei is pregnant. Season 7 episode 7: Cersei does not have the slightest flab. So if we summarize: in less than 3 months, all the armies have moved several hundred kilometers. The characters have traveled the world up and down and across. We extracted tons of Valerian steel, we saved people, we killed others, we talked for hours, we organized an international summit where everyone came by boat, we got to know each other , we recognized each other, we lost sight of each other and all that in THREE MONTHS. TAKE ME FOR A CON.

2. That 70’s show

Eric is 17 years old in May 76 and 18 in July 78. Afterwards, the dates of birth, eh, they are essentially conventions, nothing prevents us from giving a damn, nothing at all.

3.Forrest Gump

In the film, through his words on a TV set, Forrest Gump inspires Conceived at Lennon in December 71; in fact, the song was recorded in May of the same year. Suddenly, Forrest Gump is just a big loser who wanted to play smart by quoting the lyrics from the song of the guy next to him to sound smart.


After being knocked out by Commodus, Maximus escapes from Germany on horseback to reach Spain, where his family is. He is injured and still bleeding at the end of the journey (when he should have been cauterized or dead, in reality). Not to mention that he took almost to the second the same time as the in-form armies who made the same journey starting before him. He had to know a shortcut.


Bond manages to extinguish a bomb programmed to detonate in 31 seconds 7 seconds before it explodes. I let you calculate? Yes, that’s 24 seconds of footage. Except that said sequence lasts 46 seconds. There’s like a problem.


It’s not exactly timeline, but still. How could Silva, clever as he is, be able to: foresee that he is going to be arrested by Bond and the Mi6, placed in THAT PRISON, ON THAT DAY, so that the big shutdown he is planning corresponds PERFECTLY at the time of rotation of the guards as well as the holding of a hearing not scheduled yet when he hatched his plan during which M will be auditioned? It’s just meaningless.

7. The Empire Strikes Back

On the one hand, Han, Leïa and Chewbacca escape from the persecutions of the Empire (expectations on 1 day of pursuit), hide in an asteroid (expectations on 10 hours in the asteroid), join the city of clouds ( expect a week in the Cloud City before Vader arrives), and get captured by Vader (expect 1 short week of captivity. Then Luke arrives.

Except that Luke in 2 weeks, a day and ten hours had time to arrive on Dagobah (one day of travel), find Yoda (an additional day) and train seriously to almost be at the Jedi level, which in the first films takes something like 15 years. Even though Luke is gifted and progressing well, he clearly didn’t stay 2 weeks with Yoda, he stayed 6 months at least. Which is a fair bit to save his buddies.

8.Stranger Things season 2

Ok so Eleven is off. She leaves to find her mother. She stays two or three days there, all the same. Then she goes to Chicago, gets adopted by the troupe of dingoes, organizes a hit with them, does the hit, and decides to go back. Hitchhiking. This story lasts at least two weeks.

And meanwhile, Hopper still hasn’t had time to get home to see that she isn’t there. In reality, the story at Hawkins lasts max 3/4 days.

9. Sin City 2

So. In the first SinCity, Marv (Mickey Rourke) dies in the electric chair. In the second SinCity, Marv is back and present in all the stories. Including the one where we see Jessica Alba, which takes place after the death of Marv. It must be cool to be immortal.

10. Riverdale: Time-Locked Graduation

It’s always complicated to calculate super complicated stuff like X-7 or X+7. For example in Riverdale, students graduate in 2021 before the series takes a seven-year time jump. 2021+7 = 2028, everyone (or almost) will agree on that. However, according to the authors of the series 2021+7 it makes 2021 since it is mentioned later that it is the year of the present of the series.

11. Fantastic Beasts and Professor McGonagall

During a flashback passage of Fantastic Beasts we see Professor McGonagall teaching at Hogwarts in the year 1927. It could go unnoticed like that, except that in fact we know that McGonagall was born in 1935, that would mean that she was a school teacher nearly eight years before she was born. It’s a little young to teach, right?

12. The City of Fear

“And meanwhile, in Veracruz.” It is technically impossible, given the time difference, that when it is daytime in Paris, it is early morning on the Mexican coast. Impossible.

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