Top 12 of the best first episodes of series, those which hang directly

The last time I counted the number of series that existed I aged two years, but if the offer is gigantic we often find quite uneven stuff. There are certain series that take a long time to leave, in which you can’t get into and then there are the others: those that grab you from the first episode and refuse to let you go. You probably guessed it, this top is going to be about biodynamic wine. No I’m kidding, it’s going to talk about the first really cool series episodes.

1. The Sopranos

It begins by showing us an American mobster in a shrink’s office and immediately we say to ourselves that we are going to watch something different, a kind of Mafia Blues but seriously and especially without Billy Cristal. The series also has two great performances: one of the best opening scenes but also one of the most astonishing final scenes seen on TV.

2.Breaking Bad

Honestly, when a series begins with a guy in underwear holding a gun in the desert while he is (perhaps) chased by the cops, we think that there are the ingredients for a good series. The first episode was therefore totally addictive and fulfilled its objectives well of hanging on to our seats and wanting to binge this UFO of television television.

3. The Walking Dead

So. It weighs on me to talk about it when you see the immense shit that the series has become, which led me to advise you to read The Walking Dead rather than inflict the series on you, but it must be recognized that the first episode was really really cool. Well done, engaging, with action and issues that are immediately very clear, it wasn’t hard to get caught up in it.

4. Mr Robot

This series has several revolutionary episodes and from the intro we get into it: this scene in the café where we get that the main character has a moral but at the same time is a bit shady hacker it starts the story like we start a moped shirtless in the large Auchan car park: in the best possible way.

5.Twin Peaks

Once I wanted to open a cafe just for people who didn’t understand anything about Twin Peaks but my bastard banker refused to lend me money on the pretext that my project was not solid. But even without understanding anything, it must be admitted that the first episode was damn addictive and original, especially at the time of its release. A series that will never make you see red curtains the same way again.

6. Lost

Yes, you will yell, but here we judge the first episodes, not the entire series. And Lost I’m sorry but the first episode made you go around your panties: a crashing plane, full of survivors, a black cloud breaking trees, a polar bear on a tropical island, beautiful people and full of Mysterious Mysteries was clearly a seller. A bit too much perhaps when you see what it has become.

7. True Detective

Two cops, two different eras, an unclassified case, landscapes that are both beautiful and creepy, a realization that hits the mark and a disillusioned tone, it didn’t take much more for the season of True Detective got off to a strong start by capturing spectators and thriller lovers. We also recommend the third season, much better than the second which stank a bit of the mouth (it’s a not very objective opinion I grant you).

8. This is us

So it hurts me a bit because I’ve never watched this series, but the first episode comes second in the best series pilots of all time on IMDB. Anyway, those who have seen it, is it that good? I ask the question, but I will not necessarily check the comments, I have to do the shopping tonight and everything.

9. Hannibal

The Hannibal series was frankly not too bad, one of the episodes had even sadly predicted the future to the point of being deprogrammed. Still, Mads Mikkelsen as Hannibal Lecter worked very well and we could see it from the first episode of the series (which was also well filmed). A series that she is good for cutting hunger and dieting.

10. Fargo

Frankly if it were up to me it would have been ranked even higher in this list but we must please the purists. The first episode of Fargo showed us a gallery of characters with an almost quiet life and the arrival among them of a wolf disguised as a lamb who was going to blow up everything. It was well played, well paced and it immediately made you want to kick off the entire season.

11. The Night Of

It’s one of the best miniseries in history so you absolutely have to stop what you’re doing and watch it. I’m serious, even if you’re driving or climbing a mountain. (Why are you reading a top at such a time already?) No spoiler, but the first episode lays the foundations for a frankly engaging investigation by presenting all the characters and it’s of very high quality as HBO has the secret.

12. Prison Break

You’ll probably want to slap me but I never looked Prison Break no more. That being said, the first episode also arrives very high in the various rankings so I have to put it there, and it would almost make me want to watch it if I hadn’t been told plenty of times that it was getting bad as it went on. as the series progressed.