Top 12 Normal Stuff In The 90s That Looks Weird Today

Looking back, we realize that the 90s were really weird. We had weird fashions in the 90s and we did things that don’t make sense anymore. But for us, all that was normal. It’s like living in another dimension. A bit as if we had been dumb for about 10 years of our lives. So no, we weren’t even dumb. Well I think.

1. Buy magazines for video game tips

Whether it was to grab cheat codes or simply tips on game levels, you had to cough up the change to buy a video game magazine. The boring thing is that for that, we had to show up at the tobacconist. The cool thing is that in the magazines, there were also CDs with game demos. Nevertheless, we are still better off with the Internet.

2. Order clothes from catalogs

Today, everything is ordered in two seconds on the sites and everything is delivered in less than 3 days, but that’s a chance that those who didn’t live in the 90s cannot understand. Because yeah, us, before, if we wanted to order clothes, sheets or sex toys (yes) we had to order by mail or by phone. Much more boring, then. And for the delivery, it was better to be patient. We had time to idealize this magnificent Schott sweater.

3. Wait next to the landline to be called

Without a cell phone, life was a total delirium. We had weird codes that consisted of ringing someone’s doorbell once to let them know we were home safely, and when we were to receive a call we scheduled an appointment time and waited. Yes, we were waiting next to the phone to be sure to be the first of the family to pick up. Don’t judge us too much, life was just different.

4. Call a friend and run into his parents

The maximum fear of all teenagers who used the telephone was that their friends’ parents would pick up first. We always stuttered the same sentence: “Hello, could I speak to Camille please?” The first name obviously changed depending on the situation because not all the girls were called Camille at the time.

5. Use encyclopedias for homework

Wikipedia? A blessing from the gods. Because before Wikipedia, we were like old archivists who had to open 50 huge books to find even outdated information. Preparing a presentation for class was immediately a bit more challenging. The lucky ones had Encarta…

6. Go rent a family movie at the video club

Today it’s already a hassle not possible to choose a film to watch at 2 on Netflix, but in the 90s we were so sick that we got into it at 4 or 5. And then it was not in front of a screen but in the aisles of the video club, a place where half of the cassettes were already rented. The miracle is that we still ended up agreeing on a film and that we loved these moments.

7. Rewind VHS for next customers

Yes, we had to go back to the beginning of the film out of respect for the next ones who were going to rent the tape. It really doesn’t make any sense now.

8. Tell everyone we were recording a movie on the VCR

Why did we have to tell everyone in the barracks? Well, because the TV had to be set to the right channel to record. The video recorder was content to record the current channel, so if someone dared to zap on France 3 while recording, the tape suddenly played TV kids at The Treasure Map. Not the same vibe.

9. Travel to buy concert tickets

Generally, we showed up at the “Leisure” corner of the supermarkets to ask if there were any places left for David Bowie and then, as there were no more places left, well, we left with 5 tickets for Julien Clerc. Because that’s also life: a lot of disappointment.

10. Listen to the same 2-track CD over and over

And when I say again and again, I’m not necessarily talking about Francis Cabrel. The problem is that we didn’t have Spotify, Deezer, YouTube and company. If you wanted music, you had to buy it, and because it was expensive, our selection was limited. As a result, we bled albums and 2-track CDs containing a single and its rotten remix. It would drive anyone crazy today.

11. Finding out that all the photos you took are messed up.

Disposable cameras were pretty much our only way of capturing pictures in the 90s. A great invention that allowed us to take about thirty failed photos that we discovered weeks later when going to have them developed. The good old times.

12. Spend hours playing minesweeper

If we were lucky we had a Playstation, but for the others the two best video games available were Minesweeper and Solitaire. Big parts of fun in perspective.

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