Top 12 Movies Where You Never See The Villain, Quick Cast

In some films the villain is much more classy and charismatic than the hero and sometimes even the villain deserves to win. But have you ever noticed that in some films we never really see the famous villain and that he nevertheless manages to weigh on the story without ever materializing (a great feat, isn’t it?). We suggest you see a few examples right away, otherwise it wouldn’t be a top but just an intro and you’d be a little disappointed.

1. The Lord of the Rings

I can already see people coming who will tell me “but we see it in the intro Sauron actually gnagnagna”. But precisely, except in the intro we only see one eye above a tower and above all we never see the big bad without his mask. So it’s a little complicated to get an image of the guy. That being said, that doesn’t stop him from being creepy and putting pressure on everyone in middle-earth, even though he looks like David Pujadas.

2. Inspector Gadget

In the cartoon or in the film we never really see the face of the famous Doctor Gang, the leader of the criminal organization MAD which we all thought was his name when we were kids. In any case, he is having a lot of trouble with this brave inspector with his arms that stretch out and in the raincoat that you only find in the sleazy shops frequented by sexual predators.

3. The Blair Witch Project

In the very first film on the witch of Blair we do not see at all the face of the famous witch or that of the kind of occult power that stumbles everyone. So obviously since we never see a silhouette it’s more scary (or quite the opposite, it depends on people’s opinion), when we just see a stupid brick wall in the house from the end of the movie.

4. Phenomena

We’re not going to lie to each other, M. Night Shyamalan has not only produced masterpieces, and Phenomena it’s still a story where the bad guys are trees and where the wind that carries spores is the greatest enemy. Yeah, it’s not incredible said like that, a bit like badly summarized films.

5. Final Destination

There have been almost six films (I’ve stopped counting) where we see people dying in an extremely inventive way (really) without ever seeing the killer. There’s a perfectly logical reason for that: the killer is death, so it’s pretty bad luck to give him a face. A very good scenario idea if you ask me, at least for the first film.

6. Bird Box

Sandra Bullock who walks blind to save her life, it could be the pitch of Gravity but no, it’s bird box, a film in which nasty beasties eat people who see them, so you have to cover your eyes and walk around without looking. Except that as a spectator you don’t see the famous creatures either, that would have increased the film’s budget and that’s boring.

7. Paranormal Activity

Unless the villain is simply an old sheet that moves on its own, we are prevented from seeing the face of the famous demon during this whole stupid movie. Everyone cried genius when it was really very lazy and less scary than an episode of Tchoupi. The two highlights of the film are still a table that catches fire on its own and a door that moves, I’m not even kidding.

8. Corn Children

Adapted from a short story by Stephen King, this film tells the story of kids who have taken control of their small town and kill all the adults and people over the age of 19 to offer them as sacrifices to a creature rather like that unsympathetic and who doesn’t particularly like discussing sewing and rattan trivets. The thing is that we never see the famous creature and that it would have been even better if it didn’t exist and that the children were just completely crazy.

9. Cube

The villain of the film was not only a succession of rooms with big traps of bastards, there was necessarily a sick mind who had designed this anxiety machine. Except that the killer in question we absolutely never meet him, which does not help to understand the film or the motivations of this famous killer but still delights fans of completely free gore films (including yours truly).

10. Willow Creek

A couple who go in search of Big Foot in the American forests find themselves chased by a huge beast of which we see only the footprints and hear only the cries. Once again it’s a nice saving on the budget since in the end we see nothing all along, but it was perhaps a better choice than showing a creature in a moldy costume who is not afraid of the everything.

11. Dunkirk

If you look closely at the film you will see that we absolutely never see a German soldier, which is quite original for a war film to never show the opponent. But that’s perhaps why this film is now considered a masterpiece, for the tension it puts and its staging. Personally I found it boring and you? Insult me ​​in the comments if this is your favorite movie and you like seeing Tom Hardy as an airplane pilot.

12. Dueling

The very first film by a promising young director known at the time as Steven Spielberg (we still call him that, don’t check) told the story of a young motorist chased by a driver driver in a truck which obviously had not reviewed the basic rules of the highway code. We never see the face of the famous driver even if we see it partly once or twice and in the end it makes the thing even more scary.

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