Top 12 movie scenes where we see the film crew, and not just a little

Frankly, making a film is not that easy. Me, I can see it when I realize a love story between an office chair from 1940 and one from 2021, frankly, you have to think of lots of things. You have to find good actors, have sets that aren’t too ugly, but above all, you mustn’t show the public that you’re leading them on with a fiction that’s been made from scratch. Unfortunately, even the greatest do not manage to do this and it is actually quite common to see small bits of camera in cult films. I come to spoil all your classics with a certain pleasure.


We attack hard with a scene from the iconic Matrix, the one where Neo opens a door alongside Morpheus, but also with a very nice camera. The film crew may have hidden it under a coat, we are not fooled.


The movie, too, could have been a wreck if people had paid a little attention to the big mistakes spotted in Titanic. And by mistake, I mean for example the beautiful reflection in the door when Jack enters the main hall of the boat and joins the upper classes of the boat, which allows us to see the cameraman with all his tools. Oops.

3. 6 Underground

There may be Ryan Reynolds in this film with Italian accents, but the latter still has small blunders. We talk in particular about the pretty GoPro left on the black car of the “bad guys” when they pursue the band of One through the streets of Florence. But after all, maybe it was just to film the best pizzerias in the neighborhood.


4. Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

In the second installment of the famous stories of Harry the Potter, a small detail slipped into a plan. Yes, when Snape helps Malfoy to get up during the duel with Harry, we can see on the left a whole film crew. Indeed, it’s not very obvious because they tried to darken it during editing, but still. As if that was the only big mistake we find in Harry Potter! Well done to the directors, it’s clean.

5. Twister

Peek out the window of the truck when Dusty comes to Melissa’s aid after said truck falls from the sky. In the right corner, at the bottom, we see a nice little reflection of the camera and even of his cameraman. Reflection that we also see a few seconds later when panning. Still, they could have been careful!


The presence of Sandra Bullock and Keanu Reeves in the film did not prevent the other presence of a beautiful little dumpling. At the moment when the police helicopter passes in front of the bus victim of the attack which rolls with donf on the highway, one can see under the bridge on the left the film crew with its beautiful camera. Not sure they’re part of the bomb defusal plan, those.

Top 12 movie scenes where we see the film crew

7. Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle

Open your eyes wide when Spencer throws his boomerang and misses the biker gang. When he and Fridge run to escape them, we can see on the left, hidden in a grove, a cameraman filming the scene, just before the boomerang hits the bad guys. It deserves a little break at about 3:09 in the next video.


As I’m very afraid to rewatch this film, I’ll tell you the scene very briefly: at one point, when Jack sends a ton of dishes flying into the kitchens of the hotel, one of the utensils hits the camera violently and ricochets off it. . Ok, we don’t see her literally, but we really feel her presence.

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9. Spy Kids

Again, some have been fooled by filming a mirror (a very dangerous move). This is why in the first Spy Kids, when Ingrid Cortez is in front of the famous three-mirror cabinet, we see a beautiful reflection of the cameraman. Ok, we’re doing it again Ingrid!

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10. Twilight: Fascination

Far be it from me to denigrate this film, because I had a lot of love for it during my adolescence, but it is true that when we see, several times in the same scene, a cameraman being reflected in different parts of Bella’s car… The film loses a bit of street credibility, which had a lot of it.

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11. Scream 2

Again for the sake of not re-traumatizing myself, I’m only going to tell you about this scene briefly, but when the killer in the Ghostface mask swings Cici over the balcony, a little gentleman in black can be seen with a camera just behind, hidden in a tree. Borderline as scary as the movie makes it.

12. The Dark Knight

Batman may be very strong, but not strong enough to erase all traces of filming in the film. During the interrogation of the Joker, when our national Batou lifts him and presses him against a wall, we can briefly see a camera and its carrier in the reflection of the mirror on the right. You have to be sharp to see it, but I know you have an eye.

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