Top 12 Movie Characters Who Make No Sense When You Think About It

Have you ever seen a movie and told yourself that one of the characters made so many stupid choices that it was borderline improbable? Or when the construction or the representation of a character had no logic? It’s a question that deserves to be asked, it doesn’t mean that the character is useless or useless, just that at times the writers have abandoned the idea of ​​giving him a logic.

1. The vocal transformation in “Hellraiser”

In the movie hellraiser A very strange thing happens: the character of Frank bumps into his brother, puts on his skin and starts talking with his voice. In fact, it’s because it’s now the other actor who takes over the role (as if putting the skin of a dead guy on you really transformed the face, which already doesn’t hold) but the film doesn’t don’t even try to explain why the voice changes, we’re supposed to accept it that way.

2. Tarzan’s accent in the Disney cartoon

In the film, Tarzan learns to speak English thanks to Jane who has a cutthroat English accent. If we assume that he will imitate the accent of the only person who speaks to him in that language, then he should have a similar accent, except that he speaks with an American accent. Not necessarily very believable. Finally no more than the fact that he speaks with elephants and gorillas what.

3. Mystic who can imitate everything in “X-Men 2”, except the scars

In a certain scene of X-Men 2, Mystique impersonates Jean Gray in order to trick Wolverine who realizes it’s not really her as she doesn’t have a certain scar on her body. Except that it does not hold at all, it can take the total appearance of a person and even show the exact clothes of this one (which is very stupid) but not copy a scar?

4. Ego in “Guardians of the Galaxy 2” who ruins his whole plan at the last moment

Ok so this guy has been looking for ages to make a kid powerful enough to share his energy. He failed hundreds of times and killed all his kids until the day it finally worked with Peter Quill, and just before he accepted his plan he revealed to him that he basically killed his mother in him. spun cancer. He really expected Quill to accept without flinching in light of this new information? Okay.

5. Deacon Frost’s rotten plan in “Blade”

The film Blade with a Wesley Snipes as a vampire hunter remains a classic for people who know how to appreciate it. But the film’s villain, Deacon Frost, has a particularly bad plan: to turn all humans into vampires. Do you see the problem? Nope ? Well, how are they going to feed themselves?

6. Poe Dameron, the worst rebel in the third “Star Wars” trilogy

Ok, if we sum up this whole mess a bit, Poe Dameron gets caught by the empire and loses a droid on which there is capital information, because of him a whole village is executed, he decides not to obey the direct orders and because of this decision a large part of the fleet is destroyed, he provokes a mutiny and apart from that everyone sees him as a hero? Open your eyes, he really sucks as a member of the team.

7. The big mess of emotions in “Vice-Versa”

In the Pixar film, emotions are personified by small characters, so we have joy, anger, sadness and all the mess. In theory these emotions are supposed to be constant (sadness always sad, joy always happy) and just take over the person they live in. So why does sadness smile and joy cry at a certain point in the film? Does that mean that emotions have emotions? It’s completely stupid, because they are no longer constant at all and that destroys the whole principle.

8. The machine made by Eric Selvig in “Avengers”

When Loki captures Doctor Eric Selvig to make him build his super machine in avengers he manages to hypnotize him, or brainwash him, in any case Selvig is no longer himself at all. So how come the thing he makes while being totally controlled by Loki has a flaw deliberately put in by Selvig? It doesn’t hold that bullshit.

9. Electro wants to kill Spiderman because he forgot his name.

The true motivation of Electro’s character in The Amazing Spiderman 2 is not super clear, because in the end we really don’t understand much, but looking at the thing… The only real moment when Spiderman could have annoyed the character… It’s when he forgot how He was called. So. You forget the name of a guy who works in your office and a few days later he arrives with boundless rage and a flawed plan to burn the town to ashes. Admit that if you had tried to find the worst motivation in the world for a character, you could not have done better.

10. Berty Croupton’s polyjuice that doesn’t really make sense in “Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire”

In the fourth part of the films the character of Alastor Moody is actually Bartemius Croupton Jr. who has been eating polyjuice all year to hide his identity. Except he completely has Moody’s real voice all the way through, which doesn’t really hold since in the next movie it’s stated that the polyjuice doesn’t affect the voice. They thought we were going to forget because of an oblivion spell or something.

11. Viggo Tarasov is deliberately completely dumb in “John Wick”

Ok so we have a super villain who keeps repeating in each of his appearances that John Wick is super dangerous and not to be taken lightly and that he will clearly kill everyone if he has it. ‘opportunity. Except that at a certain moment he manages to capture him, and rather than kill him immediately he keeps him captive until he escapes. Another movie villain with “negligent capturitis,” it happens a lot.

12. The afterlife that doesn’t really make sense in “Beetlejuice”

In the film we are presented with several scenes that take place in the afterlife and in which we can see characters represented in the way they died (like with a knife in the head or that kind of thing) except the couple heroes who are super well dressed and look nothing like people who have had a car accident and drowned. Too bad, it fucks the logic a little but the film remains cool.