Top 12 most obnoxious parents in the history of creation, who cares about your kids

When you’re young and dynamic, you always tell yourself that you’ll stay fun when you have children. We tell ourselves that we will be funny parents and that we will continue to go out, organize parties or go away for the weekend. In truth, the majority of parents are just happy when they can spend a quiet evening watching a series and it is understandable but unfortunately, some are much worse than that. There are unbearable parents who no longer live ONLY for their children and who would like the whole Earth to revolve around them and their offspring. Sorry guys, nobody cares about your darling life so leave us alone!

1. It’s time to du-du-du-du-duel!

“Hey, that’s Jayden’s mom. Jayden told me you were playing with yugigo cards when he came to play with your little brother. I don’t appreciate this kind of behavior from an adult, I categorically refuse that you play with those damn cards when my son is at your house. The devil lives in these cards. »

“Hello Jayden’s mom!” Unfortunately, it’s too late. The demons are already in your house and they KNOW your son played with my Yu-Gi-Oh! cards. »

2. The most matrixed young mother in the world

“I recently read that a woman was buying time with her baby in exchange for household chores. For example, cleaning the kitchen gave his friends the right to spend 15 minutes cuddling their child. »

3. How can you be so shameless?

This parent decided to be part of the show (instead of staying in the stands like everyone else) so he could film his child more closely.

4. “Can I ask my babysitter to pay me child support?”

“I am a single mother and I go to university with my sister. We rent an apartment for two and a few weeks ago, I asked the neighbor if he would like to watch my children for two hours while I go to class and he accepted. If he babysits without wanting to be paid, can I sue him for child support since he has been a father for a while? I’m sure I can convince a jury. »

5. When you don’t want your child to have a nickname

“My 7 year old son is called Andrew and I hate the nickname Andy. When we decided to call him that, we agreed never to use that nickname. Thing is, we moved this summer and everyone calls him Andy at his new school.

I made an appointment with the teacher to discuss the situation, I asked her to call him Andrew and she said she would pass on the message. Of course, that had no effect. The other kids still call him Andy and when I mentioned it to the teacher, she replied that my son didn’t mind and he sometimes introduced himself as Andy.

He’s only 7 years old and I’m his mother so I decide what people call him. I’ll talk to the school principal about it. »

6. The daronne who refuses to share her daughter’s birthday

My sister is pregnant and they asked her to choose a date for the induction of labor: the 24th or the 28th. She prefers the 24th, which means that the child will surely be born on the 25th (the date of my daughter’s birthday). It annoys me and no one understands me. My mother defends her while my sister can wait a few more days. I refuse to share my daughter’s birthday, maybe it’s selfish but that’s how I feel.

7. The craziest birthday in the world (the child is only 4 years old)

“Announcement for the family regarding Maddy’s Christmas gifts:

Since we had a lot of mistakes and duplicates last year, I’m going to choose the gifts for you. We started making a list of toys selected by Maddy for Christmas and her birthday. This will make between 2 and 4 gifts per person for an amount of $50 per event. You will soon have the list of specific gifts that you will need to buy. »

8. The most hated parents in elementary school

A mother organized a birthday party for her daughter with a cool activity: each child can create their own teddy bear. At the end of the afternoon, the mother asked that all the children give their stuffed animals to her daughter for her birthday. Fun.

9. The big Halloween radasses

“A family with 4 children knocked on our door asking for candy for Halloween. Unfortunately, we had already given away all our candies. The parents asked that we give 5€ to each child because they were disappointed. »

10. The world’s worst roommate ad

“Room for rent in the apartment of a family with young children: $1000 per month

The rent includes a furnished room, wifi, food and access to the entire apartment. You are asked to help with household chores and babysitting (cleaning the kitchen and living room every night and babysitting two nights a week). Women only, preferably French speaking because the children are in French immersion. »

11. A shocked mother: the other parents don’t want to pay for her daughter’s birthday party.

“Am I stingy? We’re celebrating my 4 year old daughter’s birthday this weekend at the trampoline park and I’m paying $543 for the 20 kids. I asked the parents if they could participate in the costs by paying $22 per child and they protested. »

12. Those people who use their kids to get pity…

“Hey are you still selling the iPad? Can you sell it for $100? »

“I’m not going to sell a new $400 iPad for $100”

“I already told my child he could have it! »

“Well, tell your child otherwise because he won’t get it.” Why are you calling me on video? »

“I want you to tell my child across the way that he won’t get any presents this year because of you”

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