Top 12 most excessive people on Facebook, those who go way too far

On Facebook we come across everything. But sometimes you come across completely excessive people who react far too violently to simple things. We spotted the most funny and we have compiled them here. Just for you.

2. “Are you still selling your 76cm TV?”

– No, I sold it a few days ago.

– I’ll take it for $200.

– I already sold it, sorry.

– $250.

– I don’t have it at all.

“Then don’t waste my time.

3. Two Bed One Bath House

“Hi, is it still available? »

– Yes she is.

– Please let us. We are sleeping.


– Do not contact me again.

– You contacted me.

– I know. I am no longer interested. Stop contacting me now. I’ll appeal to the Attorney General if you continue. Thank you.

4. They think female Youtubers can’t go to heaven because men have masturbated on them. This is completely crazy.

I masturbated on all of them, now no one will go to heaven.

5. “Nude?”

– he asks hopefully.

– Do not be shy.

“He said weirdly.

– What does it mean ?

– he asked stupidly.

– Are you sending me nudes or not?

“He continued stupidly.

– Fuck you bitch.

“He said, annoyed.

6. “Who are you and why are you writing on her wall?”


“I’m her boyfriend and I won’t ask twice. Why are you writing on his wall?

– I wrote “Happy Birthday” man. Sending my birthday wishes to my FB friends. You should try. You never know, maybe someone needs to cheer up, they may be stuck with a possessive asshole.

– Fuck you PD. She doesn’t need your fag wishes. Delete it from your friends or there will be consequences. I could take you easily.

– Oh yes ? Very deep ?

7. Challenge me and this is what happens. Maybe next time you won’t forget to buy me some VEGAN cheese?! I told you I didn’t want real cheese. I am VEGAN. And you WILL respect that choice!”

8. I can’t wait for Jay Z and Beyoncé to be arrested for eating children.

– Ate children?

– Yes, satanic rituals.

9. “If a man sleeps with a man as one sleeps with a woman, they have both done an abominable thing; they will be punished with death: their blood will be on them.”

The text is clear. How can a good Christian support gay marriage?

– “A marriage is valid only if the woman is a virgin. If the woman is not a virgin, she must be executed. If my memory from high school is correct, you must want to reconsider your opinion on the relevance of the Bible to marriage laws.

– You make me sick. Fuck you.

10. “Can the admin of this fucking group stop deleting my posts? My boyfriend is trying to sell his lizards and this stupid admin keeps deleting his messages. So I’ll keep posting here until you understand! Stop deleting my posts or I’ll refer you to FB for good!!!”

– FB will do nothing. The group clearly says in the intro that there will be no sale of animals on this group.

– Pity. I don’t care what you say. They have to go so accept them.

11. “Let’s not forget the anti-vaxxers”

– There are plenty of studies on the dangers of vaccination.

– Show me one please.

– The government controls the internet so I can’t find what I’m looking for.

– Thank you for trying.

12. Moms Against Vaccines

“I’m trying to figure out…why would the government lie about this?” »

– Control.

– Please explain.

– No.

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