Top 12 mistakes not to make with your razor, put those blades down right away!

Whether you prefer to have very soft baby skin that glides like silk or a pleasant little down that keeps you warm in winter, know that you should not be nimp with your little hair. Since there are mistakes not to make when waxing, there are also logically mistakes not to make when shaving. And thanks to our oilp expert advice, you will end up with legs, popopo, mashallah, I’ve never seen that, how soyeuuuuuux.

1. Not cleaning yourself before shaving

Attention, I’m not saying that you are big crassous, I would not allow myself. But let’s say that we all have more or less little dirt and bacteria that like to squat on our legs. Washing before shaving therefore already allows us to eliminate these unwanted individuals so that they do not end up in our organs, but also to prepare the hair for shaving. Yes, because he likes to be ready before this kind of important step.

2. Not using an exfoliator

It’s not a mandatory step before shaving, no one will come and bump into you in your sleep if you don’t do it, but it could still cause you a little inconvenience. Using an exfoliator before you shave will remove dead skin cells, making shaving much easier and preventing you from getting a slew of ingrown hairs. Exfoliating the day before will also avoid irritating your soft little skin.

3. Shaving at the wrong time

You should never, oh never shave at night! No, it’s not true, you can do it, but the ideal is still to shave in the morning because the epidermis is regenerated when it comes out of its little night, where it will be more sensitive in the evening after a hard day of work (a bit like us in fact).

4. Use cold water

For your shave to be totally effective (and it would be a bit dodgy to want it to only work at 85%), start by running the area to be waxed under hot water, or outright, shave at the end of your shower. With the heat, your pores will open up and this will make it easier to shave the hairs. And then hop, we end with a shot of cold water to close it all up and we don’t talk about it anymore.

5. Dry shave

So yeah, you might be in a hurry or intergalactic lazy to get in the shower, but frankly, neither of those two excuses can justify a dry shave. To skip coating your legs with a foam is to take the risk of having your legs with a crocodile skin bag effect at the end of the hair removal and of completely irritating your skin for several days. And do we want completely dry legs? No, we don’t want to, whoever wants dry legs doesn’t jump.

6. Shave with shower gel

DON’T DO THIS UNHAPPY! Do you want to die or what???? Well, that’s not really what’s going to happen if you shave with shower gel, but since this product is made more to trap dirt than to facilitate shaving, you’re going to have more trouble than anything else and above all, take the risk of dirt getting into the small cuts created by the razor. While with a good old shaving foam, it will slide without risk like on a toboggan.

7. Not shaving hair the wrong way

Watch out bunch of fools! Don’t make this most common mistake: To get it right, start by shaving in the direction of hair growth. This will save you from ingrown hairs (hell on earth) or irritation.

8. Pressing too hard on his razor

It’s easy to think that by putting all your strength into your razor, the hairs will be ejected better. And yet… Pressing too hard can cause lesions on the skin. Going gently will work just as well. And it also works for many other areas such as bean trimming or seks.

9. Forgetting to change razor blades frequently

The longer you keep a razor, the more risk you have of causing yourself itching, burning, irritation, bacteria. AND THAT IS NOT PLEASURE. To know if it’s time to change your blades or your razor altogether, check if your hairs hurt during shaving or if the hairs remain stuck in the blade even after rinsing. If the answer is yes, throw it all in the trash.

10. Leaving your razor on the edge of your shower

So yes, indeed, it’s easier to take your razor lying around than to go out in the cold of the bathroom to pick up the razor forgotten at the bottom of a drawer. However, it is better to store your tool in a warm and dry place, because the humidity, the water from the shower and the remains of cleaning products will SERIOUSLY damage the blades and make them disgusting (hello, stagnant water). So let’s stop this right now, okay?

11. Sharing your razor

Your friends may be very friendly and persuasive, but you should never give in to the blackmail of razor-sharp pretage (even against €10,000). Yes, because blades passed from one person to another can facilitate the exchange of germs and bacteria and thus cause infections, or cause herpes and hepatitis. And believe me, your friendship is more likely to take a hit because of that than because of a refusal to share.

12. Not moisturizing your skin after shaving

Here, you have cleared everything, hop, finito popito. No, nay, friends, before putting away all your gear, think about spreading moisturizer on the freshly shaved areas. Well yes, because the razor will have damaged your skin quite a bit on the surface, even if it is not very visible, and it can therefore only be good for it to receive a maximum of hydration from you.

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