Top 12 mistakes not to make with your microwave, beware of the waves

In life, we all make mistakes. Kind to be born, while frankly good, we would have done better without it. After pointing out the mistakes not to make with your fridge, today we show you the meatballs to avoid with your microwave if you want to continue doing crazy things with your microwave like reheating your leftovers. crab-pesto-camembert lasagna.

1. Do not open the lids of his boxes

To avoid damaging your containers, it is uuuuultra important to let air pass. Do not forget to open your box before putting your dishes to heat, otherwise you risk deforming or even breaking your containers. By letting the air circulate, you will also avoid the projections of hot food when opening. Smart.

2. Forgetting to cover your dishes when reheating them

Second very important advice that goes with the first: even if you open your little lunch box, you must at least let the lid rest on it (or failing that, use a cover). Why ? Well, quite simply to avoid spilling it all over your microwave, especially with dishes in sauce (like your bolo from the day before, tasty, but a little less when it lines the walls of your appliance). Believe us, it will save you a lot of annoying cleaning sessions.

3. Not washing your microwave completely

Let’s say you didn’t listen to our second piece of advice. Well, already, not bravo, but listen, it happens. Now that the dumpling is done, avoid making a second one, that is to say forget to wash your microwave frequently and let the dirt become old moldy crusts impossible to scrape off. I promise, you don’t want to reheat your encrusted food for three months with each use. So once a week, we take a little sponge to clean it all up and we love life.

4. Do not pierce its lids

A bit like lifting lids, you also have to pierce the lids of prepared dishes before putting them in the microwave. Otherwise, you’re heading for disaster… Water particles will accumulate under the heat and risk causing an explosion (and once again, getting them all over the place). Not the best moment of your day, as you can imagine.

5. Using the wrong containers

To reheat our dishes, we tend to square our ass with containers. Big mistake! For example, you should never put terracotta dishes in the microwave because this porous material absorbs the waves. At the end, the dish will therefore be hot, but the food will be cold (and that’s not what you want). In the same way, it is necessary to avoid using plastic dishes which risk, with the heat, to leave traces of its toxic materials in the food (in particular melamine).

6. Put stuff with aluminum in it

Come on, admit it, you too have already made sparks in your microwave wanting to heat up a jar of new spread. It’s because you had badly scratched the lid which contained aluminum. Yes, because aluminum does not like microwaves at all (too microphobic that one). Aluminum is indeed a conductor of electricity and the sparks created in a microwave can set the appliance on fire. The same goes for the golden edges on the dishes: metals are not microwaveable and the slightest spark can have serious consequences.

7. Using too much power

By using random powers (don’t be ashamed, we all do it, but thanks to us, you will become Watts geniuses), we risk cooking food from the inside and not from the outside. The risk of burns is therefore a thousand times higher, at least. Take care!

8. Not washing your tray regularly

We don’t judge you, we also have a notion of cleanliness that differs according to the objects. But contrary to what one might think, the microwave tray needs to be washed much more often than the rest of the appliance. You would almost have to wash it after each use to prevent your food from smelling of your previous meals. Say like that, it’s true that it seems quite logical…

9. Defrost meat

Unfortunately, don’t do this if you don’t have the defrost function on your microwave!!!! Defrosting your meat in the microwave risks pre-cooking it and therefore making it hard (and boring to chew). You will therefore have no pleasure in removing your filet mignon with tarragon sauce. And that would be a shame…

10. Not taking breaks to mix

We tend to forget that little pause button when we use our microwave (he saw it really badly, not cool for him). However, it allows us to stop the cooking to mix our dish to distribute the heat and prevent it from being hot on the edges and cold in the centre. Oh yeah, that’s smart huh.

11. Reheating pizza or quiche???

In and of itself, it’s not that bad to reheat doughy stuff in your microwave. But it will just soften your food, which will give you less pleasure when tasting it than with a traditional oven. You are warned.

12. Use it to warm up something other than food

Indeed, when you have an important day to come and a laundry still wet with all your clothes, it can be tempting to put two or three pairs of socks in the microwave to dry them. Worst idea in the world. You just risk setting fire to your microwave and having to mourn your socks. Many clothes contain tiny bits of metal that can also cause sparks. Better to wear your wet pants than lose your apartment, I guess.

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