Top 12 mistakes not to make with pasta, watch out for unfortunate tagliatelle

Eating pasta is definitely one of the nicest things the planet has allowed us to do (whoever is behind this, just thank you). Happiness is also fivefold when they are accompanied by good butter with salt crystals, yum yum. But for this happiness to last a lifetime, there are rules to follow as for the mistakes not to make with rice. In fact, we just have to stop torturing the food, stop the massacre!

1. Salt the water after boiling

Full of good intentions, you come back with a giga packet of coarse salt and presto, you throw small handfuls on the molten water. What a mistake my children, what a mistake! If you do this, the water from the start of cooking that will soak the pasta and cook it will not be salty, so neither will your pasta, and you will have wasted salt for nothing. To avoid this, we put the salt before the water boils (yes, it is said). In addition, it will facilitate the dilution of sodium chloride (yes, I was looking for a synonym of salt).

2. Using the wrong size pan for cooking

You are not being asked to take out Grandma’s pot. But who says saucepan too small also says pasta that sticks together and becomes pasty. And frankly, who wants to ruin such a delicious dish? It is often said that size does not matter, but yes.

3. Do not wait for the boil to put the pasta

To prevent your pasta from turning into an ugly shaped pâté sculpted in your pot, REALLY wait for the water to boil. I say that to myself because personally, I’m always lazy, and yet, it allows the pasta to stand out well and not be pasty. A considerable advantage.

4. Put oil in the water

This trick that’s supposed to keep pasta from forming an unbreakable barrier by sticking together is actually bogus. Because as everyone knows, water and oil don’t mix, ever, so it’s absolutely useless, except maybe to prevent the sauce from sticking. Frankly, well done eh, well done, really!

5. Bake on the fly

I’m not going to spit on you because I myself am one of those people who taste pasta every three minutes as a stopwatch. However, this is a very bad technique because cooking the pasta longer or shorter than the necessary time changes its glycemic index. In truth, it’s not that important, but it still increases the rate of carbohydrates that pass into the blood and that can have consequences for people who have health concerns.

6. Forgetting to stir while cooking

We tend to abandon our little grub to watch Miraculous while our pasta cooks, but that’s a big mistake. Stirring frequently just keeps the pasta from sticking to the pan, which then causes you to waste 10 liters of water to loosen it when washing up. So you raise your little arm and stir it all up, and faster than that.

7. Leave a lid on the pan while cooking

Doing this is like taking a risk, because the lid prevents water from evaporating and results in more powerful bubbling that can cause the pot to overflow. So even if you want to do the right thing, put the lid back on, slowly, that’s it, very slowly, that’s good. And to prevent your water from overflowing too without a lid due to starch buildup on the surface, leave a wooden spoon in the water. You know, the one you use to stir every two minutes.

8. Discard the pasta water

Especially not unhappy! This invaluable liquid will allow you to make a sauce worthy of the name, starch being an excellent binder. Once your pasta is drained, add it to your sauce in a saucepan and pour a good ladle of pasta water over it. Who’s gonna have the smoothest sauce in the whole neighborhood? It’s you, yes.

9. Leave the pasta to wait quietly in the colander

Already, you should know that by draining the pasta too much, it loses its “slippery” side so it is less practical for them in the slides. But above all, if you let them wait a bit in the colander, they all stick together in a big block of concrete and it’s not the most edible thing. Especially if you’re a bit constipated after a meal.

10. Rinse the pasta with cold water

All you’re going to do is soften your pasta and remove any remaining starch, which will prevent the sauce from sticking. That’s what you want, huh? IS THIS WHAT YOU WANT ???

11. Cut your spahetti

Unless you want to be chased by an angry Italian with a pasta machine ready to land right in your face. Otherwise, never, ever cut your spaghetti. Or even any kind of pasta after all, it’s safer.

12. Reheat the pasta in the microwave

Pasta isn’t the microwave’s biggest fan, as it dries it out and makes it rubbery (who would love to live that?). If you have leftover pasta lying around, make a gratin or a cold pasta salad instead. Yum yum.

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