Top 12 mistakes not to make for your gas mileage

Right now, everyone has only three words left in their mouths: “inflation”, “shortage” and “petrol”. At the same time, it must be said that it’s a hell of a mess in France! Between the energy crises, the ecological crises and the strikes, our wallet is expensive, and the climate is relatively anxiety-provoking. We haven’t yet found the recipe for cheap, eco-friendly homemade gasoline, but we’ve still found a few tips for you to avoid over-consumption. Something to calm you down a bit. No, ladies and gentlemen, you are not dreaming! You are not on auto-moto, but at Topito! Topitauto-moto. Vroom vrouuuum. Fasten your belts, go for a trip, together, on the highway of the cylinder head gasket, youhouuuuuu!

1. Not performing basic vehicle maintenance

In particular, remember to replace the oil, air and fuel filters every year, regardless of the number of kilometers traveled. Poor maintenance of a vehicle can cause fuel overconsumption of up to 25%. Also remember to choose a quality oil.

2. Randomly choose your tires

We are not going to hide it, we generally choose the best quality/price ratio. In reality, care should also be taken to ensure that they are of low rolling resistance, which helps to reduce fuel consumption by up to 10%. One thing leading to another, we make the purchase of slightly more expensive tires profitable!

3. … and not checking their blood pressure

A car’s tire pressure should be between 2.2 and 2.6 bar. An under-inflated tire can be responsible for an increase in fuel consumption of 10%! Smoothed out over a year, tires at the right pressure can save you the equivalent of 3 weeks of gas! At the price per liter today, it’s a great saving.

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4. Force the air conditioning

Air conditioning can increase your fuel consumption by 20%! Basically, any electronic device powered by the vehicle drinks fuel. Note that the greater the difference between the temperature of the passenger compartment and that of the exterior, the greater the overconsumption.

5. Or roll the windows open

We think it’s greener, but in fact… Not so much. By driving with the windows open and driving at 100 km/h, your vehicle’s fuel consumption increases by 4%. At 130 km/h, it increases by 5%.

6. Overload your car

It’s physical: the heavier the car, the greater the amount of energy needed to move it forward, and therefore… The more the car consumes. We therefore think of removing all the useless stuff lying around!

Top 12 mistakes not to make for your gas mileage
Picture credits: Topito

7. Not removing your roof bars or bike rack

Accessories placed outside the vehicle create aerodynamic resistance. This resistance increases fuel consumption by up to 20%, even if they are empty. In short, once you get back from your trip to the campsite, remember to put it all back in the closet.

8. Ride fast

For example, by reducing your speed by 10 km/h on the highway, on a course of 100 km/h, you save one liter of fuel. The shortfall is small: you will only arrive 4 minutes late. For once time is savings and not money, ENJOY!

1665688179 934 Top 12 mistakes not to make for your gas mileage

9. Stay high in towers

By adopting a less “humming” driving style, you save fuel. Indeed, it is necessary to avoid climbing in the turns, and to prefer to pass the reports as soon as possible. Better for your engine, better for your wallet too. (Do not forget to rev up from time to time, when your vehicle is hot, to clean your engine.)

10. Use your car for short trips

On short trips, your engine stays “cold”. However, a cold engine consumes much more than a warm engine. It’s that simple.

11. Let the engine run (on newer cars)

As soon as you start your engine, you have to drive. When you are stopped for more than a minute, you must turn it off. On modern engines, often equipped with a start & go, this is simpler. For turbocharged, however, it is necessary to wait for the turbo to reduce its speed of rotation, so as not to cause premature wear of the engine. Shall I say a word of what I’m telling you? Absolutely not.

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12. Brake instead of downshift

Hence the importance of ANTICIPATING. L’AN-TI-CI-PA-TION (driving instructors’ favorite word). To save fuel, it is better to use the engine brake by downshifting quietly, modulate its speed when approaching a fire, rather than braking like a nag and emptying your tank in one time, three movements.

13. Bonus: don’t close the tank

Bunch of bananas. You look tired to me. You should not drive when you are tired. So go take a nap. I’m the one asking you.

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