Top 12 Memorable Roles With One Scene, Cut That’s The Good One

Certain film characters have gone down in history and in pop culture, leaving their lasting imprint in human memory. However, some of them managed the feat of doing so when they were only present on screen in a single scene of the film. I know you, you need examples ranked by points in the form of a top and not just an introduction, otherwise you are not satisfied and our site would be called Introto.

1. Gary Oldman in “True Romance”

He plays the pimp from Alabama (Patricia Arquette) to whom Clarence (Christian Slater) goes and he is only present in a tiny six-minute scene, yet Gary Oldman once again proves his versatility as as an actor and shows he can play a nasty yet creepy guy without the need for slogs of text and more screen time.

2. Charles Fleischer in Zodiac

We classified this moment in the film as one of the most stressful scenes in cinema, and for good reason, Charles Fleischer freaks us out like no other in just five minutes. At first he seems rather calm and ready to help, but as we literally start to shit in our pants of fear, all played without big clogs, just by simple glances and intonations of voice. Big moment of acting.

3. Christopher Walken in “Pulp Fiction”

If you saw pulp Fiction, you must remember this damn scene where Christopher Walken comes to give a watch he stashed in his ass during the war to young Butch (I know, I sum things up pretty badly in general). Well this character of Captain Koons only appears in this scene which lasts barely four minutes and which has nevertheless become totally cult. In the same film I almost want to talk about the cramp which has also remained quite cult, but it makes me feel uncomfortable.

4. Alec Baldwin as Blake in “Glengarry Glen Ross”

In the long list of cult lines of cinema or scenes with a striking speech, you can easily find that of Blake in the film Glengarry Glen Ross. However, the character embodied by good old Baldwin (also known to be a bit sloppy on set and who could find his place in the top of unbearable actors) is only present in one damn scene. It’s not much, but it’s enough to be remembered.

5. Viola Davis in the movie “Doubt”

If the character of Mrs Miller is present only eight minutes on the screen, it probably has the most cult scene of the film with a monologue simply striking and so well interpreted that it will earn the actress an Oscar nomination. . Sometimes we would like certain actors to be in the image longer as they burst the screen, Viola Davis is one of them, especially when she faces Meryl Streep and manages to steal the show.

6. Patrick Fischler in “Mulholland Drive”

Well it’s David Lynch so it’s not easy to find meaning in this scene but it’s fucking cool and stressful and it puts a particularly palpable tension while the character played by Patrick Fischler is only telling a dream. He plays so well and seems so animated by what he is saying that we totally enter the scene (even without having seen the film). Do you also find that the end of this scene is scarier than 90% of horror movies?

7. John Turturro in “The Big Lebowski”

Two minutes and fifty-three seconds is all the time you can see the character of Jesus in The big Lebowski and yet the role remained one of the hallmarks of an already decidedly cult film. On the one hand because the scene is absolutely brilliant but also because Turturro is masterful in the skin of this strange and detestable character who is nonetheless gifted at bowling.

8. Alfred Molina in “Boogie Nights”

Well, already if you’ve never seen this movie you will immediately stop what you are doing and correct this nasty mistake, and you will understand how this damn scene is a totally perfect example of direction. Stressful, gripping, agonizing and conducted with a master hand, it would not be at all so perfect without the incredible performance of Alfred Molina.

9. Gloria Foster in “The Matrix”

We only see her in one scene and yet not only are we talking about her for a long time but above all she is potentially the most important character in the story of the first film: the oracle. Beyond the importance of the role, the actress Gloria Foster delivers a completely successful performance in her interpretation of grandmother / cosmic guide who always has cookies at home.

10. Gene Jones in “No country for old men”

This scene of No Country for old men shows us a terrifying Javier Bardem asking the proprietor of a gas station to flip a coin for his life without his understanding it. It wouldn’t have been so intense if there wasn’t an equally excellent actor opposite the excellent Bardem. Gene Jones does wonders in the role of this touching man, overwhelmed by the situation and who gradually sinks into fear and anguish. It fucks the hairs say so.

11. Matthew McConaughey in “The Wall Street Wolf”

One of the secrets of The Wolf of Wall Street is the fact that the famous scene from Matthew McConaughey’s song (the only scene where he appears in the film) was completely improvised. It didn’t necessarily take more for it to become the most iconic and cult scene in the film and clearly steal the show from Leonardo DiCaprio.

12. Drew Barrymore in “Scream”

More than twenty years after the release of the film it is limited the scene which remains of Scream, and probably the most famous and iconic of the whole saga. And without Drew Barrymore it probably wouldn’t have been possible since she is absolutely perfect in this sequence where she goes through a lot of different emotions (spoilers, it’s not positive emotions at all). There’s plenty of secrets about Scream if you’re interested, like the fact that the killer’s phone calls were filmed live.

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