Top 12 McDo tricks you never thought of (well, surely)

Be careful, if we say that these are CRAZY tricks, it’s really going to be CRAZY. Like maybe tonight you’re not going to be able to sleep so much you’ve learned CRAZY stuff that’s going to make your head spin. Thanks to all these CRAZY tips, your next visit to McDo will be very different. You have unlocked the Gold level of McDo, congratulations to you.

1. You can put your burger in your fries wrapper to eat without spilling it all over the place

Apparently Einstein saw this photo and wanted to return his Nobel Prize. He would have declared that he no longer deserved to be famous and that he was going to retire to raise squirrels in Poitou.

2. For hot fries, ask for salt-free fries

If you ask for fries without salt, you will have to make a new batch, so you will have the best in terms of heat and crispness. This word does not exist but who cares. Afterwards, know that if you do that, you’re going to piss off the team member who’s going to make fries again.

3. If you want the freshest burger possible, order one with one less ingredient

Without pickles, for example. Having a request like this will force a teammate to make a quick burger. A burger that won’t wait a long time to reach your tray. A hot and tasty burger, what. Be careful, this trick is useless for burgers that do not contain beef: they are made to order no matter what, so no need to remove any ingredient.

4. To pay less, ask for your Happy Meal without a toy

We know that there are lots of adults who take Happy Meals when they are not very hungry. The problem is that we end up with a toy that is of no use to us (or a children’s book now). Fortunately, we can ask to have our order without the toy, the price of which will be deducted. The big crazy hack.

5. To pay less, don’t take the temporary burgers

Burgers that are there all the time always cost less than those that are on the menu for a limited time. Yet they are no less nutritious and have about the same number of ingredients. It’s just that when it’s temporary, we can add marketing to the bill. A good old Big Mac or McChicken will always do.

6. You can scrape sauces easily

In the middle of a rush, if you tell a team member that you are missing the sauces you wanted, there is a good chance that he will give you some without checking. We don’t tell you to do it because it’s not super nice for big capital which will lose a few cents, but we just tell you that it works most of the time.

7. You can make yourself the best dessert in the world by putting ice cream from your Sundae between two cookies.

This trick is reserved for people who are not afraid to swallow the equivalent of 3 desserts at once and who want to live their life a hundred miles an hour. The same kind of people who say “One Life” before doing stuff and who don’t give a damn about other people’s eyes. In short, champions.

8. Pull out your student card to try to get a free sandwich

In some McDonalds, there is a student offer that allows you to have an extra sandwich by showing your student card. If you’re no longer a student, your old card may do the trick because employees don’t always check. Even better, some colleges have student cards where you can easily change the dates from year to year; with that, you are quiet for a good while.

9. You can improve your McFlurry toppings at home

If you take your order to eat it once at home, then you can really do what you want, like add peanuts in your ice cream (best combination in the world), but also chocolate chips or oysters (not there that’s wrong, we got you). The pleasure of McFlurry, but with a not insignificant little extra.

10. If you kindly ask for an extra ketchup or French fries sauce, they usually give it to you.

A “Would it be possible to have an extra ketchup sauce please?” » with a big smile passes in most cases. At worst, if you are told no, it won’t be the end of the world, but teammates often do it when you’re polite to them.

11. You can tear part of your packet of fries to put your sauce in

Look at the photo on the right: isn’t that great art? The guy who thought of that is probably an engineer. It is he who will find how to lower the temperature of the Earth by 2 degrees, we tell you.

12. If you wait more than 15 minutes, you can ask for a small gesture of goodwill

Again, that’s if you stay polite or if you want to be that kind of person who asks to see the manager (who usually will agree so you don’t have to deal with a bad customer). By doing this, you can have an extra sandwich or ice cream.

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