Top 12 Knee Clinic Sponsored Football Butchers

To settle a match where you are bored, nothing beats a good assassin tackle at knee height, it gives nice wounds to watch, and hemoglobin we love it. Tempers flare, the referee sees red and the game finally heats up. The culprit of this attack is branded with a hot iron and becomes THE BUTCHER for everyone! Top 10 of these apostles of dirty gesture.

1. Marco Materazzi, the big Italian bad boy

The prototype of the bad boy in football. The former Inter defender was a king of cutting, the kind of butcher who did not hesitate to put a few strokes of the blade in his bib to satisfy his customers. To his credit: broken knees, blind elbows, and a few bloody faces on Serie A weekends. The asshole we love to worship.

In short Materazzi is not a nice guy, and he was quite capable of breaking his victim with wear and tear as was the case with Zidane in the World Cup final.

2. Roy Keane, the Irish bad boy

Another bad boy, Irish this time, “the best environment of his generation” according to Ferguson, coach and Scottish football player. And also one of the most skilled kneecap breakers in history. The one who also used to fight off the pitch (Keane was known to seek confusion in Mancunian pubs) has made tackling an art in its own right. Ask what Alf-Inge Håland thinks about it, who suffered the wrath of the captain of the Red Devils during a Manchester derby in 2001. Result of the races: screwed tackle in the right knee, spat on the Norwegian moaning on the ground … and career ended , a friendly atmosphere I believe.

3. Mapou Yanga-Mbiwa on Samir Nasri

It was in a match against Manchester City that the former Montpellier player freaked out a bit and literally attacked Samir Nasri. A nasty knee tackle that makes the Nasri come out of the game on a stretcher and will have to do 2 months of rehabilitation. Only five months away from a World Cup, it takes the pressure off.

History to be noticed without a doubt, Yanga-Mbiwa therefore cracked a nasty knee tackle last weekend, which could have deprived Samir Nasri of the World Cup.

4. Andoni Goikoetxea, the butcher of Bilbao

The Butcher of Bilbao. This is not the funereal nickname of a serial killer from the Basque coast, but rather that given to Andoni Goikoetxea. Probably one of the best-known meniscus collectors.

By screwing up the knee of Bernd Schuster, a FC Barcelona player who will have nine months of disability due to Goikoetxea, he gave his letters of nobility to the assassin tackle. How about breaking Maradona’s ankle, while we’re at it? Well imagine that’s exactly what he did in two seconds during a match between Athletic Bilbao (the team in which he played) and FC Barcelona during the 1983-1984 season. The aggressor only collects a simple yellow card, while Maradona will be unavailable for three and a half months.

And that’s how to stop an El Pire de Oro attack for Goikoetxea, just break his ankle, and he did.

5. Nicolas Gillet and his attack on poor Cédric Mionnet

Nicolas Gillet, the man who broke Cédric Mionnet’s knee, during a Nantes – Sedan in 2001.

At the time when Sedan-Nantes was an exciting poster, Ligue 1 had compassion for Cédric Mionnet. Reason for this sudden excitement: the tackle from Nantes Nicolas Gillet, who literally bent his opponent’s knee. Mionnet will find the grounds six months after the attack, but without his talent before disappeared at the same time as his crusaders. Big blow for little Ced…

6. Eric Cantona and his terrible tackle, both feet up

Cantona is also known to be a “character” player, to remain correct and not to say that he was sometimes very sick.

Tackles assassins (again), farting of cable on other players or even on supporters, we saw green and not ripe with him.

And one of the emblematic tackles of his career is the one he made in April 1988 on Michel Der Zakarian. It was during the round of 16 of the Coupe de France in a match between Nantes and Auxerre. Nantes’ Michel Der Zakarian is making his way alone, ball at his foot, when Cantona arrives at him like a rocket, and jumps on him, both feet off the ground as if he was literally going to kill a prey. And yet Der Zakarian is not a small frame, from the top of his meter ninety we did not think he could take such a murderous tackle.

Cantona is directly blown out of the match after this action, which shocks everyone, while Der Zakarian still rolls on the ground in pain.

Well here is Canto had tripped, we will not blame him for that (but a little anyway).

7. Callum McManaman destroying Massadio Haïdara’s knee

An attack that would have deserved to go around the planet. In a Premier League match between Wigan and Newcastle, our dear Callum McManaman is having fun, and it’s our French international Massadio Haïdara who takes. Season over for him. No red card on the other hand for McManaman, nor sanctions a posteriori. The refereeing corps must have been sipping on a good Guinness that day.

8. Nigel De Jong, the leg breaker

Nigel De Jong, Dutch international footballer, was also famous for putting big tackles on those who stood in his way. Everyone remembers this very dirty tackle from De Jong on Hatem Ben Arfa. It was during a Premier League match during the 2011 season, in a match between Manchester City who hosted Newcastle. Nigel de Jong didn’t hesitate to make a killer tackle on Ben Arfa, who took around a year to recover from. A year is a long time, it must be said.

The Dutchman will have kept this style of rough brute throughout his career without anyone really coming to prevent him from tackling like crazy, and we don’t really know why. For the record, De Jong replaced a certain Gattuso at AC Milan, himself known to be a bully, nicknamed “Ringhio” which literally means “roar”, in short the recruitment was not done at random.

9. Kevin Muscat, the public enemy of football

The most hated man in football has now hung up his cleats for a few years, but remains very anchored in tricolor memories. It was he who cut Dugarry’s knee in 2001, a few months before the World Cup, in a friendly match that was not friendly. Later, Muscat would add Craig Bellamy, the famous Welsh international, to their roster. Muscat is definitely better in the bottle.

10. Níkos Dabízas, who deprived Robert Pires of his World Cup

We remember the Níkos Dabízas who suffered the completely crazy oriented control of Bergkamp in 2004. We do not forget more easily that he is at the origin of the tackle (nearly avoided) which will deprive Robert Pires of the World Cup in 2002.

Indeed, Pires had jumped to avoid a tackle from the Greek defender in the 20th minute of the match, but he fell badly and his knee suffered a big twist.

11. Gennaro Gattuso, the “Ringhio”

As we said in point 7, Gennaro Gattuso, emblematic player of AC Milan, was not known to be a nice person, far from it. He was also considered one of the most aggressive players on the pitch, and he clearly loved that reputation.

Dangerous tackles from Gattuso, there were quite a few, but we remember this magnificent tackle from behind that he had made during a derby against Inter to poor Ricardo Quaresma. A very dangerous tackle that Carlo Ancelotti immediately blames on his player, who has nothing to do with it and yells at his coach (yes the guy has no limits).

Gattuso had even headbutted because he was “pissed off” at the opposing coach during a match against Tottenham in 2011, a nice guy who we would like to invite on Sunday for brunch.

12. Cyril Rool, a French butcher as we like them

Player passed by clubs like RC Lens, SC Bastia or OM, Cyril Rool was a fan of cards (27 red cards and a hundred yellow cards, all matches combined, that’s a lot).

The petti Rool loved to fight and enjoyed making dangerous tackles. We remember in particular an internal fight when he was at FC Lens, where Rool simply broke the nose of a young player from the training center by giving him a headbutt. It announces the color then on the ground…

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