Top 12 King Facts That Look Fake But Are True

When we talk about the life of kings we say to ourselves that it must be good, because we don’t care much about our days, we eat roast chickens every lunchtime and we can bring in minstrels to entertain ourselves; but don’t believe, it’s not just being king. If we’ve already told you about the youngest kings, the nicest kings and the dumbest king deaths, we’re going to do a little anthology of somewhat mixed information that looks false but is true.

2. The Queen of England has two birthdays

There may be a lot of things the Queen of England has never done, but at the same time she has at least two birthdays. “By what magic?” you ask yourself holding your breath, well it’s because in addition to her real birthday (that of her date of birth) she also celebrates this one on the first Saturday of June.

Historically it comes from King Edward VII who was born in November but wanted to be able to throw a big party. Since it was crap weather at this time of year, he decided to create a “second anniversary” corresponding to the date of the annual military parade. Since then all the kings and queens have kept this thing and celebrate their birthdays twice.

3. Ivan IV of Russia (Ivan the Terrible) “accidentally” killed his son in a fit of anger

After the death of his wife, Ivan IV began to become quite a violent and terrorizing person for the population, that’s where his nickname came from. One day when he was in the middle of a quarrel with his son, he allegedly hit him on the head with a stick causing the death of his heir, which would later have made him even more sad and violent.

4. Nearly 1500 people died during Nicholas II’s coronation

This celebration was to be synonymous with gifts and a free buffet, so many, many people showed up. Obviously, as there were not enough gifts for everyone, crowd movements occurred as well as clashes with the police who were trying to control the situation and in the end nearly 1500 people died that day. -the.

5. All of Henry VIII’s wives were from his family

Henry VIII had six wives, six who did not all have a very funny end, but hey, that’s not quite the point. In the meantime, what is quite surprising is that all six would be from his family and would share with him at least one common ancestor. Two of them were even cousins… Six out of six, we can’t talk too much about coincidence.

6. Genghis Khan made sure no one knew where he was buried

We told you about it in detail with the evidence that Genghis Khan was not a convenient but basically he arranged to have the escort who transported his body to the place of the burial and all the witnesses of the ceremony. It’s rather cruel but hey, he wasn’t that close to being the guy anymore.

7. Richard III’s remains were found in an English car park in 2012

It’s one of the little secrets of the English royal family and it’s not even the most surprising of them. Basically we found bones under a parking lot that we studied for almost two years before being able to certify that yes, it was indeed the body of good old Richard who had probably gotten lost while looking for his car.

8. The Ottoman Sultan Mustafa I was locked up most of his life because he was “simple-minded”

The poor man would have been confined for nearly fifteen years in a part of the palace where the crown princes were isolated to dissuade them from trying to seize power. His already fragile mental health then deteriorated and he was removed from power in favor of his brother. Locked in a cage and left alone for so long, his life was one long confinement.

9. Louis XIV was a good ballet dancer and a dance enthusiast

From an early age, the Sun King was passionate about dance and began to follow its teaching. He danced so well that he has already performed and was even used as a dance understudy for Nathalie Portman in black swan. No, I’m obviously making that up. But he was hot in the dance the bugger, look at those beautiful legs of a little opera rat.

10. Tutankhamun’s parents were probably brother and sister

The famous pharaoh had a very special life as we told you about it with the things you don’t know about him. It is believed that his parents were brother and sister although we do not know the identity of his mother but we know that his father was Akhenaten (the pharaoh, not the antivax). Thanks to DNA tests, scientists were able to confirm that this was most likely the case.

11. Caligula was a total mess with his people but treated his horse like a king

The animal had a 5-star stable with marble workbenches and an ivory feeder, just that. He was treated with the utmost delicacy and ate overpriced and super good stuff, like lobster or horse cat kibble. Besides that Caligula was still famous for treating people in a rather violent way and for behaving like a tyrant, so it’s rather abused, he would have been nice to everyone I’m not saying, but that’s not phew.

12. Julius Caesar bequeathed money to the entire population when he died

In his will, Julius Caesar said he would bequeath an equitable sum to all citizens of Rome upon his death. A very nice little sum that is pleasing, especially since it has also left several gardens and footbridges in the city available to the population, access to which was previously prohibited. Nice gesture.

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