Top 12 Illegal Stuff Only Professionals Are Allowed To Do

It’s 100% human: the more it’s forbidden, the more it makes us want to. Let’s be honest, who has never dreamed of pressing a fire alarm box in college, ringing the village bell when breaking into the church, or being able to drive without being worried about any fines? Let’s be honest, if all this stuff were legal, we wouldn’t give a damn, but illegality tickles you! Well, know that what is forbidden to ordinary mortals, in certain professions, is the daily grind. We are jealous.

2. Miners can set off explosives

The so-called “blaster miner” is in charge of the work of felling by the use of explosives: he is specialized in these blasts, manipulates and triggers the explosions to fragment tons and tons of rock.

3. Paratrooper instructors can swing people from an airplane

Like a plane that flies. A plane that is high in the air. Just writing this, I’m in tachycardia.

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4. The medical profession can administer drugs

Certain professions in the medical profession can give employees the opportunity to prick people with needles, to administer various treatments without their consent, to rub their bodies while they are asleep, and sometimes to give them drugs to relieve some pain. Morphine, codeine, methadone… All those are opiates. Oupsie.

5. Emergency services (firefighters, ambulances, police, etc.) can happily exceed speed limits

They can also run red lights and overtake on the right without receiving any fines. Afterwards, inevitably, the argument of hurrying to save lives is hardly debatable.

6. Teachers can keep minors in a room

At least, during the 55 minutes of their lessons. On the other hand, once the schedule has passed, they can’t force you to stay: that’s one of the things that teachers are not allowed to do!

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7. Penetration testers can hack and compromise networks

In fact, we must speak of a specific branch of computer scientists, whose mission is to test the security of an information system or a computer network. To identify its weaknesses and assess its protection, the computer scientist simply (and legally) tries to hack a site or compromise networks, for public and private organizations. To justify their IT actions, these testers must still be able to present an authorization from the organization/company concerned.

8. Law enforcement can carry a gun, even in town

The police do not have all the rights, but they have the right to walk around with weapons loaded and ready to be used. More than that, and according to article L-315-3 of the Internal Security Code, “a national police official or a soldier of the national gendarmerie (may) carry his weapon out of service (…) when accessing an establishment open to the public”. NICE! Let us remember all the same, and always according to the law, that the use of weapons must only be done in “case of absolute necessity and in a strictly proportionate manner”.

9. The Sovereign of England can drive without a license

And that’s not all ! Among the unusual privileges of English monarchs, the king or queen in office can also travel without a passport and commit all crimes without ever being judged. Fortunately we are not all kings and queens of England, otherwise, HELLO brothel.

10. Anesthesiologists can put people to sleep while we cut them up and rummage through them.

More than that, anesthesiologists MUST put people to sleep, so that we can operate on them in peace. Glam like work.

11. Funeral directors can drive with a corpse in the back of their van

They are not totally the only ones, since it can unfortunately also happen to firefighters, Samu or paramedics. In any case, on paper, it’s still a little bit gory.

12. Lawyers are not obliged to report crimes

Just like people bound to secrecy under the conditions provided for by article 226-13 of the Penal Code, lawyers are the sole judges of their conscience, and are free to denounce or not a crime of which they are aware.