Top 12 hygiene tips everyone should know

Hello the cradosphere! How are you today on the planet of smelly feet and crazy germs? On my side, everything is going well. It’s going so well that I’m in a generous mood, and I want to give you a few little tips that all of us scumbags should know to be a little less disgusting. Do not hesitate on ESPECIALLY NOT to implement them. Quickly, preferably. Kisses (but from afar, huh).

1. Use white vinegar for poorly dried laundry odors

A t-shirt that took too long to dry, a soaked bathing suit or a wet shower towel: it stinks. A sweet mix between mold and stagnant water. Don’t panic, even if these odors are stubborn, you just need to pour 1/4 cup of white vinegar into your machine before washing. It is magic.

2. Putting on deodorant when you start cocooning is useless

Eh yes ! Deodorant isn’t made to camouflage your odors in the middle of the day (and you’d know that if you read our mistakes not to do with deodorant). In reality, it must be applied to your clean armpits, when you get out of the shower. In this way, you make your skin uninhabitable for bacteria, responsible for bad odors.

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3. Properly clean your navel with a cotton swab

This disgusting thing about the human body is infested with germs. Not only do you have to clean it every week, but you also have to do it seriously! In particular, you can dip a cotton swab in alcohol or shower gel, clean, rinse with water, then dry with another stick.

4. Clean and disinfect your jewelry

Pity. I know some people never take their piercings out for convenience, but I swear it sucks. Ditto for bracelets, necklaces or rings. Your jewels are exposed to the outside air, to pollution, to bacteria from the metro, you touch them, put them on dirty surfaces (without always realizing it), they pick up your perspiration,… IN A nutshell. It’s disgusting. Remember to clean and disinfect them regularly.

5. Remember to also clean the frames of your glasses

Cleaning the glasses is essential to see clearly, but that’s not all! Your frames, directly on your skin, are in contact with perspiration, dust, various projections, are placed on surfaces that are not always disinfected… Before sticking this on your little face, remember to disinfect them. Every day.

Top 12 hygiene tips everyone should know

6. Go to the bathroom after sex

I hope I’m not telling you anything here, but just in case: after sex, we’re going to pee straight away! It’s super important! It keeps bacteria from traveling up the urethra and into the bladder and causing infection. There’s nothing worse than a urinary tract infection, really.

7. After touching raw meat, wash your hands immediately

Before too, for that matter. After touching raw meat, bacteria that may be on its surface end up on your hands. If you touch another food afterwards, you transfer these microbes: this is called cross-contamination (and it has nothing to do with crosswords).

8. Use different cutting boards for meat and other foods

Cutting boards (especially wooden ones) are veritable breeding grounds for germs! Even if they are cleaned with all the vigor and good will in the world: certain residues become embedded in the micro-scratches and contaminate them. To avoid the famous cross-contamination as much as possible, it is best not to cut meat and other foods on the same surface. We also think about cleaning them, and changing them regularly!

Top 12 hygiene tips everyone should know

9. For less smelly feet, remember to exfoliate them

BUT WHAT? BUT YES ! If your feet smell like stale fish, it may be because you never exfoliate them. In this way, you let the dead skin ferment with the sweat from your ieps in the shoes. Bon appetit, of course.

10. Disinfect your phone daily

Who uses their phone in the toilet? Who puts it on any bar table or work desk? Who touches it all day? Pass it to someone to show him I don’t know what? Your phone is a nest of germs. I swear if the bacteria were visible to the naked eye, you wouldn’t even dare to touch it with a stick. A little bit of disinfectant here and there will never hurt him!

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11. Rinse your shower/bathtub after use

Soap or shampoo residues, favorable to the development of micro-organisms, do not stagnate on surfaces. In cities where the water is full of limestone (cc Paris), this will also allow you to keep your tiles and walls intact.

12. Close the toilet bowl before flushing

Why ? Water, mixed with urine or feces, causes bacteria to grow in the air. By closing the toilet seat, you ensure that 80% of microbes are retained in the toilet more than in the ambient air of your small home.

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