Top 12 hits that were meant for other artists

Have you ever refused something, then regretted it very much afterwards? Like… Of refusing to have your dad drop you off in front of the college, then hitting a huge rain on your head on the way? Well, know that this kind of small defeats happen to everyone! Even music stars (yes, yes). There are a bunch of artists who have refused songs, before another interprets a planetary hit opposite. Oupsie.


Sung by : Britney Spears, our sister to all.

But originally intended for : Kylie Minogue, not our sister at all.

I don’t know which Britney song you are, but no doubt if my ex did this Quiz, he would come across “Toxic”. Yeah, it clash dry, yeah.

“Golden Years”

Sung and written by : David Bowie.

But initially proposed to :Elvis Presley

Do we regret this collaboration which could have been completely crazy? Maybe.


Sung by : Madonna.

But originally intended for : Michael Jackson, Patti Labelle, Phyllis Hyman, then to Mary Wilson. (Yes, all of that.)

Yeah, Madonna was a fifth choice on this song, which will become her first real hit! We thank “Holiday”, because without this hit, we might have missed Madonna forever. Well, the best holiday song is still “Summer Time” by High School Musical, but hey… “Holiday” isn’t so bad either.

“Baby One More Time”

Sung by : Britney again, still our sister to all.

But originally intended : to R&B group TLC.

Eh hoooop, Bri-bri entered our lives thanks to this sound. Thank you “Baby One More Time”, without you, our life would be less sweet. Less colorful. Less catchy. Less Britney, what. Besides, if Santa Claus could add this pair of socks to his sack…


Sung by : Beyonce. The Queeeeen.

But originally thought for : Faith Hill or Shania Twain.

Except that Queen Bey listened to it, loved it, and absolutely wanted to sing it. It seems that we do not refuse a whim to Beyoncé. How’s the diva?


Sung by : Rihanna, of course!

But originally intended for : BRI-BRI OF LOVE!

Why make a song about umbrellas, when these things are nameless galleys??? I ask you!!!

” Telephone “

Sung by : Lady Gaga and Beyoncé.

But originally intended for : guess… It starts with “Bri” and ends with “tney”. You have it ?

In view of the list of singers and the presupposition, we are ok to say that it is a hit of queen, in any case?

“Niggas in Paris”

Sung by : Jay-Z and Ye West.

But originally intended for : Pusha T, an American rapper.

And the funniest thing is that it was Ye himself who wrote the song, but who didn’t immediately think of offering it to his bestie. Pusha T refused, finding the track too commercial. Result: who knows Pusha T? …. There you go, we agree.

“We Found Love”

Sung by : Rihanna, agaaaain.

But originally intended for : Nicole Scherzinger, former member of the Pussycat Dolls.

Ouch, it must all the same give a lot of hate when you refuse a sound, then it becomes a planetary hit… It’s okay that Nicole still allowed us to wiggle our hips to “Don’t Cha” all night long! La la la la la la hot like me? Don’t chaaaa, your all your your your your all your freak like me? Don’t chaaaaa (yeah, I don’t completely master the lyrics)!


Sung and composed by : Pharrell Williams, the guy who never gets old.

But originally intended for : Cee-Lo Green.

Hey hoooop one more planetary success! But please don’t talk to me about this song anymore. We listened to it too much. I can no longer hear it in painting (well what?).

“Rock Your Body”

Sung by : Justin Timberlake.

But originally intended for : Michael Jackson, just that.

We like Justin (well anyway, compared to Britney), but faced with the king of pop… Well yeah, we understand that he went into second option, what.


Sung by : Christina Aguilera.

But initially : when Linda Perry composes it, she plans to sing it herself. Finally, she has it recorded at Pink!

… But ultimately still, she prefers Aguilera’s version. She therefore thanks Pink, and changes interpreter. Since then, Pink and Perry are not ultra friends (and that’s understandable)!