Top 12 Historical News That Looks Fake, But Is True

Here is a top where you will say to yourself: “But naaaan, it is not true at all” then “Aaaaaaaah well that I did not know! It’s crazy life anyway! »Well, you may not be going to tell you that word for word, but it will be close. In short, make way for historical information that will surely amaze you. At least a little bit.

2. We never built a single bridge over the Amazon River

Sounds like bogus info, but it’s true. Even today we do not bother to build bridges over this river, already because it is very wide and that would be boring, but above all because there are relatively few main roads in the regions that he crosses.

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3. The Nazi regime led the first anti-smoking campaign in history

Hitler smoked for a long time, but he decided to fight tobacco when German doctors linked smoking to lung cancer. He himself was personally disgusted with tobacco, and he wanted his people and troops to be the strongest. Like what even the worst garbage can have good ideas.

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4. Sailors thought cats were magic

They had a lot of superstitions about cats. Some were afraid of them because for them they were a bad omen, but for many they had to be protected at all costs. Cats were useful for hunting rats on ships, and they were sometimes treated better than humans. Apparently, many believed that their tail movements could prevent or even cause storms. They are still strong to be worshiped, cats.

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5. Netflix was created before Google

Netflix dates back to 1997 and Google didn’t arrive until 1998. As you may already know, Netflix started out as a DVD rental service that was mailed to subscribers. It all seems very far today.

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6. The tenth President of the United States, John Tyler, born in 1790, has two living grandchildren

It seems crazy, and yet… He had fifteen children, two of which were very late, after 60 years, and one of them himself had two of his children after his 70 years (in good shape, the grandpa). Today, Lyon Gardiner Jr. and Harrison Tyler are still alive and are 96 and 92 years old, respectively. With 230 years covered by just 3 generations, the genetics of the Tyler family look pretty good.

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7. The Ethiopian calendar is 7 years “behind” our calendar

Don’t ask us to explain in details because it’s a bit complicated, but for centuries and centuries (Amen) Ethiopia has used a different calendar from our Gregorian calendar, whose days are numbered by one. another way, and which does not have the same starting point. As a result, today, they are more than 7 years behind (everything is relative) compared to us. They are currently in 2012 and will pass in 2013 on September 11th. It’s disturbing.

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8. In France, we went directly from December 9, 1582 to December 20, 1582

The days in between never existed with us. This is explained by the passage from the Julian calendar to the Gregorian calendar decided by Pope Gregory XIII and adopted by Henry III, which have a lag of ten days. Some countries like Spain, Italy, Poland and Portugal also did so in 1582 (with a few days delay), but others waited longer before making this passage. The English changed the calendar in 1752, and Russia only in 1918. In the meantime, it must have been a mess.

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9. Thérèse d’Avila died on the night of October 4 to 15, 1582

As you read the previous point, you now understand why this is possible. The Spaniards had made the transition from the Julian calendar to the Gregorian a little before the French, which explains why their “hole” in the calendar is not the same as with us.

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10. The day Michael Jackson burned his hair was right in the middle of his life.

He burned his hair during a Pepsi commercial on January 27, 1984. Knowing that he was born on August 29, 1958 and died on June 25, 2009, this event took place right in between. It won’t change the face of the world, but it’s still fun to know.

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11. Adidas and Puma were founded by two German brothers

In the 1920s, Adolph Dassler and Rudolph Dassler were working for the same shoe factory the former had created. Then they quarreled during the Nazi regime, among other things because they did not have the same point of view on it. As a result, they each founded their own brand. Adolph (aka “Adi”) Dassler founded Adidas, and Rudolph Dassler founded “Ruda”, which later became Puma because it was a bit more selling.

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12. Many Europeans were afraid of tomatoes in the 16th and 17th centuries

Coming from South America, the tomato was already edible at the time, but it had a very bad reputation because several aristocrats had died after eating them. Except that the tomato was not really the cause of their death. In fact, the rich ate from lead plates. However, the very acidic tomato absorbed lead on contact and therefore became dangerous for the body. It took a long time before we realized that the problem was with the dishes and not with the fruit (YES TOMATO IS A FRUIT AND A VEGETABLE IT’S CRAZY HEIN).

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