Top 12 funniest video games to play while having fun

As a “big editorial geek” (words that can be hurtful but I accept them) I decided to make a top that will link two passions that I particularly appreciate: video games and laughter. Because sometimes you can play serious, mature, violent, complicated games, but there can also be a really powerful comic dimension in them. As you will have understood, we are going to talk about some of the funniest video games in history.

1. The Secret of Monkey Island (1990) (tied)

Probably one of the funniest games ever made that we voluntarily put in first place (tied with the next one) for the nostalgic, the real ones. A pure delight as we do more: really funny lines, cult scenes, a gripping story… A point and click high-flying, if not the best game of its kind.

2. Portal 1 and Portal 2 (tied)

Released in 2007 and 2011 respectively, the two games in the best two-part trilogy in video game history are literally hilarious. The machines that assist and interact with the player have lines so stupid that it becomes really funny, like these turrets that shoot at you in order to kill you while offering you with a monotonous voice to become their friend. We showed you the proof that Portal is the best video game in the world, we didn’t lie.

3. South Park: The stick of truth / The fractured butthole

To enjoy these games you must above all be a good fan of South Park, obviously if you don’t like the humor of the series you risk missing out on the game. The hundreds (and hundreds) of references hidden in the two games are small pleasures that we find ourselves discovering, while following a story worthy of a film from the creators of the series. After playing it, the things you didn’t know about South Park will no longer have any mystery for you.

4. The Stanley Parable (2013)

A little gem of independent gaming, this fairly short game (but worth the detour) explodes the codes of video games. You control an office worker who finds himself at his workstation while a voice-over comments on all your actions, all your gamer reflexes and everything you think of doing before you even do it. A really funny and intelligent experience that also has the merit of being original. Like a chocolate chili.

5. Goat Simulator (2014)

We can agree that there is a simulator for just about everything in the world of video games, but when the game “Goat Simulator” arrived, the world was not prepared for it. You control a goat that you can make do anything, including fly through the air on a rocket. A completely offbeat universe that was a huge success for a very small project.

6. Bully (2006)

When the creators of GTA tackle life in a school establishment you can easily imagine that it will become completely stupid. And it was, you play a bully who beats up other students, cheats in class, terrorizes the school and does all the bullshit imaginable. An outlet for an entire traumatized generation at school.

7. Saints Row IV (2013)

Difficult to approach funny games without citing at least one part of the saga Saints Row. Ok, the studio tries to make boxes of it to make the games fun but the fourth one was particularly stupid and anything was possible. The scene in the ship with “What is love” by Haddaway which is launched, remains to this day completely cult.

8. Psychonauts (2005)

Psychonauts (and its sequel Psychonauts 2) created by the author of monkey island take you into a multitude of completely wacky and funny worlds as you dive into the minds of several people to treat their mental disorders (but it’s fun, don’t worry). Everything comes in the form of a good platform game in which we laugh a lot.

9. It Takes Two (2021)

Without being THE funniest game in the world in its dialogues, It takes two manages to hit the bull’s eye with a few lines, notably those of Dr. Hackim. But it is above all the adventure that is funny and constantly continues to renew itself. The game is one of the best co-op games and won the award for best game of the year at the video game “oscars”, if you are still hesitating with that, you are probably the drummer of the Kyo group.

10. Destroy All Humans! (2005)

Controlling an alien in the 1950s who wants to destroy humanity, this is the topo of this game which is clearly cartoonish and to be taken as such. Well I’m not hiding it from you, I’ve never tested the game so I can’t really tell you what it gives but it has good reviews and seems quite funny. To catch up I give you the French translation of the title of the song “Hotel California”, it means “Hotel California”.

11. Jazzpunk (2014)

An investigation and comic puzzle game already on paper it seems super original. But Jazzpunk is much, much more than that. It’s a game that will literally make you laugh from start to finish thanks to stupid gags but also countless tricks hidden in the sets that you can discover (or easily miss). However, if you laugh for no reason two months after completing the game, please consult, this is not normal.

12. Deadpool (2013)

We were a little scared when a game Dead Pool had been announced but in the end the surprise was pretty good (if you didn’t know there was a game, take a look at the stuff you don’t know about Deadpool). The studio had captured the personality of the character well and it was always funny to see the mercenary speak directly to the player to tell him that he was doing shit. Good apart from that the game did not shine by its originality but it was a good test.

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