Top 12 foreign stars who applied for French nationality

France shines in the world since it represents freedom, equality, fraternity while very often allowing itself to give lessons in democracy to other countries and by sending tear gas into the mouths of its nurses. But despite all that, our beautiful country (because it is beautiful, it must be said) also attracts celebrities who applied for French nationality because they loved France so much, some got it and others didn’t, that we invite you to see right away.

1. Cristina Cordula

She speaks French better than your grandmother who has trouble articulating and she has a natural class that your other grandmother does not have. The Brazilian shopping queen Cristina Cordula obtained her French nationality in 2018, if it were up to me, we also gave her the Legion of Honor.

2. Gims

From his real name Gandhi Djuna, the singer from the Democratic Republic of Congo applied twice for French nationality which was refused both times. Why ? Because he is accused of being married to two women, which the singer denied by saying that the nationality had been refused to him because of a crime committed when he was a teenager.

3. Virginie Efira

Yeah, did you think she was French or what? She is Belgian, but in 2016 she applied for and obtained French nationality because it looks classy on her swimming pool card. Personally I find the Belgian nationality much cooler since Belgium is the best country in the world.

4.Romy Schneider

With a name like that you probably guessed it: she was from Argentina, like a lot of Schneiders after 1945. No I’m kidding, she was obviously German and got French nationality and also married Alain Delon, a guy who has a very French name and who likes to talk about him in the third person singular.

5. Romain Gary

Born in Lithuania, Roman Kacew (that’s his real name) obtained French nationality as a teenager before going to fight for France and becoming the only writer to have won the Prix Goncourt twice because he took a pseudonym. Not stupid the guy.

6. Marco Verratti

After ten years at PSG, the famous football player feels “very French” and is increasingly considering applying for French nationality. We obviously want her to be accepted. Or not. Frankly I don’t know I don’t watch football at all, choose the option you prefer according to your favorite club.

7. Albert Uderzo

The designer of Asterix and Obelix was indeed born in France in Fismes (not far from the new macdo on the road to Soissons if you know) but did not have French nationality since his parents were foreigners. He obtained it at the age of seven, before becoming one of the most famous artists of French comics.

8. Eunice Barber

Before being crowned twice world champion in athletics under the tricolor flag, Eunice Barber did not have French nationality but that of Sierra Leone until 1999. She also trained in Reims, a city which saw the birth of the author of this top, one more suffering to add to it than that of the passage of the Germans during the 2nd World War (yeah we talk a bit of history too).

9. Marie Curie

Yes, because people always say she’s French, but it wasn’t until her marriage to Pierre Curie that she obtained nationality, because basically she was mainly Polish and born in Warsaw. A great lady, whatever her country.

10. Carla Bruni

At the beginning she is Italian and comes from the side of Naples, even if she grew up in France. It was on the occasion of her marriage to the former president indicted Nicolas Sarkozy in 2008 that she obtained her French nationality. A nice bullshit.

11. Carlos Ghosn

First Brazilian then Lebanese, Carlos Ghosn obtained French nationality in the 90s when he was still respected in the business world, or at least before his shenanigans became public. Afterwards there was the story of financial scandals and this kind of files which hurt credibility and public opinion a little.

12. Manuel Valls

And there you say to yourself quite naturally “we may have done something stupid”, and you are right. Spanish by birth, Manuel Valls became French in 1982, then he applied for Belgian, German, Romanian nationality and that of almost every country where he could scratch a parliamentary post. Without success.

Top 12 foreign stars who applied for French nationality
Photo credits (CC BY-SA 3.0): Kommunikation BMW Stiftung Photographer: Lorenz Böck

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