Top 12 footballers who speak the most languages, athletes and polyglots

“Gneu gneu”, footballers are just big idiots who run behind a ball. Big morons who are at least bilingual and who for some master up to 8 languages. Can you remind me of your baccalaureate grade in English? and in Spanish? Or in German? Yeah that’s what I was thinking, you can barely say “combine harvester” in English (very useful word though).

1. Lukaku, everyone’s boss, he speaks 8 languages

Lukaku is the footballer who speaks the most languages ​​that I found for this top (if you know another one, drop the name), the guy simply speaks 8 languages. Originally from Congo, he speaks Lingala (a language he spoke with his colleague Bolasie to destabilize other Premier League players). The Belgian then speaks French, German, English, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch and Flemish. He wanted to learn all these languages ​​to be understood by all of his teammates, what a big heart I have tears in my eye.

2. Mkhitaryan speaks 7 languages, that’s a lot

Henrikh Mkhitaryan is of Armenian origin, so he speaks Armenian, but he also speaks Russian, Ukrainian, German, French, English and Italian.

He speaks French because he grew up in France, and he went through Ukrainian, German, English and Italian clubs, it helps to move clubs almost every two years after all.

3. Miralem Pjanic: 6 languages

It gets boring… in short, know that Pjanic speaks 6 languages: English, German, Italian, French and Luxembourgish (yes, that exists).

4. Zlatan speaks 5 languages

One more reason to show off, but it must be said that it’s quite impressive. Half Bosnian and Swedish, that already makes him two difficult languages ​​to master. We add to that the Italian because he played for a long time in several clubs in Italy (Inter, AC Milan, Juve), the Spanish for his time at Barça, and of course the English because he also played at Manchester United. Too bad he never really mastered French despite his years at PSG, but it’s known that Molière’s language is a headache and is complicated to master with all its stupid rules (yes I denounce).

5. Maxwell, 5 languages ​​too

Of Brazilian origin, Maxwell actually speaks Portuguese, so far nothing crazy. But he also speaks French for his time at PSG, Dutch thanks to Ajax Amsterdam, Spanish for Barça and finally English, because everyone speaks English. Not bad.

6. Modric, is also part of the club of 5

In addition to being one of the best European strikers and having won the 2018 Ballon d’Or, Luka Modric speaks 5 languages ​​(How are Modric’s ankles okay??). He speaks Croatian, Spanish, English and Bosnian, in fact he has played in clubs of each of his nationalities. And mwa ki has already struggled to speak French…

7. Mateo Kovacic: 5 languages

Of Croatian origin, Kovacic also speaks German, English, Italian and Spanish. Passed by the biggest European clubs (Real, Inter, Chelsea…) the little Kovacic took the seed and learned all the languages ​​of the clubs he passed through, a good student all in all (or a big suck ass, I don’t know).

8. Radja Nainggolan, 5 languages ​​(like everyone else)

As you will have understood, 5 languages ​​is almost the new standard. With less than 4/3 languages, you are almost considered illiterate in the world of professional football. The Belgian therefore speaks Dutch, French, German and Italian. One of the only advantages when you’re Belgian is to speak lots of languages ​​(at the same time they have no language for them dummies).

9. Cristiano Ronaldo, the great CR7

Considered the best striker in history by many, CR7 is also a polyglot, even if compared to the other players in this top, he is not the first (you can’t be first everywhere Cricri). He thus masters Portuguese (logical), Spanish (also logical), English (always logical) and Italian (logical too, but he had impressed everyone by giving a speech in Italian in series A in 2019 , at that time he had been in Italy for only 1 year).

10. Pogba speaks 4 languages

“The French are big shits in foreign languages”, this statement is true, except for Paul Pogba. Our good Paul speaks in addition to French, English, Italian and Spanish. Why the Spaniard when he has never played in Spain? Pogba’s wife is Bolivian, this explains that.

11. And don’t forget coaches like Jose Mourinho…

Mourinho himself played for a few years before becoming the legendary coach he is today. And to train it is almost more important to master several languages, the goal being to make the players understand their game strategies. Mourinho therefore speaks 5 languages: Portuguese, English, Spanish, Italian and French.

12. …or Carlo Ancelotti

Like his colleague Mourinho, Ancelotti quickly learns languages ​​when he changes clubs. He mastered French very quickly (which is not the case for everyone, hello Zlatan, hello Neymar). He also speaks Italian, Spanish, English and German thanks to the clubs he has trained in his career, take the seed of all those who go on Erasmus supposedly to learn a language and who come back having learned to say “hello”, “bar” and “beer” (we see you).

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