Top 12 fates of forgotten stars of the 2000s (those we didn’t know were…

The 2000s were a very prosperous period for the planet: we saw the birth of Topito, we witnessed the rise of tecktonik and we wore ballerina flats of our own free will. We have also known incredible stars who have unfairly lost their magnificence over the years. So in memory of these beautiful moments spent with them, this is what became of our early idols, those we wanted to marry at all costs (at least me: I had a lot of matrimonial projects at the time) .

1. Be Wiz’U

But siiiii, remember, those who sang “TEXTO, texting generation, we love each other and we say it on MSN”. These three jokers have clearly shaped our musical tastes. Étienne Mayer continued in music under the name of Ovthex and released his first clip ” On the string “ in May 2022. Dévi Tuil, after participating in season 4 of The Voice, launched his lifestyle and fitness Youtube channel. At the same time, she works in communication and has also launched her brand of eco-friendly water bottles and her line of clothes. As for Lisa Sanbay, she has completely disappeared from circulation. Sorry…

2. Larusso

The singer of You will forget me (come on, don’t be like, we saw you sing it by heart at karaoke), released his third album in 2010 and flopped. Since then, she has released a few singles but she has mainly participated in national tours stars 80 and Born in 90. She would be, askip, in preparation for a fourth album (but we’re not really sure of the idea). Her career took a mini-uplift when she won the show Mask Singer in 2020 under the penguin costume (it’s up to you to determine if this info is true).

3. Ilonna Mitrecey

A BIRD, A CHILD, A GOAT! Just that was hoarse on the single A perfect world when we were 10 years old. After the cardboard of his two albums, the small Ilona had announced to end his career in 2007 to continue his studies. But, big surprise: in 2021, Ilona returns with a new title magic world. Except it’s not her singing. Some members of his former team have indeed bought the rights to reuse Ilona but without Ilona. The real singer turned to film studies and is passionate about the animal world according to her stepfather, Rachid Arhab. Hence the goat.

4. Baby Lilly

Baby Lilly being a virtual singer, she has no destiny except that of having sunk into oblivion since 2012. But I never forgot the song The jungle of animals… Damn, the hairs.

5. Christopher des Ch’tis

Motivated from head to toe, that’s what comes to mind when we think back to the wonderful Christopher, our favorite old-school Ch’ti. The Marseillais have nothing to envy him. Disappeared since Les Ch’tis in Hollywood in 2014, Christopher has been very silent, to our greatest regret. He has built his little family life in the North with his companion Fauve for 7 years. But a chance for the French, Christopher made his big comeback on TV alongside Marine El Himer in The Apprentice Adventurers. And we still love him so much.

6. Koxie

If you don’t scream “Beware of idiots, beware of idiots who lose their cedilla” every evening with friends, I wonder what you are still doing on this top. Still, Koxie, after releasing her interplanetary tube Boy in 2007, made two albums, the last in 2012, which were not a great success. After a successful career as a radio host in the Virgin Tonic and Manu’s 6-9 on NRJ, Koxie has been a communication coach for four years (no, it’s not a joke) and hosts the podcast At table.


Our favorite charos group clearly didn’t have the career they deserved. After two high-end albums, the group stopped to devote themselves to personal projects and each made its merry way in the music, between production and new groups. But but but, and this is where it gets interesting, PZK took over the microphone in 2021 and announced that they were preparing a new album. After its appearance at the Delta festival in Marseille, the group released an 11-track mixtape that the girls love (lol, did you get the joke?). And since June 2022, PZK has launched a new concept called Boomtchak music (I haven’t understood everything yet, but it looks interesting).

8. Priscilla

Now that you’ve tested, hated and looked at your crushes, would you like to know what happened to Priscilla? Well I’ll tell you right now: after releasing 5 albums and performing on the show Sing!Priscilla retired from TV shows and generally also from the media scene from 2011. She made a small comeback in 2014 by playing the main role in the musical flash dance before participating in season 6 of Dance with the starsthen The Island: Celebrities in 2018. Today, she regularly works at the Barrière Le Ruhl casino in Nice.

9. Leslie

If she hasn’t released an album since 2013 (and that’s a shame, I would like something other than Sobri waking up in the morning), Leslie stayed in the music. She works today with young artists and continues to compose songs on her side. At last news, she was artistic director for Dj Kore’s Awa Gang label. The singer was also set to release an album in 2017, but it looks like we’ll have to wait a while longer.

10. Jena Lee

We too often forget that Jena Lee was quite a star in the 2000s and that she still did a feat with Orelsan (yes, yes, I’m not lying…). But our world wasn’t ready for emo pop, unfortunately. After putting her career on hiatus between 2011 and 2016 to create the group Dirty Diairy with a friend, Jena Lee regularly composed and wrote for a whole host of artists. At the end of 2019, she announced that a new album was in the works and posted on her TikTok account an upgraded version of U.S. Boy (listen to on repeat while brushing your teeth).

11. Tom Frager

We didn’t know it, but since Lady Melody, Tom Frager has released four albums and has done a lot of concerts, especially in the south of France where he is often on tour. He has also worked with quite a few French artists like Ben Mazué. And true to himself, he also opened a surf school in Tamraght near Agadir in Morocco. A good program then.

12. Colonel Reyel

The one who prevented ten generations from being called Aurélie continued to try to break into music after his second album in 2012. He thus released a single in 2016 and a new album in 2020 (but which did not have as much of swag that Every night or The one). Besides that, Colonel Reyel was a supervisor at Jean Campin College in La Ferté Gauche, in Seine-et-Marne, in 2020 and 2021. Listen, we do as we can huh.

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