Top 12 fads that have gone on way too long

Until then, the world was regulated like a metronome: fashions changed every 5 to 10 years and, when we saw the photos of a period exceeding this time, we were ashamed. By a clever mix of vintage culture and access, via YouTube, to all the archives of the world, we have come to recycle all the looks of the past without inventing anything and mixing them to create a kind of look that no longer moves. . Take pictures of you ten years ago, you’ll have exactly the same face, the same glasses, the same beard, the same skinny jeans… It has to stop.

1. Converse

Well, it dates back to 1908 and it got a hype comeback in 2003. So cool people who work in advertising have been wearing Converse for years and maybe it’s time for that to stop, wouldn’t it- what to depollute my mental universe.

2. Vanessa Bruno bags

150 bucks for a bag of shit with sequins and it’s been going on since the early 2000s. Maybe it’s time to say that the exposed straps, no, it’s not particularly elegant or essential.

Top 12 fads that have gone on way too long

3. The Doc Martens

When I was little, my sisters had Doc Martens. Today, guys who listen to 80s rock wear Doc Martens. Problem: half the world listens to 80s rock. Punk is dead, that’s proof enough. The Doc Martens resist.

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Photo credits (CC BY-SA 3.0): No machine-readable author provided. Tarquin~commonswiki assumed (based on copyright claims).

4. The Stan Smiths

This thing has been in fashion since 1965. Invariable, always the same. Since 1965. With a terrible return of hype for 10 years. Could someone please wear something else?

adidas STAN SMITH (ABC-Mart Ver.)

5. T-shirts with messages

Somewhere in 1999, a guy started wearing t-shirts with valves on them. Then everyone else did the same thing to show that they too were super ironic and had too offbeat an outlook on life. A look too offbeat made in China by communicators from hell. Let’s stop.

National Sarcasm Society

6. The side parting

Since 1900, we wear the parting. You will say to me: how could we do otherwise exactly and I will answer you that it is not completely false, but we must nevertheless find a solution in order to stop this thing which makes no sense and which in addition pit the hair against each other by creating clans.

7. Sailors

It’s nice this atmosphere of spray, but assuming that you’ve never seen a boat in your life and that you puke even when you take the ferry, it would be nice to put back this marinière and the Saint James sweater associated with so that we can once again differentiate the Bretons from the rest of the world. Thanks.

8. Calvin Klein briefs

Nothing crazier than Calvin Klein boxer shorts sticking out of jeans, but guys keep wearing them thinking it makes them look like the guy in the photo with the muscles when in fact it makes them look like a lambda guy with overpriced Calvin Klein boxer shorts.

A bat likes my underwear

9. Baseball caps

Nobody watches baseball. You don’t even lose your hair. So why, exactly, are you wearing a cap? To give you a gender? To look like a guy who could have starred in a movie from the late 80s? To protect you from the sun? Why ?

1663266229 644 Top 12 fads that have gone on way too long
Photo credits (CC BY 2.0): Eric Molina from New York City, United States

10. Scaled glasses

They are chosen with scales to go well with the beard they overcome. It’s like that, it’s pretty, it’s chic and it’s 60s. Now that everyone has seen and understood it, we could perhaps diversify the models of glasses when they have all been the same for 20 years now.

Top 12 fads that have gone on way too long

11. Beard

No, actually having a beard has been fashionable since I was 15 and I’m 30. It’s not normal. The mustache didn’t last 10 years and Hitler’s even less. It is time to act so that we become recognizable again by extraterrestrials if they ever come to meet us.

1663266232 698 Top 12 fads that have gone on way too long

12. Slims

20 years of slim is 20 years too many. Especially since the skinny turn. Save a tree, wear straight pants.

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