Top 12 essential things to know that far too many people ignore

“Something obvious” does not mean “something known to everyone”, otherwise we would not have so many accidental pregnancies or car accident reports because someone did not turn on their indicator . Recently on Reddit, users wondered what essential knowledge was that too many people didn’t know and there were some good examples that we invite you to discover right away.

1. First aid gestures

If we have all seen first aid gestures in college or during our call day, for some it is starting to date a little. Yet it’s more than important to know how (and especially when) to do heart massage, mouth to mouth, take someone’s pulse and all those things that can save lives.

2. Never throw water on a grease fire

If ever a fire breaks out in your kitchen, you have to be super careful and react very quickly, but not all fires need to be extinguished in the same way, such as a fat pan or fryer fire, for example. It is better to cover the pan with a metal lid, use a fire extinguisher or call the fire department, but above all no water.

3. How to help someone who is drowning

Believe it or not jumping into the water to save someone who is drowning is not always the ideal solution, you could also drown in the face of the panic of the person who would prevent you from swimming properly. If the situation allows it, it is better to extend a pole to the person or throw a floating object at him and only intervene in the event of a total lack of other alternative. And above all, alert the emergency services, always alert the emergency services.

4. The Heimlich maneuver

For those who don’t know the name, it’s the maneuver you do to prevent someone from choking. Except that you must not do anything like movement, nor do it at any time (for example if the person can speak or even breathe, you must not attempt the maneuver).

5. How to act in an emergency

Which number to contact depending on the emergency, should you move or stay in your place, act yourself or wait for help? Do you know the number of the SAMU, the fire brigade, the police? For example, if you see a branch on the road after a storm, do you know who to warn? Neither do I.

6. The distance it takes a semi-trailer to brake

Few people seem to know the distance and the braking time it takes for a semi-trailer traveling at 90 km/h, otherwise there wouldn’t be so many drivers who fuck right in front of them while quietly waiting for their death in the event of violent braking.

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7. How to enter a traffic lane

We passed the same driver’s license, we learned the same lessons of the highway code: so why still too many people insert themselves much too quickly or leave a traffic lane without warning? Bullet holes from unconscious drivers like you.

8. Do not approach / piss off wild animals

If you come across a wild animal in the middle of nature, assume that it absolutely does not want to appear in a photo on your Instagram feed, it generally does not care. Also you don’t know how an animal might react since it’s probably scared of you, so leave the wildlife alone.

Top 12 essential things to know that far too many

9. Where is his water/electricity meter?

Because it’s rarely used, some people simply don’t know where the water and electricity meters are in their homes. Well, it’s more a problem of people who live in big houses but in this top we don’t stigmatize people.

10. Maintain your devices (or your car)

It may seem obvious, but then again people often fail to update their computers, listen for signs that an appliance is starting to show signs of failing, or do basic repair actions. maintenance of their car (tire pressure, oil levels, etc.) and then they complain that it doesn’t work anymore.

Top 12 essential things to know that far too many

11. Swim

Swimming lessons should not only be free but also compulsory, because it’s still a basic survival trick, like knowing how to make a fire or playing belote. Incomprehensible that everyone does not have the right to learn it for free from an early age.

12. Basic medicine and health stuff

Like the fact that antibiotics have no effect on viruses, that it is necessary to DISINFECT A WOUND, that the dosage of drugs is not anecdotal or that it is generally not recommended to self-medicate. Or that if you’re bleeding from your throat, it’s not enough to drink honey tea.

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