Top 12 details you didn’t notice in Thor 4, it wasn’t just the ball of…

Hello my Nordic gods, this weekend I went to see Thor: Love and Thunder with 2D glasses to clearly see all the little details hidden in the film and I spotted a few of them. While people were too busy watching Chris Hemsworth in the scene where he is completely naked (I admit I looked a little too) I managed to capture little secrets everywhere that I suggest you see everything after. So grab your hammer, put on your finest red cape costume, and watch out for lightning.

1. Thor’s goats that are really part of his story

If in the film the goats that pull Thor’s boat utter horrible cries that make the whole room laugh, they are not at all there by chance. In the Poetic Edda (a sort of bible of Viking legends) Tanngrisnir and Tanngnjóstr are two goats that Thor finds during a journey. They have the particularity of being able to resurrect as long as their bones are not broken, so Thor eats them several times during his adventures and they regenerate like Wolverine, but hairier (it’s possible). Like what, we don’t just see bullshit about mythology in the cinema.

2. Thor’s cap during training

At the very beginning of the film we see this brave Thor training to lose weight and wearing a nice cap with the writing “The strongest avengers”. Except that it’s not a real cap, it’s handwritten by the character himself and below we can see the names “Iron Man”, “Ant-Man” or even “Hulk” that he has covered like a kid.

Top 12 details you didnt notice in Thor 4 it
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3. The town of Tonsberg, a real Viking museum village

In the film we see that the Asgardians live in the village of Tonsberg, a sort of “Little Asgard” which serves as a museum. But in reality Tonsberg is one of the oldest towns in Norway whose town center and harbor are open-air museums about the Viking era.

4. Cast kids everywhere

Working with the family is cool (no), that’s probably why most of the stars of the film brought their kids to the set: one of Chris Hemsworth’s sons plays Thor as a child in the scene where he short, the children of Taika Waititi, Christian Bale and Nathalie Portman play Asgardians and another girl from Hemsworth simply plays Gorr’s daughter who has a slightly larger role.

1658783628 247 Top 12 details you didnt notice in Thor 4 it
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5. The tattoo for the brother

You know that the Loki from the movies is dead (there is also the Loki from the series but that’s clearly another story) and when we see the famous scene of Thor naked, you were probably too busy looking at the actor’s muscular ball while it was on his back that he had to concentrate. We see a tattoo that represents Loki’s helmet as well as the words “RIP Loki”. Touching.

6. The Yggdrasil t-shirt

Thor being a viking it is rather logical that we find a lot of references to mythology in the film. When he wears his beautiful tank top, we can therefore see the world tree (Yggdrasil) which supports the nine kingdoms in Norse mythology. Of course you were looking at his arms so you missed everything again.

1658783629 716 Top 12 details you didnt notice in Thor 4 it
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7. The last time Thor and Jane saw each other

When Jane and Thor meet for the first time in years, they talk but can’t agree on the date of their last meeting. Several years separate the two estimates and people laugh because Thor counted the days and hours, but in reality this difference in duration comes from the fact that Jane disappeared during the “blip” which disintegrated half of humanity and explains (a little awkwardly) his absence from the third film.

8. The Titan’s Retreat

For those with a keen eye and a fresh memory, the introductory scene where we see Thor planting his ax in the ground and watching the sunset is a big nod to the scene of avengers infinity war where we see Thanos who finishes gardening quietly in his small garden by planting his shovel before watching the sunset with a melancholy and nevertheless peaceful air, a symbol of a job well done and good intestinal transit.

Top 12 details you didnt notice in Thor 4 it
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9. Uatu’s Presence

If you watched the series What if? on Disney + you necessarily know Uatu, it is the narrator who tells the stories in an alternative version of the Marvel universe. Well a statue of this little guy can be seen when Gorr finally arrives in the Eternity Palace. We also see the members of the Living Tribunal, the beings who rule the multiverse and eat five fruits and vegetables a day, the secret of their longevity.

10. Gods Everywhere

During the scene at Omnipotent City you can see a shitload of gods and deities. If some are jokes like the god of baos which is a nod to a Disney short film, we can also see some which refer to Black Panther (the panther god), to Moon Knight (the god Ra) and generally full of different religions. But it’s also an opportunity to introduce Hercules into the MCU, which has a particularly important role in the comics, and potentially to make a connection with the very good series. Moon Knight.

1658783631 138 Top 12 details you didnt notice in Thor 4 it
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11. The Necrosword, more than just a sword

In the film Gorr finds a super strong sword which allows among other things to kill Gods and which speaks to him. There like that it’s already nice as an object, but in the comics the sword has a very particular origin. This is the very first symbiote born from the God Knull. It doesn’t necessarily speak to you, I know, but to put it simply, another symbiote of the same kind exists and it is none other than Venom, and you know him.

12. Thor’s Awkward Handshake

When Thor says goodbye to Peter Quill aka StarLord at the very beginning of the film, he gives him a particularly long handshake that seems totally improvised. Then he ends with the “Asgard Special” by making the snake with his hand which stabs the hand of the other. Does it remind you of anything? This is the anecdote that Thor tells in “Ragnarok” when he explains how Loki turned into a snake to trap and stab him. Yeah, Loki is missing a lot a lot in the movie.

1658783631 628 Top 12 details you didnt notice in Thor 4 it
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