Top 12 details you didn’t notice in Euphoria (season 2), watch out for…

That’s it, season 2 of Euphoria is over and we don’t know how we’re going to wait for the sequel without freaking out. This second season has brought its share of revelations but also new questions, some of which remain unanswered. To try to answer it (or to wonder even more), we found lots of hidden details that you may not have seen in these 8 episodes, each more exceptional than the other.

1. Cal and Marsha Jacobs welcomed their third child

We had seen the Jacobs’ family photo on Cal’s wallpaper in Season 1, but at the time, we didn’t know Nate’s family very well. In season 2, we see the photo hanging on the wall and a question remains unanswered: who is the third little boy? This must mean that Cal and Marsha had their third child after Nate and that something happened to him. Is he dead or just gone? Some fans think he had an accident and that Nate and his temper tantrums had something to do with it.

Top 12 details you didn't notice in euphoria (season 2), watch out for...
Picture credits: Euphoria – HBO

2. There’s a camera in Samantha’s alarm clock

Not everyone has noticed but Samantha, Theo’s mother, is spying on Maddy with a hidden camera in a clock radio. A shot on the alarm clock shows a camera filming the room and Maddy walks by in Samantha’s purple dress. In episode 7, Maddy receives a gift package with this dress in it, proof that Samantha watched the tapes. Small wink: Maddy has a sign “Smile, you’re on camera” in her room without knowing that she herself was filmed without her knowledge.

Top 12 details you didn't notice in euphoria (season 2), watch out for...
Picture credits: Euphoria – HBO

3. We don’t really know what happened when Rue was at Laurie’s house.

Episode 5, where we follow Rue’s descent into hell, is one of the hardest of the second season. When the teenager arrives at Laurie’s, we immediately understand that the rest is going to go wrong. When he wakes up, Rue appears to have several syringe marks and it is unclear how much time has passed. Scarier still, Rue notices a locked room with a padlock from which a muffled sound escapes. It’s possible Rue wasn’t the only young girl Laurie tried to kidnap to make her a sex slave…

Top 12 details you didn't notice in euphoria (season 2), watch out for...
Picture credits: Euphoria – HBO

4. Tom Holland was in the audience for Lexi’s play

Tom Holland and Zendaya have been the star couple of recent months. They are young and beautiful, they are nice and both very talented so inevitably, we are conquered. Several media asked Tom Holland if he wanted to appear in the series and he replied “I would love to guest star or just be an extra. But maybe I already am and you just don’t know. During Lexi’s play, Tom Holland was actually spotted by fans in the stands of the performance hall.

5. When Rue and Jules play movie characters, Rue always plays a character who dies at the end

Everyone agrees that the beginning of episode 4 is a masterpiece. In Rue’s imagination, she and Jules reenact cult scenes from tragic love movies and almost every time, Rue plays the role of a character who dies at the end. We find in particular titanic, Ghost or The Secret of Brokeback Mountain. Is this a message to mean that Rue will not survive the end of the series?

6. Cassie and Maddy’s makeup says a lot about their characters

Euphoria is a very well thought out series and nothing is left to chance, not even the makeup. Doniella Davy, the make-up artist, prepares sketches for each character and decides on their make-up according to their personality. For Cassie, it’s more of a party makeup with rhinestones and glitter. It makes her look innocent and cute and that’s exactly what Cassie wants to show off.

On the contrary, Maddy has a darker make-up with a thin and sharp eyeliner reminiscent of a knife blade. We see that she is sure of herself and that she refuses to be pushed around.

Top 12 details you didn't notice in euphoria (season 2), watch out for...
Picture credits: Euphoria – HBO

7. In episode 4, Rue is no longer the narrator

In season 1 of Euphoria, Rue is always the narrator at the beginning of the episode and even during it. This is also the case in several episodes of season 2 but in episode 4, we no longer hear it. Zendaya and Sam Levinson, the showrunner, explained that Rue was an “unreliable narrator”. This means that her credibility is compromised and that she does not necessarily tell the facts objectively. It is possible that Rue’s flawed narration is a metaphor to show that she is no longer able to tell the story.

8. Nate’s shot in the mirror is a reference to a Magritte painting

Euphoria is a series that loves to slip references to films or paintings into the plans or the script. In episode 7, Nate looks in the mirror but he appears from behind, as in Reproduction prohibited by Magritte. This painting can be interpreted as the difficulty of facing one’s reflection, of seeing oneself as one is. It also means that we all have a hidden side that we never show.

9. Cassie’s behavior in episode 7 hides several movie references

In the penultimate episode, Cassie’s behavior suggests a nod to the film Carrie at the Devil’s Ball. In the film, Carrie had a difficult childhood and is humiliated in front of the entire high school in the performance hall, so she decides to get revenge.

When Cassie walks out of the room and looks at herself in the bathroom mirror, some saw a reference to the movie Joker : Arthur also trains himself to smile when he doesn’t feel like it at all.

At the very end of the episode, Cassie’s face appears behind the door window and her angry breath creates mist on the glass; a bit like the raptor of Jurassic Park who wants to attack the children in the kitchen.

10. Something happened to Nate when he was 7 or 8 years old.

In episode 7 of season 2, Nate and his mother are talking in the kitchen. Marsha tells her son that he used to be a lovely kid, but around age 7 or 8, something changed about him. We all thought it was because of the discovery of his father’s DVDs but it is well specified in season 1 that Nate only finds these videos at 11 years old and he repeats it in the last episode of season 2 when he talks to his father in the warehouse. Does that mean that something else happened to this boy in his childhood? Does this have anything to do with the third child in the family that we never saw?

Top 12 details you didn't notice in euphoria (season 2), watch out for...
Picture credits: Euphoria – HBO

11. We know why Lexi dressed up as Bob Ross at the Halloween party.

When they were younger, Lexi often hung out with Rue at Fezco. One day, she fell asleep on the couch after smoking and Rue styled her a beard. Fezco says that with those squiggles on her face, she looks like Bob Ross and many years later, that’s the disguise Lexi chooses for Halloween. Hard to think it’s a coincidence.

Top 12 details you didn't notice in euphoria (season 2), watch out for...
Picture credits: Euphoria – HBO

12. The story of Fezco and Ashtray begins and ends in this hallway

Ash and Fez lived together in the grandmother’s house for many years and when Ashtray was still a baby, the two boys met in this famous hallway. Ten years later, it’s where Fez first said “‘Sup” to his little brother that he must watch him die. The next scene shows Rue at his father’s funeral and we hear him say, “I was in the hallway when you died.” Little tear though.

This is the moment when we can cry because Euphoria is over. No more weekly appointments, no more spoilers and no more unbearable waiting from Monday to Monday. Season 3 is scheduled for 2024 and, of course, we will find plenty of other excellent series to recommend to you by then.

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