Top 12 Deleted Scenes in Disney Films

You probably love Disney movies, everyone loves Disney movies, at least one, don’t be like. If you think that these films no longer have any secrets for you because you belong to this category of people who sing certain iconic songs when they are in the evening, then you risk quickly becoming disillusioned, because we are going to talk today scenes deleted during editing, a bit like we did when we told you about the things we almost saw in Disney films.

1. Peter Pan is not neat

Basically, we are talking about a young man who refuses to grow up and takes children in his delirium, stealing them from their parents and bringing them to life in a strange world. If in the novel Peter Pan is much darker than in the film, we had to delete a scene at the beginning of the film to show that he was nice. In this one we saw Peter with a knife in his hand telling the lost children that he was going out to find them a “mommy” to read them stories. Very creepy.

2. The car graveyard in “Cars”

You probably wouldn’t have liked to see a freaking scene in Cars and yet there was one planned. In this one we saw Lightning McQueen lost in a forest haunted by dozens of dead car bodies. It’s like having a human character walking in the middle of a forest full of bodies and because of that the studio decided to remove this scene. This one and the one where Mater drains, very disgusting.

3. The creepy meal in “Pinocchio”

We can all agree that Geppetto, the puppeteer who created Pinocchio, seems quite likeable and kind. It is to keep this image that the creators of the cartoon finally decided to delete a scene in which he had to find himself bursting into the slab in the belly of the whale with his cat and his goldfish. We then saw him approaching the fish with the cat, his eyes full of appetite, which would have traumatized many kids. At the same time the book was creepy at the base.

4. The appearance of the Beatles in “The Jungle Book”

Do you see the scene where Mowgli meets four vultures who sing to him in English the song “That’s what friends are for”? Well, there’s a completely alternative version that was recorded by the Beatles called “We’re your friends”. The scene had been animated and recorded but in the end Lennon refused at the very last moment to let it be edited, so we re-recorded another music and redid the animation. These stars and their quirks…

5. Almost an hour of Robin Williams improvisation in “Aladdin”

In the original version of Aladdin, actor and comic Robin Williams doubled the voice of the genie. The team wanted him for the part so badly that when he accepted they let him improvise most of his lines before animating them and selecting the ones that went best in the film. Which means that there are almost an hour of funny lines recorded and animated cut during the editing, we call that a treasure.

6. Scar’s really badass line in “The Lion King”

Scar’s character is quite unlikable, like really unattractive. But if the studio had left an extra scene, it could have become even more horrible. In this one he cornered Nala before telling her, “You know you have no choice. I always get what I want. Yeah, that leaves little room for doubt and it’s a little too traumatic for a Disney. You know, for the construction of children, all that, it’s not enough to make a remake of Irreversible in Disney.

7. The “evil Woody” scene in “Toy Story”

In the BEST Disney movie (you can say what you want, it is), Woody’s character really had to be a pretty bastard to begin with. In the first animated test we saw him simply pushing Buzz out of the window to go to Pizza Planet in his place, but on top of that he turned to his friends who had seen him and yelled at them, insulting them. Shocking.

8. Mufasa’s song in “The Lion King”

Before Simba’s famous “I would like to be king” already, the character of Mufasa had to have its moment of glory. Finally another moment of glory when he falls into the ravine before being used as a treadmill by a horde of animals. This song had been written, composed and we had even started the animation but finally it was withdrawn, a priori because of the actor who dubbed and was not a fan of the scene.

9. The yucky zombie in “Taram and the Magic Cauldron”

You could almost say that Taram and the Magic Cauldron is a film disowned by Disney, its production had already been somewhat chaotic. Several scenes were considered too dark for young spectators and this is the case of the one where we saw a guard being bitten then his skin melting before he gets up in the form of a disgusting zombie. Needless to say that with this scene the children’s film went directly into the category “prohibited at least twelve years old”, which was not the basic project.

10. The kitchen scene between Rémy and Linguini in “Ratatouille”

If we finally have a scene where we see Rémy and Linguini cooking together because the rat pulls the hair of the cook to direct him, the very first version of the scene had to be a bit different. Nothing shocking don’t worry, in this one the rat just had to be in a drawer and taste the dishes as they were. It doesn’t look like much but it was actually the basic idea of ​​the movie and the team stuck to it for a long time before they found the hair thing (which is better).

11. The scene where Scar burns in “The Lion King”

Another scene that was cut and then modified in The Lion King and this one is really important since it’s the final fight. Basically Scar had to beat Simba and then tell it to himself in front of the other animals, so proud to have won that in the end he didn’t realize he was catching fire. The thing is that it was maybe a little violent for the kids to see a lion burnt down, even if he’s a bad guy, that’s not done. Well you tell me he gets eaten by hyenas at the end, it’s not the spirit of Christmas either.

12. Stitch who was supposed to be REALLY mean in “Lilo and Stitch”

This little ball of hair full of energy must have been much more unhealthy since we cut several scenes during the editing since the final result presented him really too much as a villain. For example, there’s a scene where he took Lilo’s fish out of its bowl and dropped it on the ground to thrash about until it died, and when Lilo came in crying he pointed at her and laughed. Yeah, even in writing it’s traumatic.

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