Top 12 Child Actors Who Had Horrible Parents, Pay For Your Childhood

The life of a star is not always the rosiest, especially when you have traumatic shoots or horrible parents who want to take advantage of this celebrity at all costs. This is what happened for the stars below who, in addition to having had to manage a very complicated career as a child actor, we also had to deal with terrible parents that we would not wish on anyone . Not even to people who take ten years to store their groceries at the checkout.

1. Maiwenn

With the release of her new film ADN, as a director, Maïwenn confided in the traumatic childhood she experienced. She thus said that from the age of three, her mother dragged her from casting to casting to make her a child star. She also confided that she had received no support or love from her parents and had to live with a violent father and an often absent mother who would have, for example, forced her to become right-handed. Yes, it is clearly not dreaming.

2. Drew Barrymore

Poor Drew went through horrible things as a child. When she is not even 10 years old, the little girl is dragged to clubs by her mother who, without taking care of her, dreams of making Drew a star. The actress had her first drink and first joint at that age, snorted coke at 12 and lost her virginity at 13, all without her mother ever worrying. At 14, Drew Barrymore ended up emancipating herself, but with strong addiction concerns that pursued her all her life. A story that breaks your heart into a thousand pieces.

3. Jackie Coogan, the child of “The Kid”

The child star of the film “The Kid” with Charlie Chaplin was also not lucky enough to have caring parents. With his famous role, he had pocketed 4 million dollars, but when he came of age, he finally realized that his parents had squandered everything without leaving him anything. And when he wanted to turn to justice, he ran into an obstacle, because no legislation really gave him rights. This story finally allowed the creation of a law in his name, the Coogan law, which obliges the parents of child stars to place 15% of the sum earned in a blocked account.

4. Ariel Winter

Poor Ariel, who played the teenager in Modern Family, also had some not very happy family moments in her childhood. She was indeed the victim of physical abuse and moral harassment by her mother who suddenly lost custody of her daughter in 2012. And then, as you can imagine, she also, of course, tried to take advantage of his daughter’s career to become rich. Who is surprised?

5. Demi Moore

We’ll make it short, but when Demi Moore was 15, her mother used to take her to bars to “show off” her to customers and ended up prostituting her for $500. A beautiful person in short (not at all, it’s direct prison).

6. Chris Warren JR

Chris Warren Jr was 16 when he first played the role of Zeke in High School Musical. In 2013, he therefore said to himself that logically, he should have won by a lot of money thanks to his incredible performance in the trilogy. It was without counting on his great parents who, having spent thousands of dollars from his paychecks, blocked his accounts. Nice atmosphere at family dinners.

7. Matthew McConaughey

The True Detective actor had a good relationship with his mother until he discovered that she had brought a TV crew to their house, and more specifically to his childhood room, to unpack stories about his privacy to all of America. Between us, we understand quite well that he experienced this as a betrayal.

8. Macaulay Culkin

A well-known story, but a story that still deserves to be told: the interpreter of little Kevin in “Mom, I missed the plane” has indeed seen his parents divorce and fight for his custody, but especially asking to dip into all the money he had earned to buy housing. Obviously, this move did not please the actor too much, who decided to emancipate himself and never speak to his darons again. Loud and clear.

9. Rose McGowan

Poor Rose McGowan had a very special childhood as she was raised in The Family sect. The actress told herself in her memoirs that she had difficulty providing for her basic needs during her childhood and that she suffered the violence of her father as well as the absence of her mother. Emancipated at 15, Rose McGowan finally managed to get out of the sect.

10. Brooke Shields

The actress shot her first commercial at 11 months old, to tell you how much her mother wanted to make her famous. The latter then had Brooke pose naked at the age of 10 for Playboy magazine before having her play a little girl who prostituted herself at the age of 12 in the film Pretty Baby. At 14, her mother then made her play in Blue Lagoon where she must perform nude scenes with an adult actor supposed to be her brother in the story. Yes, we are on gloomy galore.

11. Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan has often made the headlines, not just because of her antics but also because of the miserable childhood she had. Her father was indeed accused of violence by the actress before being imprisoned for fraud. As for her mother, she forced the 10-year-old Lindsay to sign a contract leaving her a large share of her profits and took her to do drugs in clubs and drink until she had an alcoholic coma when she was not. than a teenager. You now understand better why Lindsay Lohan needed to go to rehab.

12. Judy Garland

Judy Garland’s mother was a horrible woman who forced her daughter to go through castings and chain contracts. She also provided her daughter with diet pills when she was only 10 years old and provided her with sleeping pills so that the energy effect of other drugs would not be too strong. She also conspired with the studios that hired Judy to regulate her diet. Clearly not the mother everyone dreams of.