Top 12 Cast Photos From Don’t Do This, Don’t That, Before vs Now

We can tell ourselves that nah, in real life, we’re not that old, even if we don’t really understand all the expressions of generation Z, there are moments that quickly bring us back to the passing of time, and a bit too fast for our taste. We talk in particular about this moment when we look at the before/after photos of the actors and actresses of Do not do this, do not do that, the best French series of the 2010s and where we realize that it’s not just them who have grown up well. Go courage, it’s a bad time to pass.

Valerie Bouley (Isabelle Gelinas)

The beautiful Isabelle is still a star of the small screen, since we can see her since 2017 in the series Perfect Crimesbut also in dark rooms, as they say, because she was on the movie poster Twins but not too many in 2022. But above all, Isabelle Gélinas is a hit at the theater, since she had her 4th Molière for best actress in 2014 for the play The Father and that she played in 2022 in two plays: The Beloved Sisters and Humans. Ok, the star actually!

Top 12 Cast Photos From Dont Do This Dont That
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Denis BouleyBruno Salomone

In recent years, we have mainly been able to see Bruno Salmone in his solo comedy shows, because he has nevertheless produced four of them, the last of which, The Show of the Futurewas released in 2019. Beside that, he acted in cinema in Brian 3 and Tamaraparticipated in several programs of the Burger Quiz and acted in several plays. And what you can especially remember is that in 2016, Bruno Salomone really released his personal development book One, Dos, Tres, I de-stressinspired by Denis Bouley, before releasing his second book in 2019 The Misophones where he talks about his revulsion of everyday noises. So don’t go sucking soup or typing on a computer keyboard next to him, okay?

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Tiphaine Kalamian-Lepic (Alexandra Gentil)

My lifelong crush (but don’t tell him, I’m shy) recently starred with the Palmashow in their latest film The stars in 2021 and is supposed to star in the film The Nun 2 which will be released in 2023. What a woman. In addition to the theater, where she has already played in several plays, Alexandra Gentil has also tried her hand at writing scripts for short films. Hello, she has too much talent, how do we get to her ankle???

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Eliott BouleyLilian Dugois

Certainly one of the characters who has grown the most in the whole series (we are now far from the pimply teenager we knew). Lilian Dugois has generally played in all the films What is this family? at the end of Do not do this, do not do that, where he played Lucas. But, interestingly, he passed a DAEU (diploma of access to university studies) in Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines in 2019-2020, which according to our very thoughtful suppositions, allowed him to become a business-developer as his Insta bio indicates (afterwards, it may have been just to become a speaker on the spinal cord, but we will never know).

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Salome Bouley (Blueberry Gougat)

Already, it should be remembered that Myrtille Gougat was born in 2009. I therefore hope that you will not be upset when you learn that she did not have many other experiences in the world of cinema after the end of the series, since she is at school most of the time. Especially since, for the sake of the script, the actress was replaced by two other children in season 9 since there is a jump in time of 5 and 10 years (which is finally logical for a question of temporality). It is thus Maïa Quesemand who played the Salomé of 2022 in episodes 3 and 4 and Héloise Cholley who played the Salomé of the year 2027 for episodes 5 and 6. As for the Christmas episode broadcast in 2020, it was little Juliane Lepoureau who played Salomé Bouley. But Myrtille remains the first in our hearts.

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Fabienne Lepic (Valerie Bonneton)

Our national Valérie was one of the two guests of the show In search of eternal youth broadcast on M6 in October 2022. But beyond that, she has especially recently played in films Alternating custody, We’ll end up together and Eugenie Grandetand in the series Irma Vep. In addition to her numerous roles in the theatre, she has also published her book mom to me in 2022, where she talks about her story through the voice of her dog, and was decorated Knight of the Legion of Honor in 2021. Congratulations Madame Bonneton, France is proud of you.

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Renaud Lepic (Guillaume de Tonquedec)

I’m not going to tell you the news of the year by telling you that Guillaume de Tonquédec is still a hit in terms of a film career. He was the main character of the excellent movie Roxane in 2019 (and also starred in Ducobu President! in 2022, but that’s another story) and distinguished himself in the series Germinal and A French affairseries on the affair of little Grégory, in 2021. Like many of his colleagues (hello originality), he also plays in many plays (which earned him three Molières for the actor between 2011 and 2020) and released his book The doors of my imagination in 2018.

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Christophe LepicYaniss Lespert

Even if it was difficult to recover from his separation with Tiphaine (it was not heartbreaking, it was an immeasurable loss), we were happy to learn that the interpreter of Christophe was not doing too badly in life. After having tried a little as a clip producer, he starred in television series Face to face and Murders in Champagne (what a dream). And I couldn’t leave without mentioning it: he also acted in the short film Behind the door of the love of my life, Julien Pestel, in 2020 which addresses domestic violence. A person like this (visualize a thumbs up).

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Soline Lepic (Tiphaine Haas)

After acting in plays Knock Knock by Laurent Baffie and We redo the boulevard by Pierre Palmade, the interpreter of Soline also had fun playing in web-series and short films, in particular A world without crisis, which earned her the prize for best actress at the Cabourg Film Festival. Too claaaaasse in factch.

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Charlotte Lepic (Cinnamon Square-Cassaigne)

To avoid any disappointment, I tell you right away, we have no more signs of life (at least, publicly) of the interpreter of Charlotte since 2020. I imagine the gaping wound that this causes in your heart . But know that in 2016-2017, she played in the Youtube series, then Canal + The Department of our Internet friends and also played in some episodes of famous television series like Alice Nevers, the judge is a woman and Camping Paradise. If anyone has any info, pass it on.

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Lucas Lepic (Timothee Kempen Hamel)

Knowing that Timothée is a 2004 (so calm down), he didn’t have much time to cut his teeth in the cinema either. And according to his Insta account, he’s more into bodybuilding and motorcycling. If in the 9th season of Do not do this, do not do thatthe actor had been replaced by Damien Ferdel to play Lucas Lepic in 2022 and 2027, Timothée resumed his role in the midquel [c’est-à-dire une oeuvre qui se déroule dans la même temporalité qu’une oeuvre précédente, et pas avant ou après] special Christmas of 2020 since he had grown a little since the end of the series in 2017. Stay tuned for news in a few years, be patient.

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Kim Lepic (Martin and Louis Launay)

Well, a priori, as the two Launay brothers (yes, because there were two of them for organizational matters) were babies when they started playing in the series in 2014, they didn’t have time to take off their career since the last season in 2017. Especially since, during season 9, they too were replaced by other older actors. It is indeed Théodore Ribollet who interpreted the Kim Lepic of 2022 in episodes 3 and 4, and Simon Quesemand who played the Kim of 2027 in episodes 5 and 6. Ditto for the special Christmas episode: Kim was in effect played by Maxime Attard. A short but intense career.

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