Top 12 brand mascots that freaked you out at first

Since childhood, we have lived with more or less cool advertising logo mascots that accompany us in our daily lives (not literally, it would be weird to have the guy from Cétélem who takes you to the office every morning). But since the first appearance of these mascots, many have evolved, sometimes for the good of all. As the characters that follow show, some have done well to get a little facelift because otherwise, the brand’s revenues would clearly have ended up falling due to the terror generated.

1. The Laughing Cow

She didn’t die laughing, she is above all clearly farted this cow. Forced, she had her ears pierced with an ice cube in the evening when she had 4 grams of alcohol in each arm.

Top 12 brand mascots that freaked you out at first
Picture credits: Laughing cow

2. Green Giant

You too feel like an unhealthy vibe seeing this advertisement. In the old fashioned way, the green giant is very, very uncomfortable. Difficult if it’s because of its leafy appearance or its suspicious friendliness, but we’re very happy that it has evolved.

Top 12 brand mascots that freaked you out at first
Picture credits: Green Giant

3. McDonald’s Ronald

And afterwards, we are surprised that clowns are among the things that are hated for no reason. She’s the reason, and she sucks your soul in before choking you on salty fries.

4.Mickey Mouse

We are a far cry from the cute little mouse who dances and plays with dogs in a geometric house. The 1929 Mickey is clearly a serial killer, aided by Minnie and her lustful looks. I would not have liked to cross their personal path.

5. Grosquik by Nesquik

I give all my respect to the kids of the 80s who got up every morning to see that horrible rabbit, which looks more like a hairy ant, without wanting to gouge out their eyes in fear. Honestly, hats off.

6. M&M’s

As much the small potatoes of 1962 are very cabbage. As many as the human impersonations with an M tattooed on their foreheads from 1954 just feel like the Wish version of the twins in The Shinning. No way, thank you.

7. Mr Clean

The right person to help you make a body disappear like an expert. The guy not only washes the floors, he washes your soul and your existence with it.

Top 12 brand mascots that freaked you out at first
Picture credits: Mr Clean

8. The Michelin Man

Besides this very strange image, we are on Bibendum which creates a lot of unease. Believe me, there’s more than tobacco in his cigar…

9. Serge the Rabbit

We are clearly on a rabbit crossed with a weird chamois who looks more like coming out of jail than wanting to watch out for our little hands. Almost want to push him on the rails so much you have to freak out…

10. The Cajoline Bear

The bear that comes out of your washing machine at night to strangle you in your sleep while singing a nursery rhyme. That’s all I see with this old mascot. Look at her vicious eyes and her evil smile, I get shivers everywhere

11. The Caisse d’Epargne squirrel

This squirrel is clearly selling coke at crack hill every Tuesday night and making rails before running from tree to tree to pick up rocks that he mistakes for acorns.

12. The Starbucks Siren

Sorry, but this siren is clearly at her wit’s end: she has dark circles up to her knees from lugging around in the subway with her fishtail-shaped legs that she wants to cut off to make sushi. It’s not a coffee he needs, it’s quite a coffee tree.

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