Top 12 books that we must have read as children, that was literature

Whether at school, at the library, at our BFF’s or in the doctor’s waiting room, there are books that we all necessarily read when we were children (and that we always enjoy to reread to the children of our friends, now that we are old croutons). Ahhhh, the time when we still read books, when we did coloring and salt dough in the afternoon… But now… With these consoles… These smartphones… These TokTok videos… Pfiou.

This book had ALL the elements necessary to become the favorite story of all the children of the earth: a cute animal although a little grumpy, a tense investigation and above all, a touch of humor oriented on the theme of “peeing”. -poo “. What could be sweeter than this mixture? The father of this adorable little mole, Wolf Erlbruch has just left us and we are madly sad.

Top 12 books that we must have read as children

“Rainbow, the fishiest in the oceans” had above all a lifted guy’s head and a redone mouth, but let’s move on. Him, in any case, he thought he was damn handsome, and he didn’t hesitate to shout it under all the anemones. Result: no one wanted to talk to him anymore, and he ended up alone, like a rotten old fish. A good lesson in humility and a sense of sharing, according to my mother. In reality, we didn’t give a damn about it all, and the only thing that really interested us in this book were HIS SCALES THAT SHINE! Probably the beginning of my passion and my devotion to glitter.

Top 12 books that we must have read as children

It’s the story of Max, a young boy who obviously consumed things that were not ultra-legal, since he had fun doing things that were a little weird and cruel, like chasing a dog with a fork, all in his wolf costume. But that’s not all ! Once punished with dinner and sent to bed illico for his misdeeds, he sees a huge jungle appear in his room. He therefore decides to go on a trip to the land of Maximonstres (logical), and goes so far as to become the king of this world (well of course). A balanced book, full of common sense, realism, and logic.

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Ok, I hope you sanded this book from your 3 to your 10 years old, otherwise, you probably missed out on your childhood. In addition to being particularly cute, colorful and endearing, Elmer also teaches a lesson in tolerance, since he shows how much difference is a strength. A book to read to all old people, pro-Zemmours, and those who think that “Tolerance” is just a first name.

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Some Harry Potter tunes, but with a less pessimistic-bully-who-wails-about-his-fate-for-10-years character. Simon is a little boy who likes to do n’imp, and who finds himself systematically sent to the storage room to think for a few seconds about his nonsense. Unlike Harry who complains about his closet under the stairs, Simon lives his best life in the cubbyhole. He can dress up with the clothes lying around or play the bugle with a bicycle pump, and that’s enough to make him happy. Like what, we can have fun anywhere, if we stop moping, huh, Harry???

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A live that replaces batches with other batches, often changing just one put. This smooth round pear makes it less brittle to break, but it’s close soft rice.

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The book begins as a very bad news story: three robbers, who loot travelers, and who end up kidnapping a young orphan to bring her back to their lair. Since it’s a children’s book, the story ends well: they end up using their treasure to buy a castle and welcome all the orphans possible. It’s cute, because it’s a book. But the same story, told on a Sunday afternoon in “Crime”… Less fun.

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Only one thing to say: “I am the pancake, the pancake. I am made with wheat picked up in the attic. I was put to cold, but I liked running better! Catch Me If You Can ! ». Admit it, you read it while humming?

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This is the story of Charlotte, a little girl who becomes friends with a huge blue dog (we will still have to wonder about the genetic composition of this animal). Problem: her mother doesn’t really agree that Charlotte hangs out with this relatively impressive beast (you surprise me). After a picnic, Charlotte gets lost in the forest. Creepy. Luckily Chien Bleu shows up out of nowhere, protects her, finds her refuge in a cave, defends her against the Spirit of the Woods, before bringing her home. All’s well that ends well: Charlotte is alive, and her parents adopt the animal. Yippee. Another book written under substances, if you ask me.

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As its name indicates so well, the book tells of a confusion: that of Monsieur Brun and Monsieur Grisou, rabbits neighboring burrows. Fake courtesies, a big neighborhood quarrel and two grumblings: the best way to get our children used to life among the French.

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When we hear about fairy tales and rabbits, we quickly imagine something a bit silly and cute, which makes children smile. I’ll calm you down right away: Peter Rabbit is a young rabbit (but no?) who is not allowed to go to the neighboring farmer’s garden (but who goes there anyway). You know why ? Because when his father tried the adventure, he simply ended up in stew. Citing the trauma.

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This one how it was too much a must-have in my primary school, everyone snatched it from the library. This story stuck with me while all the other losers were reading Tom-Tom and Nana on the farm.

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And miiiince I forgot the book Shit! one of the most beautiful masterpieces of my childhood.

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