Top 12 Best Restaurant Responses to Negative Reviews

Eating out is often the lottery. You think it’s going to be good, but in fact it’s cold and soft. And sometimes it’s delicious when at the base there was cement in the plate. However, there are smart guys out there who have fun giving negative reviews which the restaurant says aren’t deserved. So it starts with a frank and honest answer. To our delight.

1. “I ordered a waffle and found a fingernail and a hair in it. I was told I had to wait 1 hour for another one. I was never refunded. I would not send not even my worst enemy in this restaurant.”

– Our restaurant is not open yet so it’s impossible. We open May 12, in case you have any doubts.

2. “Horrible experience. Went there for my birthday, my wife found a hair in her dish. The manager didn’t even apologize. Would recommend this restaurant to anyone.”

– Anniversary ? Women ? But your profile says you’re single!

– I don’t talk about my love life on Facebook.

– Really ?

(San Diego is cool but I must admit that the girls are worse than in New York or New Jersey)

3. “Acceptable service. But the food was not good (the lobster). We had an appointment at 7 p.m., we arrived 10 minutes late and our table had been given… even though there were plenty of tables free.”

– If you arrived late and didn’t get a table, how could you eat a lobster that we don’t sell?

4. “Bad.”

– It’s a shame to have posted such a bad review, knowing that you have never eaten in our restaurant. You are our neighbor from the jewelry store next door. By the way, you have put 5 stars in your store.

5. “Worst restaurant in Miami. Overpriced and poor quality. For Indian food they used orange and red food coloring. It’s just disgusting chicken drenched in Chinese sauce. Their masala chai is just plain black tea with milk. Not authentic. Protect your health and wallet.”

– You were fired from your job not long ago for incompetence and complaints from our customers.

6. “We sat at the bar with my friend and an hour later she hadn’t been served. The bartender was mean.”

– Your friend was drunk to the point of falling. She wasn’t well, it would have been illegal to serve her. She needs help.

7. “The young man in the bar was really mean. We had to leave because the electricity was too expensive for them. We ordered several drinks and worked on our computers. We didn’t stay long. We asked before if it was okay. it was ok to work on our computers and use the wifi.”

– Hello Marcel. We are a restaurant, not an office. We are ok with our guests using wifi or charging their phones. But bringing a power strip to charge all your electronic devices is to fuck the face of the world. 3 hours for a chai latte and a beer, at least you have enough battery to write a shitty review. »

8. “No customers, very slow, food not fresh, that’s why there’s nobody in this restaurant!”

– Okay, that’s funny. First, everyone in town loves us and we always serve great fresh food. Second, you forgot to change your name, and apparently you’re part of the other restaurant in town trying to defame us. Third, writing fake good reviews for your restaurant won’t change anything. You are ridiculous.

9. “I paid 20€ for 2 coffees and a breakfast and I was still hungry. I told the waiter I was disappointed and they offered me a toast. Except I had to. to pay it later.”

– Thank you for taking the time to provide us with feedback. Normally we never answer but there it was necessary. We’re disappointed that you thought our portions weren’t enough, that’s not the feedback we usually get. Everything you ordered was prepared with local and fresh products. Your bill was not 20€ and you were not charged for the extra toast. And you told us that you would put a negative comment unless you didn’t pay for breakfast.

10. “Just got back from there and barely had I locked my car when an employee came out and yelled at me, telling me I couldn’t park in that parking lot. I’m never coming back again in this overpriced pizzeria. Really no way to treat people.”

“This incident happened on Valentine’s Day, one of the busiest days in our restaurant and at that time we were overrun with Pokémon Go players, dozens of them were coming to our parking lot. . This person also came and landed in the parking lot and started playing and when I told him it was only for customers he told me he was the boss. He didn’t even go into the restaurant and played there for 30 minutes talking badly to real customers. Sorry but I have to take care of my business. »

11. “We docked there to eat. The staff treated me in the worst way, I’ve never been treated like this in my life. I’ve lived in the area for at least 25 years and I’ll tell to everyone I know this experience at Horror-Georgetown”

“Mr. Taylor, if you are from the area then you know that there is an edict requiring the wearing of masks in our restaurants. We tried to be cordial but your girlfriend/wife kept pushing on the front door. We’re not going to put our bosses or our restaurant at risk for people who think they’re above the law. Tell your friends if you want, but tell them the real story. »

12. “The burritos remind me of Taco Bell in the States. Full of sauce. You have to help yourself. Ridiculously high prices for a cafeteria. Beer was the best, for that. I give them 1 star.”

“We can’t take this advice seriously since we don’t even serve burritos. »

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