Top 12 Best Ending Scenes From Movies Worth Staying Till The End

Some film scenes mark us for life, sometimes because they are super stressful scenes, sometimes because they are very well filmed or acted or even because they have simply become cult. We decided to make you a little homemade list of some scenes from the end of films that marked us and we’ll give it to you like that. Don’t yell if you can’t find your favorite movie, comment it and we’ll add it.

1. Thelma and Louise

Obviously we are somewhat obliged to put that in the first points of this top, because this ending is striking in more ways than one, but in addition it has become so cult that my parents called me Thelma and Louise ( they are not necessarily clever in the choice of first name). Without messing this end is perfect, super well filmed and of a brilliant symbolism.

2. The green line

Here’s a final that marks, not necessarily because it’s a huge twist (although) but above all because we’ve just been crying for twenty minutes and there’s a little message of hope in the middle of all this emotion . Personally, I’m crying just talking about it.

3. Trainspotting

It’s all there: the music, the voiceover, the determination of the character, the famous “choose life”… In short, it’s a fucking betrayal of his friends, but it’s also a beautiful moment in cinema that shows a guy who finally decides to take control, and that’s strong. But it’s still a huge bitch blow to his friends, we’re not going to lie to each other.

4. Dusk Boulevard

This chilling finale where Norma descends the stairs persuaded to be again the star she once was, it is certainly a great moment in cinema and acting, and also it is very beautiful stairs. We rarely think of appreciating the true value of the invaluable work of the decoration teams.

5.Breakfast Club

Okay, it’s not necessarily the best ending scene in the history of cinema, but sorry, this finale is really very very cool: teenagers who are finally freed, kisses in all directions and a very last shot of winner on the football field which has become a totally cult image. See this movie. Or don’t see it, you do what you want, you are free.

6. Elephant Man

In the category of psychologically hard films which also fall into the category of films with prostheses (less known as a category I grant you). In any case, the end of this film is very touching and full of meaning and I’m going to avoid spoiling it for you if you haven’t seen it. It’s worth watching, even if it’s not a movie that puts you in a good mood, don’t watch it on the morning of your wedding for example.

7. The Winner

Frankly I can’t tell you more about the end of this film because I know it’s good but I completely forgot it and suddenly I tell myself that it would be better to see the film again than to spoil myself. To apologize, I’ll give you my unstoppable technique to never miss a pastry flan: buy them ready made.

8. 2001 a space odyssey

It’s a mess of psychedelic images, babies in space, old people in beds and super expensive furniture in a futuristic bedroom. But it’s Kubrick, so that’s bound to be fine (from what I understand). The scene has remained cult and I’ll link it to you if you ever want to spoil it.

9. Some like it hot

Ok I’m going to confess something to you, I’ve never seen this film, it was my colleague Louise who told me that the end was too good, suddenly I feel obliged to add it to the list whereas Basically I wanted to put the end of Bad Boys 2. So I’ll watch the movie and we’ll talk about it later.

10. Tarmac Cowboy

There’s one of cinema’s greatest improvised scenes in this film and the ending is really cool for a lot of reasons, including the acting of the two actors and John Voight’s fringed jacket. Rarely has a scene in a bus been so touching, without messing around the film is brilliant.

11. Usual Suspects

Yes, it’s one of the best twists in history so it’s quite logical that we’re talking about it even if we’re not going to put all the same films back. But hell, what a finale, what alternate editing, what a revelation… Often copied but rarely equalled, like my grandmother’s tomato pie.

12. The Infiltrators

But what the hell, until the last minute you wonder what’s going to happen and I can tell you I’ve never been so happy to see Mark Wahlberg with shoe protectors and latex gloves, two outfits that suit her surprisingly well.

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