Top 12 banned names in the world, sorry for you Robocop

Every year we tell you about the worst first names of the year, the horrors which, we don’t know why, were accepted by the Civil Registry. Well this time, we’re going the other way with a little tour of first names that will never be accepted in some countries of the world. This information won’t do you much good except to fill a gap in a conversation with someone boring. It’s a start, is not it ?

1. You can’t call your child Ikea in Sweden

Let’s admit, you really like assembling furniture and your biggest dream is to call your newest Ikea in homage to the Swedish brand. Well, it’s forbidden in Sweden. In 1982, the country’s government decided to enact a law to prevent smart people from giving their child a first name that could “embarrass those who use it”. Ikea is therefore not the only illegal first name in the country, but it is one of them. And that’s good.

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2. You can’t call your daughter Camilla in Iceland.

In fact, the reason is simple: in Iceland, the choice of first names is quite strict. A first name must be registered in the Icelandic tradition to be accepted, and, above all, it must correspond to the Icelandic grammar system. However, in Icelandic grammar, the “C” does not exist, so it’s over for the Camillas. On the other hand, Kamilla with a K is fine, but since it’s unlikely that you’re Icelandic, maybe you don’t really care.

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3. For Vagina and Clitorine in Belgium, it’s a big no

In 2009, twins from Charleroi were almost called Vagina and Clitorine. The Belgian Justice, however quite flexible in terms of first names, fortunately arrived in time to save the lives of these two kids who probably have very stupid parents. No, but if we start accepting first names like that, where are we going? The next ones will be Grosse-Teub and Coucouille?

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4. In France, don’t call your daughter Nutella

In 2014, a baby girl was born in Valenciennes, and her parents, who must be lovely characters, named her Nutella. It was not to the taste of the judge who asked the couple to change the first name of their daughter in the interest of the child. Indeed, to be called Nutella is to be almost sure to be pissed off throughout your schooling and even after. The little girl eventually became “Ella”. She had a narrow escape. Sorry.

Top 12 banned names in the world sorry for you

5. The name Ordralfabétix is ​​prohibited in Germany

The German courts rejected the request of parents who wanted to name their child “Verleihnix”, which is the translation of the character Ordralfabétix in the language of Goethe. They (quite legitimately) thought it might be ridiculous for a child to have that name. It’s sad for Asterix fans, but it’s cool for this kid’s life.

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6. You can’t be called Friday in Italy

Finally, it is the first name “Venerdi” (Friday in Italian) which was refused by the Civil Status of the country, because it was judged to be ridiculous or shameful. So we imagine that it’s the same for every day of the week, unless the Italians find Friday really bad compared to the other days. You should ask them.

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7. The first name Singe was refused in Denmark

In Denmark, there is a list of 7000 authorized first names, and if you want to try a first name off the list, you have to ask the State for permission. Quite naturally, Monkey was refused, as well as Pluto (compared to Disney’s dog) and Anus (compared to… well you understood what).

8. 1st, 2nd or 3rd given names are prohibited in New Zealand

We had made a top of the reasons to call your children by numbers, which is all in all quite practical, but it is prohibited on the other side of the world in New Zealand. Like what, it seems, it would not be very nice for children. They are not very fun these New Zealanders…

1661792270 191 Top 12 banned names in the world sorry for you

9. Do not call your child @ in China

At the same time, you would have to be a real idiot to want to call your child @, but we still prefer to warn you because a Chinese couple tried the experiment. Justice sent them to shit because it is forbidden to use symbols as a first name in China. It is a good thing for all of humanity.

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10. You don’t call your child Harry Potter in Mexico

In 2014, the state of Sonora in Mexico released a small list of forbidden first names following very rotten requests. In the list, we therefore find Harry Potter, but also Hitler, Facebook, Robocop, Terminator, Twitter, Yahoo, James Bond or Rambo. So we are fixed. At the same time, to want to call your child Hitler, you really have to wish him harm.

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11. The first name Messiah is banned in the United States

In the States, you can give your kid anything and everything as a first name, including ridiculous letter sequences like ZZyzx (yes, many children are called that), but in 2013 there is a name that doesn’t did not pass: Messiah. According to Justice, this name, which means “messiah”, is a title which should only be borne by Jesus Christ and which therefore cannot be used as a first name. It’s hard anyway. They also refused an Adolf Hitler, but there we understand better.

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12. Sandy, Alice and Linda are banned names in Saudi Arabia.

We were talking about countries that are quite lax in terms of first names, well, that’s not the case with Saudi Arabia, where the list of prohibited first names is quite long. Among them, we find Sandy, Alice and Linda who will be refused no matter what because they do not have an Arab origin and are a little too reminiscent of the West. You think what you think, but we think it’s a shame. Yes, we are not afraid to say what we think.

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