Top 12 Bad Stuff People Are Super Proud Of (When They Shouldn’t)

Among the many signs that a person is stupid is bragging about stuff that objectively sucks. Because yes, idiots like to tell it for not much, and they put forward shitty stuff trying to make us believe it’s cool. But I am not fooled. And neither do you.

1. Know Famous People

There are always idiots in the evening to name drop us and tell us that they have the number of thing and that they ate with thing two weeks ago and that they went out with thing’s daughter two years old earlier. But in fact it’s not crazy to know famous people. That doesn’t make you cool. It is BEING known that is strong, do not confuse.

2. Drive a stylish rental car

The most common example is in rap clips where guys have rented a Lamborghini and play boss in the driver’s seat when everyone knows they don’t own those cars. They don’t always have the license either. In short, renting cars, everyone can do it, and there’s really nothing to talk about.

Top 12 bad stuff people are super proud of (when they shouldn't)

3. Working a lot and being overworked

We often hear working girls and working men tell us with great pride that they work more than 60 hours a week and constantly have their heads underwater. Well listen, if you like suffering, being treated like robots and having no free time, that’s to your credit, but it’s clearly not most people’s dream. It even looks like a good old nightmare if you ask me.

4. Have a good descent

It sucks to have a good descent: you have to drink a lot more to feel drunk and you spend more money in bars. Too bad plan for those who want to save their money.

Top 12 bad stuff people are super proud of (when they shouldn't)

5. Not sleeping

It’s obvious that there’s no benefit to insomnia and lack of sleep, but still a lot of people seem to take a lot of pride in it. What are they thinking? That we admire them while we have the chance to spend hours sleeping under the duvet? No, but they dream… (well, no)

6. Having had an alcoholic coma

Ok, you put your head upside down, your body in bulk, you could have passed through it, and you should be applauded? Well listen we will pass our turn. And go for a drink, but knowing where to stop.

Top 12 bad stuff people are super proud of (when they shouldn't)

7. Being a “loudmouth”

There are always those people who pride themselves on having “character”, being “direct” and “saying things the way they mean it”. In reality, it’s essentially people who have no tact, no good manners, and are extremely rude. What they take for strength of character is just a lack of empathy and respect for others. But don’t waste time explaining to them, they will think you are weak.

8. Cheating on an exam

It’s like bragging that you’re too stupid to pass the exam using your brainpower alone. After each his choices huh.

Top 12 bad stuff people are super proud of (when they shouldn't)

9. Have a famous ancestor

Already, there is nothing to show off for stories of genealogy since no one decides the family in which he was born. Then, we all have famous ancestors in common, it’s scientifically proven. We just don’t all know. In the end, it’s as if we were all one big family.

All people who have a European ancestor not only descend from Charlemagne, but also come from all Europeans of his time, around the year 800! ?? Explanations.

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10. Having a big dick / Big boobs

Again, there’s nothing to be proud of when it’s all just a mix of genetics and chance. And then not everyone likes big bodies. Some find them too impressive. If we can boast of having big breasts and big penises, then we should also be able to boast of having small ones.

11. Own a purebred dog

Oh great, the selection of purebred dogs, a process of breeding animals with each other with as little variation as possible in their genetic heritage to end up with individuals who develop congenital diseases. What happiness.

Top 12 bad stuff people are super proud of (when they shouldn't)

12. Having fought

What should be valued is having managed to resolve a conflict through communication, not by kicking each other in the bacon. But that’s complicated to understand when you’re a big, intellectually limited brute.

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